Gucci incorporates a hot celebrity

In recent time, director Frida Giannini has incorporated some of the most beautiful big-name ladies to sell Gucci purses, wallets, and accessories.

In December of 2008, acclaimed pop artist Rihanna contracted with Gucci to appear in their ads for the Tattoo Heart Collection, a special-edition line. The collection included a series of white Gucci handbags, canvas tote bags, and silk scarves, all embellished with hearts, stars, and flowers inspired by tattoos. Proceeds from the sale of all items in the Tattoo Heart Collection will be donated to UNICEF, one of the world’s most reputable non-profits.


An active philanthropist herself, Rihanna was happy to be a part of Gucci’s relationship with UNICEF. 25% of the proceeds from all Gucci purses and accessories in the Tattoo Heart Collection will be donated to the charity. Contributions generated for this campaign are slated to improve the quality of life for poor children living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Rihanna is no stranger to giving back. Her first philanthropic effort was the creation of The Believe Foundation in 2006, which she enacted to help raise money for poor children in need of food and medication.

In addition to belting out some of the catchiest tunes of her time, Rihanna is an admitted “fashion-aholic” and Gucci purse lover. Her irreverent, sexy style makes her popular among the young Hollywood set. Born in Barbados 20 years ago, Rihanna has quickly gained acclaim throughout the world for her music skills, her exotic beauty, and her elegant composure. Rihanna often attends fashion shows for inspiration, with the goal of designing her own collection one day.

The riveting photography of Rihanna’s ad campaign captures her suspended on a huge hoop, wearing a sexy white bodysuit and carrying a gorgeous, oversized Gucci purse. Gucci had brought her on in hopes of freshening up the brand with a more contemporary, cutting-edge appeal — and that’s just what they got.  Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini, was pleased by Rihanna’s iconic image and timeless beauty. In addition to the print ad, Gucci shot a short film with Rihanna included.

Prior to Rihanna, celebrity Gucci endorsements included Claire Danes and Drew Barrymore, both of whom touted the fine Gucci jewelry collection. Drew, one of the hottest movie actresses in the industry, was the very first celebrity to lend her persona to Gucci.

In the 90 years since its inception, the Gucci Company has endured its share of strife and conflict, most markedly in skirmishes between the founding family members about business operations. After several family members left the company, Gucci regained its original reputation for exclusivity, and continues to lead the industry in premier designer handbags.

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Actors – Create Your Own Web Movie in 5 Easy Steps

Most actors in Hollywood focus their efforts on landing roles on the biggest network series or in studio and major independent films. But if you’re not being cast in the big projects – maybe not even getting the opportunity to audition for them – then what can you do? If you’re willing to do some work and step out of your comfort zone, you could get a headstart on the newest media format making news around the world, and that is making your own 1-to-2 minute movies for the web and mobile devices. 

Although many actors say they “just want to act,” the reality is that, as an actor, if you want to make sure you work, you need to initiate your own projects. And keep in mind, you probably already have lots of friends who are also working on their directing, writing, and producing careers. You can initiate putting a team together to make these short films. Making movies for the new media market is the easiest it will ever be to get yourself out there.

This article is going to tell you what you need to do in just five easy steps:

1. Come up with a 2-minute short storyline and either write it yourself or get someone to write it for you.

Chances are, if you aren’t a writer, you know several. In fact, it’s very likely that there’s at least one in your acting class. Either on your own or with someone, decide what kind of character you want to play, then write a simple, two-page scene.

2. Find someone who has a digital video camera that you can use to shoot your scene.

The camera you use doesn’t have to be high-end. You can start with something that’s lower-end and easy-to-use. The most important thing is to get your first short movie done without worrying about it. You can learn as you go.

3. Shoot your movie in one room. Or possibly a quick interior and exterior shot of the same location.

Keep it very simple. Shoot a Master Shot. Then shoot it again in a Medium Shot or Close-Up. Make sure there’s no noise in the background. Doing the sound right is the hardest part.

