VoIP PBX Phone Systems – Ease of Use for Employees

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VoIP PBX phone systems are an extremely affordable communication choice. Their ease of use offers both business professionals and their employees a great deal of flexibility in managing their telecommunication needs.

Ensures Greater Convenience

VoIP PBX phone systems are a great boon for companies with mobile employees and more than one office. This advanced telephone system connects employees all over the country using one phone number. They can easily operate and communicate from distant locations at no extra cost, and this increases their efficiency and productivity significantly. It helps them stay connected with corporate branches, colleagues and clients through business and non-business hours. VoIP PBX phone systems come with state-of-the-art communication features such as automatic call distribution, auto attendant, voicemail, call conferencing, voice to email, call forwarding and more. All these features can be incorporated in your existing phone system without installing expensive PBX hardware in your office. The service providers maintain the required equipment at their site, and perform timely installations, upgrades and maintenance service.

Employee-friendly Features

Some of the employee-friendly features of VoIP phone systems include:

Voice mail, fax, caller ID, call screening, and custom menus
Interoffice call transfers on up to 1,000 individual extensions
Multi-digit extensions
Dial-by-name/dial-by-extension menus
Find-me follow-me call forwarding option

The find me follow me facility allows business calls to be transferred to cell phone numbers or home land phone numbers. This helps employees connect with colleagues customers from distant locations. When all the preset extensions are busy, callers are directed to personal voicemail boxes of employees, so they can leave voice messages. This eliminates the possibility of missing important business calls. Voice messages are forwarded to e-mail addresses, enabling your employees to respond to customer queries even while they are not in the office.

Reliable Service Providers for Efficient Service

The convenient and easy-to-use features of VoIP PBX phone systems help your employees to work competently from anywhere in the world and enhance their productivity. Getting a reliable service provider would ensure that your small office get maximum benefit from this excellent telecommunication solution.

VoIP PBX features include auto attendant, voicemail etc. AccessDirect, a premier telecommunication firm provides reliable VoIP PBX service for effective business communication.

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