Saying Thank You to Customers With Printed Martini Glasses

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Everyone knows what a martini is thanks to James Bond and his request to have his martinis shaken, not stirred. However, while we all have probably had a martini from time to time, very few of us actually own martini glasses. This presents a wide open opportunity for you as a company to provide your customers with a great gift like printed martini glasses.

Martini glasses are a unique form of glassware. Unlike a cup or a mug, they are easily recognizable for what they do, which is the only thing they do, and that is provide a great martini in a nice clear package. Martini glasses have a flat base, long stem and a cone shaped vessel that holds the martini within it. The important thing here is that the stem is long so that the hand does not come in contact with the cone shaped vessel. This will prevent the heat from the hand warming the martini.

So, why are printed martini glasses a good gift for your customers? The reason is that they are unique and unique is always better when you have to give your customers a gift. When your customers get a unique gift from you, they know that you have put thought into it and that helps to foster customer loyalty with them. When you go even further and give them printed martini glasses with their name on it, they truly do appreciate it and they will use that martini glass with pride. They will use it whenever they have a dinner party and each time they do they will remember fondly the company that gave that glass to them. That keeps you in their mind and helps to develop brand awareness.

Printed martini glasses can have any number of things printed on them. First, you can put the customer’s name on it. While this does cost extra, it goes a long way in creating customer loyalty. If you don’t want to personalize it, you can print your company name and slogan on the martini glass, or you can simply have your company logo. Even if your customer’s name is on the martini glass, you should have your company logo on it. The reason for this is that when your customer has a party, they will usually use the printed martini glasses you provided to them. That means that everyone at the party who uses those glasses will be advertised to each time they look at the glass and see your company’s logo on it.

There are many ways to promote your company to your customers, but few have the longevity that promotional gifts do. Promotional gifts stay in your customer’s home for years, even a decade, and each time they are used they advertise to your customer. That creates an incredible return on investment and it is why promotional gifts are an important part of any company’s marketing plan. Don’t discount the power of promotional gifts!

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