4. Load the digital footage onto your computer and edit your movie.

If you don’t know how to download your video, then read the manual or ask your friends to help you. Once it’s on your computer, it will be in a standard format that you can edit using a free program like Windows Movie Maker that usually comes with your PC. Now you have to edit your movie. Go to the Microsoft site to learn all about using Windows Movie Maker. For a Mac, try this free video editor.

You can also ask friends in your classes if they know how to edit. Or get your editing/directing buddies to help you. Windows Movie Maker is made for home use, so it is pretty easy if you sit down and follow instructions. It’s not the most powerful, but it will get you started. After you edit it in the software, you can export it to a format that can be viewed online. Find the Export command on the software and follow instructions from there.

5. Upload it to various sites, like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and your own website.

Once you make your film, then take marketing actions to get it seen. Start by putting it on your basic networking places, like Facebook or MySpace. Tell people about it verbally. Email your friends about it. Post it on various video sites. You can start your own channel on YouTube, for one. Although you won’t get paid for it, you could start to develop a following or fan base by creating a strong persona.

The most important thing is to get started. After you do your first one, take what you learn and do another one. You might even get your team to plan on doing a series of these and who knows where it could lead. Most actors sit and wait to get calls. To really give yourself a chance -you must initiate your own projects. It’s that simple.

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Celebrity Biographies: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was born on July 1, 1967. Her actual name is Pamela Denise Anderson, which makes her one of the few celebrities who did not take on a stage name. Pamela Anderson is actually American born, but has Canadian citizenship. She is most famous for her modeling carrier, but she has also been known to act, author books and produce television and movies. Pamela Anderson was one time married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and for a while she went by the name Pamela Anderson Lee.

Pamela Anderson parents are Carol and Barry Anderson. She grew up in Ladysmith, British Columbia, which is situated 90 km north-west of Victoria British Columbia, Canada. Her mom Carol was a waitress and her dad, Barry Anderson was a furnace repair man. Pamela Anderson was born the day which is known in Canada as Canada’s Centennial Day making her a “Centennial Baby”.

She graduated from high school in 1985 and right after she bacame a fitness instructor at Vancouver. In 1989, Pamela Anderson went to a football match in Canada with some of her friends. During the course of the game, Pamela Anderson was shown on the screen wearing a Labatt T-shirt. Anderson was cheered by the crowd. It was then Labatt offered Pamela Anderson a modeling contract. With an intention to model for the Playboy magazine, Pamela Anderson moved to Los Angeles.

After this, Pamela Anderson underwent a breast augmentation. The year 1991, saw her featuring in a minor role on the U.S.’s hit TV sitcom “Married … with Children.” Through this Pamela Anderson gained attention from the viewers’ and later was featured in Baywatch in the role of C.J. Parker.

Pamela Anderson had also gained public attention through her personal life. She married Tommy Lee in the year 1995. She married him after knowing him only for 96 hours.

A home video full of pornography of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was stolen from their home by one of the hired help, which was supposed to be their honeymoon video and was posted on the internet. The Internet entertainment Group that released the Pamela Anderson video became popular thereafter. Pamela Anderson sued that company for releasing the Pamela Anderson Video. After this the court awarded both Anderson and Lee an amount of 1.5 million dollars along with attorney fees for their profits’ share.

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Can a Celeb Hollywood Workout Be Successful?

Component of being a movie star, actor, or actress is building a body match for your role. This may make you wonder just how the celebrities in Hollywood workout. Individuals turn into obsessed with applying the workout of their favorite star to their very own workout efforts. People today frequently fail to think about 1 crucial issue: do these superstar exercises and diets definitely function? Will a Hollywood workout truly permit you to build the body of your desires?

Superstar Workout routines and Diets
You’d believe that will all of these stunning our bodies, a widespread workout factor could be picked out, or perhaps a theme that carries by means of every star’s diet. It appears, on the other hand, that superstar routines and diets differ significantly from star to star. Some stars operate on complete body teaching applications, although others physical exercise 1 main muscle group each day. Some celebrities do the job out each day for half-hour, while others hit the gym for hours every day. Some stars consume regular diets, limiting sugar and alcohol; others graze throughout the day and consume several smaller meals.

