The Best Games Of December 2017

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The Best Games Of December 2017

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2017 finished strong on the App Store with some great games released in the month. It was tough to cut it down to the true stand outs, and then rank them. This past month was highlighted by an all new puzzle experience, an intense platformer, a compelling decision based sequel, and more.

Unfolding Panels



Annapurna Interactive

An all new puzzle experience with shifting panels and beautiful artwork.

Rearrange the panels to create a continuing storyline among beautiful artwork. Each shifting panel reveals new intricacies and mysteries in an ornately detailed puzzle game.

Playdead's INSIDE

Playdead’s INSIDE


The best part is that after a few sudden changes, you come to expect them, which builds up suspense as you move through the world.

Inside continues the 2D puzzle platformer formula of Limbo, and enhances it in nearly every way. Prepare for a suspenseful storyline filled with eerie moments.

Reigns: Her Majesty


Devolver Digital

Reigns returns in an all new time period with all new swipe based choices.

The follow up to Reigns introduces a queen as the protagonist in the era of Enlightenment. Swipe left and right to handle the various attacks at your throne.

FEZ Pocket Edition

FEZ Pocket Edition

Polytron Inc.

Fez has been ported to iOS to deliver classic 2D platforming with a 3D twist.

FEZ, the perspective-shifting puzzle platformer that started it all, has finally arrived on mobile.

Sid Meier's Civilization® VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

Aspyr Media, Inc.

A complete port of the 6th installment of the 4X strategy franchise.

The goal is any Civilization game is to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate to try to conquer the entire map. The game is free to download with 60 moves included, and then it’s a one time $60 purchase that is half off until January 4th, 2018.

Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange


An episodic decision based adventure game with the ability to rewind time.

An episodic decision based adventure game with the ability to rewind time.

Lotus Digital

Lotus Digital

Dire Wolf Digital

A digital board game that is all about growing flowers with every turn.

Build up your Lotus garden, petal by petal so that they can grow to maturity and grant wisdom in the digital board game port. You can use special abilities and guardians to help grow and protect your garden as players battle for the most wisdom.


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