WordWorld Birthday Party Ideas

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A new show that is taking the preschool world by storm is WordWorld. This new show helps kids learn in innovative ways using letters as the visual representation of an object. For example, instead of showing a car, the show puts together the letters C-A-R in the shape of a car, so that the kids can learn to spell visually.

This show is so popular that you can expect your own kids to ask you for a WordWorld themed birthday party. With some help from theses party ideas, it is easy to make this birthday a success.

Spelling Fun
To make things fun for the kids in the same style as WordWorld, you can have a quiz where everyone sits in a circle and you call out a word. You point to the first child who gives you the first letter of the word, and then to the next child who gives the next letter and so on. Do this until someone guesses a wrong word and then start over somewhere else. Make sure everyone gets prizes with this.

Find Letters Treasure Hunt
Hide cut out letters around the house or even the backyard and then ask the kids to spell DOG. The kids then need to run around looking for the letters D, O and G. Then they can spell DOG. You can do this with a variety of letters and words and the kids will have a great time looking for the letters that they need to spell the word that you say.

Cake Letters
Since on WordWorld everything is visualized as a word rather than an object, you can do the same thing with the cake. Make four smaller cakes in the shape of the letters C, A, K and E. Then put those letters altogether to spell out the word CAKE for the kids. This is a simple yet effective way to get everyone ready for a WordWorld theme birthday cake.

WordWorld is a very popular preschool program that helps to teach kids to spell. If you have kids who watch this show, then you should be prepared for them asking you for a WordWorld themed birthday party. When they do, just use these party tips along with some imagination and you will be fine.

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