However, every of these stars has managed to get into superb shape, despite the fact that the routines vary widely. What makes this happen? Difficult perform and dedication. The stars possess a massive benefit within the pursuit of a killer physique, and it’s not simply their genetic make-up. Celebrities have cash, time, and incentive to develop the very best possible physique. When you were provided tens of millions of dollars to build a good body in a couple of months, you’d determine how to do it – even if it meant you had to obtain up early, work out for hours, or dramatically limit your diet plan.

Celebrities have plenty of time to invest getting good bodies, so they’ve a great deal of room for error in their exercise routines. Even the worst of workout routines, if combined with a wholesome diet plan plan, will assist a person get into excellent shape if they’ve the time and energy to speculate. In addition, numerous stars have nutritionists and personal trainers to aid them meet their objectives. Nonetheless, most average individuals don’t have the time or resources to create this happen. This greatly will increase the possibility of failure.

The Hollywood Workout
So, what are you able to learn from a Hollywood workout? Celebrity workouts and diets may well be able to help you get in form, but they’ll need hard work and dedication like any other type of exercise program. To be able to exercise efficiently, on the other hand, you cannot just merely comply with your preferred star’s diet plan or workout. You may not have as significantly time to exercise as they do. In addition, what works well for their metabolism may not perform nicely for yours. As an option, shoot for your appear you wish with a customized workout regimen, not only a common Hollywood workout plan.

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India Men’s Week Celebrity and Fashion Advice

It’s the world’s fourth and India’s first exclusive Men’s Week.  With an impressive list of designers, the Van Heusen India Men’s Week is all set to dazzle the capital from 11th Sep to 13th Sep. But just as all good things come with a heavy price, the brainchild of Suniel Sethi is being put under the scanner too. Questions like clash of interest between sponsors and designers, clash of dates with KFW, strategies to attract more buyers, focus on local or international sales, and has the idea generated from Lakme Fashion Week in the first place, since the latter started a trend of sorts by dedicating a day to Men’s fashion; come to the fore.

Stylekandy.com caught up with fashion buffs to get the industry reactions. The more you ask, the more you get. Prima facie reactions are all for the Van Heusen India Men’s Week, so let’s just sit back and enjoy the show. Effortlessly stylish, the Spring-Summer 2010 collection by Rocky S screams attitude. With this new collection, the designer who is known for designing and adorning celebrities and fashion aficionados is all set to woo the capital at the upcoming India Men’s Week. The designer borrows inspiration from the traveller who is free spirited, easy going, calm in attitude and goes by his spiritual beliefs. “Through these visits, he gets allured and motivated to imbibe the striking and vital elements of each place. This is what one can expect from my collection,” Rocky summarized with a delightful smile on his face.

Offering detailed information about the texturising and tailoring he has adopted, Rocky shared, “I am here to experiment and this upcoming line targets all those men who are in a mood of experimentation and want to try a new image and go for that killer’s look.” The line has been created in an array of interesting fabrics which include crushed voiles, mulmuls, linens, silks, emphasized with various kinds of knits, textured fabrics, leather, brocades, jacquard blends, and other cotton blends. Accentuating the bohemian look, the garments have been given an easy-going feel with a washed out, aged and distressed look.

The colours are black, ivory, burnt orange, ochre, deep red and many such brighter shades. He has treated the fabrics with different chemicals and has gone through n number of processes like crushing, industrial machine washing and other heat and chemical treatments to offer that washed out and worn out effect. He wasn’t too comfortable in revealing the look that he is planning for the models- “The look is going to be relaxed with easy to wear and aged styled garments accentuated with printed scarves and textured bags.

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Can a Superstar Hollywood Workout Be Efficient?

Component of being a superstar, actor, or actress is creating a physique match for your function. This could make you wonder just how the celebrities in Hollywood workout. Folks turn into obsessed with applying the workout of their preferred star to their very own workout efforts. People frequently fail to think about one essential question: do these movie star workouts and diets genuinely do the job? Will a Hollywood workout definitely allow you to construct the body of your desires?

