Titleist has the No.1 Ball

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Titleist have the most trusted golf ball at the PGA Championship. On the PGA Tour, taking your game to the next level requires persistent dedication and complete trust in your golf ball. Many Pro’s trusts Titleist to lead them to victory so you should too!! Having the number one golf ball means that you know you are getting quality and precisions from Titleist.


Titleist Golf Balls are renowned the world over for their products of superior performance and quality. Their range of golf balls include:


Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls – Soft Center, Large Multi-Layer Core
Titleist NXT Golf Balls – High Velocity, Low Spin Solid Core
Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls – Soft Compression Solid Core
Titleist Pro V1 Practice Golf Balls – Soft compression for outstanding feel

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – The Titleist Pro V1 utilises a three-piece multi-layer construction to maximise distance, durability and performance.

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls – The Titleist Pro V1x utilises a four-piece dual core construction that lowers spin and maximises distance.


All Titleist golf balls deliver long distance. All golfers will shoot lower scores with a golf ball that provides optimal scoring spin – the spin that you get with short irons and wedges. There is only one piece of equipment that you use with every shot – your golf ball. Titleist believes that the ball that you play with can make a huge difference to your game. Titleist have the number one ball on the market today and they are constantly striving to make a difference in your game but helping you choose the right golf ball that will help lower your score.


You will be able to find a huge selection of Titleist golf balls at Golfbuyitonline including Titleist NXT Golf Balls, Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls and many more. For the biggest range and best prices on Titliest Golf Balls think Golfbuyitonline – Official Titleist Retailer. Also if you don’t know what Titleist Golf Ball to choose we have a fantastic new Titleist golf ball selection tool, this takes you through a number of different questions then at the end it will recommend a golf ball that is best suited to your game.

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