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Winona Ryder was one of the greatest actors of the late 1980s and 1990s. An unfortunate shoplifting incident in the early 2000s gave her a wave of bad publicity that led to her receding from the spotlight during the past decade, which is an utter shame – she is a legend and a talent to behold. But she has started to take up acting roles again, and hopefully she will re-ascend to the level of fame she had at her peak, because talent-wise she absolutely deserves it. But while you wait for her to come back into the fold, you can check out her older movies on TV when they play on movie channels of old sorts, or you can download them with wireless Internet. Hopefully some of the flannel1990s fashions won’t be too abrasive to your eyes in high definition! That said, here are some of Winona Ryder’s best films – make sure you catch them next time you are browsing for movies with your 4G phone! It doesn’t matter that you live in Dallas, Texas – you will feel like Winona is right there with you, thanks to wireless Internet.


This movie about the dark, twisted life of girls in high school cliques has become a cult favorite over the years. It has generated a number of catch-phrases, none of which are appropriate to write here, aside from maybe “what’s your damage?”. In a decade of John Hughes-style teen movies, Heathers might be the anti-high school drama: it involves violence, suicide, and murder. All of this, and it is funny as well. The hideously amazing 1980s fashions will only be better when you are watching them in full-on high definition graphics. If you look hard enough, you may be able to see the molecules of hairspray.

Reality Bites

This movie is Ben Stillers directorial debut, and perhaps the quintessential movie about 1990s malaise. A bunch of college students move to Austin, Texas together after graduation – actors include Ryder, of course, Ethan Hawke, Janeane Garafalo, Steve Zahn, and Stiller himself – and find themselves just as lost as ever. Winona plays Laney, a valedictorian who finds herself interning at a television production studio while simultaneously trying to make a documentary about the life of her friends. She has to choose between the uptight but considerate Ben Stiller, and the passionate but mildly unstable Ethan Hawke.

Beetle Juice

This 1980s movie was Winona’s big breakthrough. She, after all, was the one who gets to shout “Beatle Juice, Beatle Juice, Beatle Juice!” It is a bizarre yet sweet movie that still holds up til this day. The surreal coloring and wacky costumes are absolutely marvelous to watch on your brand new computer with wireless Internet.

Girl, Interrupted

This is a drama about a bunch of women who live in a psychiatric ward together, and the experiences that they go through as they try to heal – or explicitly avoid healing. The all-star cast includes Ryder, Whoopi Goldberg, Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto, and Brittany Murphy. In this film, Ryder shows that she certainly has the neurotic thing down to a T, creating one of the most compelling portrayals of a borderline personality in recent cinema. She seems simultaneously damaged and vulnerable –which even comes across when you download it using wireless Internet. It’s a heavy one though – not for a night of laughs, that’s for sure!

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