Sony to Nearly Double the Total Number of PSVR Games by End of 2018

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Sony to Nearly Double the Total Number of PSVR Games by End of 2018

According to a report by Silicon EraSony expects to increase the number of PSVR games from 150 to 280 over the course of 2018.

Citing Japanese financial publication Nikkei, the report holds the 80 percent increase in games planned for 2018 is primarily due to the fact that Sony has shipped over 2 million PSVR units worldwide since launch, making the platform ripe for further investment.

PSVR has a little under a tenth of the number of non-VR games currently listed on PSN. However Sony says they’ve sold more than 12.2 million copies of PSVR games across retail stores and PSN since its October 2016 release—a testament to Sony’s aggressive investment and overall success of the fairly inexpensive headset. An ‘all-in’ first generation headset can still be purchased for less than $400, making it an easy buy for anyone already in the PS4 hardware ecosystem.

Because Nikkei’s report is likely referring to the Japanese market, we expect the number to be a rough estimate in terms of Western titles planned for 2018 release—not all Japanese games come to Western-facing PSN stores—although the same goes for Western-developed games in Japan.

While it’s unlikely we’ll see a PSVR 2.0 version in 2018, as the system has already seen a minor hardware refresh a few months ago, this year is shaping up to be a big drive for quality content to keep PSVR players playing.

Published at Sat, 06 Jan 2018 15:28:19 +0000

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