Movie star Workout routines and Diets
You’d believe that will all of these lovely bodies, a typical workout aspect could possibly be picked out, or a theme that carries via each star’s diet plan. It seems, even so, that movie star routines and diets differ significantly from star to star. Some stars work on full physique training applications, while other people physical exercise 1 major muscle group every day. Some celebrities perform out every day for 30 minutes, although other people hit the gym for hours each day. Some stars consume normal diets, limiting sugar and alcohol; others graze throughout the day and consume numerous smaller meals.

Nonetheless, each of those stars has managed to get into excellent shape, even though the routines differ broadly. What helps make this occur? Difficult perform and dedication. The stars possess a huge advantage inside the pursuit of a killer body, and it is not just their genetic makeup. Celebrities have dollars, time, and incentive to create the very best achievable body. In the event you were provided millions of bucks to develop a great body in a couple of months, you’d figure out the way to do it – even if it meant you had to obtain up early, do the job out for hours, or considerably restrict your diet plan.

Celebrities have plenty of time to spend obtaining nice bodies, so they have a great deal of space for error in their workout routines. Even the worst of workout routines, if combined with a healthy diet plan plan, will support a person get into excellent shape if they have the time and power to take a position. Additionally, numerous stars have nutritionists and personal trainers to help them meet their goals. However, most average people don’t have the time or resources to make this take place. This greatly increases the chance of failure.

The Hollywood Workout
So, what can you discover from a Hollywood workout? Celebrity exercises and diets may possibly be able to help you get in shape, but they’ll require hard operate and dedication like all other type of exercise plan. So that you can physical exercise effectively, on the other hand, you can’t just basically follow your preferred star’s diet program or workout. You may not have as much time to exercise as they do. In addition, what works properly for their metabolic process may possibly not perform properly for yours. As an alternative, shoot for the appear you need having a custom-made workout schedule, not only a common Hollywood workout plan.

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Ten Best Bodies in Hollywood

People magazine has released its list of most amazing bodies in a new double issue to honor hunks and hotties. This issue features 28 pages of celebrities, swimsuits, and diet secrets which get special attention from readers all over the world. It is really surprising that High School Musical‘s Zac Efron and former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson are at the top of the most amazing bodies in Hollywood but werewolf Taylor Lautner as fans expected. The 22-year-old handsome actor has become a sexy idol after a series of images on a beach in Hawaii recently. He shared his secret “I go to the gym every day.” Let’s discover top ten hottest bodies of celebrities as follows.


High School Musical’s Zac Efron is considered as a sex symbol.


Former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson, a seductive mother, is at the Runner-up position.


No eating candy and exercising help actor Kellan Lutz, a vampire in the series “Twilight” has a muscular and toned body.


Television star Kim Kardashian is known for sexy curves.


Ryan Phillippe, actor of “The MacGruber” has an ideal body among Hollywood twenties.


Country singer Carrie Underwood at number 6 thanks to healthy diet and regular exercise.


Mike Sorrentino – the 27-year-old actor in Jersey Shore’s television series.


Cameron Diaz still owns sexy body although she is 37 years old.


Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her amazing bikini body in exclusive photos.


Rapper Common used to list of the top 25 fittest men in the world by Men’s Fitness magazine.



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The Art of Celebrity Photography

Many collectors of photography are interested in celebrity photography, and it doesn’t always matter if it’s Bobby Jones photos, Robert F Kennedy photos, or Sophia Loren photos. What is important to the person who collects celebrity photography is that the person is or was famous in some way. They want to know that they have something of value and not just another photograph that is worth nothing out of their hands. Collecting celebrity photography is a hobby for many people—they enjoy collecting photographs of current or past celebrities regardless of who they might be.


Photographs of famous people are issues of importance with celebrity photography. Whether it involves a Cole Poerter photo or Tina Turner photos is of little importance. The only thing important to the collector of celebrity photography is that the person is well-known. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be someone who is famous in a good way—some people even collect photographs of gangsters and other infamous people from history. The choice of photographs depends on the collector and what they are looking to gain from the photos. Sometimes it may be someone who has a link to the past with that person or just a means of fantasizing. On the other hand, the collector may be someone who just happens to enjoy collecting photographs of anyone famous and will even collect Woody Allen photos because he is famous in the entertainment world.


