James Bond Dans Une Mallette

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James Jump: The integral in DVD

The adventures of the famous secret agent British James Bond 007 leave once again in DVD. The 20 DVD are presented this time in a estampillée case 007 of the most beautiful effect with openings at combination. Gray money, this case out of metal leaves even a little bit of place to place there 21st, Casino Royal in which the spy with the secret service of His Majesty is interpreted by Daniel Craig.

As for the DVD, they profit all from an impeccable remasterisation which let to us predict hours of happiness. They all are in 16/9 compatible 4/3, VF in 5.1 DD and SDR, VO into 5.1. Concerning the interactivity of the DVD of James Jump, the audio comments are subtitled. For each film, you will be able to see the presentation of the characters, the virgin credits, the sequences of actions, the gadgets and certain visits of exotic places of turnings.

Note however that all the DVD of the adventures of James Bond are available to the unit, each one in a Ultimate edition. It is acted in fact only of the official DVD of the adventures of James Bond. The film “Never Never again”, with Sean Connery forms part of this collection and thus is not in the case.

For impassioned series, will know that there exists in parallel the collection of the vehicles of James Bond whose subscription can be made as a newsagent. The majority are cars such as for example the 2CV of “Only for your eyes” with Roger Moore or BMW Z8 of “Le Monde is not enough” with Pierce Brosnan. The advantage of these collections they are the booklets delivered with the vehicles which are a source of information very interesting for the collectors.

Other objects of collection? For example the pen of Goldeneye which makes it possible James to explode the refuge of malicious at the end of film. But this pen, to get it, it is necessary to know people placed well, finally especially in the stores of DVD!

Good I stop bus between the pen, the cars and the case I will be caught for James Bond!

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