Collecting celebrity photography can be both rewarding and expensive since some people’s photographs command a very high price among collectors. People have collected photos of famous people for many years, but sometimes they take it to a higher level and go beyond collecting the photos that appear in magazines—they want real celebrity photography, real photographs to put in an album or hang on their wall. Condenastore.com has photos of many famous people to help indulge you in your hobby of celebrity photograph collecting.

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Hollywood Stars and Fake Names

When people become famous they will become the center of attention. Therefore, whenever celebrities want to go out and don’t want to be identified, in spite of using their real name, they often use other names or we call fake names. Do you know the nicknames of the couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the beauty of England Kate Beckinsale, or the fake name of the famous actor Johnny Depp? Have you have ever heard the nickname “Tinkerbell” or “Frank Farmer”? We may know these stars very well, but the nicknames they choose may surprise you. Let’s discover interesting fake names of Hollywood stars as follows:


Brad Pitt – Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are said to have used the nick name “Mr. & Mrs. Rose Vegas” to sign in to hotel guest registries.


Kate Beckinsale

The beauty of England likes to be called “Sigourney Beaver”. The nickname shows her appreciation for actress Sigourney Beaver.


Johnny Depp

The famous actor Johnny Depp chooses funny nicknames including “Mr. Drip Noodle”, “Mr. Stench” and “Mr. Oddpong”


Matt Damon

The Oscar winner Matt Damon often uses particularly inventive names such as “Matthew Paige”, “Matthew Carlsson-Page” and “John President” whenever he goes out


Paul McCartney

Paul has written many famous songs. That is the reason why he owns inventive fake name “Apple C. Vermouth”


Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie

After saying goodbye to Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt has used different nickname. The star and Angelina Jolie is known to go picnic as “Bryce & Jasmine Pilaf”


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has the lovely nickname “Tinkerbell”. It is named after the name of her beloved Chihuahua, Tinkerbell


Kevin Costner

Hollywood star Kevin Costner expresses his love for the country music by choosing the fake name “Frank Farmer”


Elton John

Elton John, has a series of unusual nicknames such as “Brian Bigbun”, “Bobo Latrine” and “Sir Humphrey Handbag”


Chris Rock

The funnyman Chris Rock decided to use the funny name “Slappy White” for hotel reservations



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Celebrity Biographies: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba (full name Jessica Marie Alba), an American actress was born on 28th of April, 1981, has become known for her roles in the hit TV series Dark Ange and feature films Sin City, Dark Angel, Into the Blue and Fantastic Four.

Jessica Alba was born in Pomona, California into an Air Force family. She has two siblings, both of whom appeared in an episode of Dark Angel. Up until 17 ypours of age Jessica Alba lived with her grand parents. Being a military family, they about quite a bit: Biloxi, Idaho, the states of Mississippi and Texas.

Jessica Alba had an array of health problems during her childhood. Her lungs collapsed twice, she developed pneumonia several times and a cyst in her nose. As a result of these health issues, she was often isolated from kids her age and her friendships suffered. Upon moving to California Jessica’s health improved.

Since a very young age, Jessica Alba had a passion for acting. She took acting lessons, and this is where she was discovered by an agent. Her first role was a small one in a film titled Camp Nowhere. Later on she was featured in a number of commercials and some independent films. She also appeared in a comedy series on Nickelodeon. Some of the feature films she appeared in are Idle Hand (a horror flick) and Sin City.

In 2006, Jessica Alba was featured on the cover of Playboy magazine, and in the same issue she was named one of the 25 Sexiest Celebrities. In the same year, she was named Sex Star of the year by Playboy. Also, Jessica was voted number one of Askmen.com’s 99 most desirable women.

As far as her personal life is concerned, she dated actor Michael Weatherly her costar in Dark Angel from 2001 to 2003. Afterwords, she was involved with golfer Sergio Garcia. On the set of Fantastic Four, she met Cash Warren the assistant director of the movie.

An interesting fact about Jessica Alba is that she has a strict “no nudity” clause in her contract. This can be attributed to her conservative upbringing.

You can find a Jessica Alba gallery and Jessica Alba pictures at Tube108.com.

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