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Chef Basket Reviewed

There is a new piece of cookware on the market that is sold and marketed by the As Seen On TV Group called the Chef Basket. It can be used as a deep fry basket, a strainer or a colander. To make a batch of pasta all you have to do is fill the basket with your pasta and submerge it in a pot of boiling water. One of the best features of this product is it’s ability to fold down flat for easy storage in your kitchen cupboard.

It is a very easy product to use. All you have to do is fill the basket with your food and submerge it into either hot oil if you are deep frying something, or boiling water if you are boiling something. After the food is cooked you can remove it from the pot using the built in stay cool handles and transport it to the sink for easy drainage.

There is no need to wrestle with a huge pot of hot boiling water any more. Wandering around the kitchen with a heavy pot of boiling water is a serious hazard especially if you have a kitchen full of children of dinner guests.

For just under $ 15 you can pick one of these up at the official website right now. If you spend mych time in the kitchen you will find yourself reaching for this item all the time as it is absolutely indespensible for so many things. If cared for and cleaned properly it should last for years and years. Just use a soft brush and a little soap and hot water for a quick and easy cleanup job.

Although I don’t believe it’s necessary, they do include a little recipe book along with it. Any recipe that calls for boiling, steaming or deep frying and you can reach for this to take care of the job. I get most of my recipes online these days and have gotten rid of all my cookbooks.

My Mother uses hers to deep fry her famous fried chicken as well as her secret recipe spaghetti and lasagna. She is from Texas where deep frying everything is pretty common. If you prefer to cook a little more healthy you can, of course, use this for pasta or steamed vegetables. Make life, and your favorite family recipe easier with this product.

Get More details on the Chef Basket or the NuWave Oven or other great as seen on tv items.

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Fantasy Football Defense

When most people think of fantasy football they think of the top offensive players in the NFL. Guys like Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady and Larry Fitzgerald all top the list of marquis fantasy football players that are almost guaranteed to be your big point scorers in any given week. But when doing your pre-season research, don’t forget about your fantasy football defense and the impact they could have on your season.

When researching a fantasy football defense it is a much easier process than trying to figure out your whole offensive lineup. Typically, fantasy football leagues will allow you to play one team’s defense each week and get points for categories like interceptions, fumble recoveries, safeties, sacks, points allowed and defensive TD’s.

Some leagues mix things up a little by allowing you to choose one or two defensive players that can score individual performance points, but this category is not very common. Most fantasy leagues are set up so the offense is the main source of scoring, for obvious reasons.

With this in mind, it’s still important to do a little homework on what the top NFL defenses have done during the off season. Have there been any trades or is anyone injured. Most of the time, if a defense is good, it will remain a power house for many years down the road.

During the off season, it’s always good to keep an eye on the teams who had a strong offense but weak defense the prior year. These are the teams that will most likely be drafting to build their defense and may get some players to boost their performance and status in the upcoming season.

Another thing to remember is to not downplay the importance of a solid fantasy football defense. Many games during the fantasy season are won by a point or less and a win can often be the result of solid defensive play. It’s true that when you’re waist deep into your draft the last thing on your mind is what defense you will be choosing. But when that time nears, it is important to pick at the right time to get the best defense possible.

Your fantasy football defense may not have the most powerful or glamorous role on your roster, but they are nonetheless important and can help make you a winner. Even if they are the reason you win one or two weeks of the season, it will make up for the research you did to pick a consistently high performing team.

RapidDraft is the hottest fantasy football news topic on the wire right now. For under $10 you can draft and manage a team in an online fantasy football league for the entire season, all for a chance at bragging rights and a chance to win the guaranteed grand prize of $250,000 dollars. Football season is rapidly approaching so sign up today for your chance to play against and beat the best fantasy players in the world. Aside from the huge cash prize, the winner of RapidDraft will earn a spot as one of the “pro’s” in next years league and will forever be immortalized in the fantasy football world.

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Fantasy Football Draft Kits

Fantasy football season is almost here and if you’ve been slacking on your pre-season research then your best bet for success is to obtain a fantasy football draft kit. Why do all the work when someone else has already done it for you.

Fantasy football draft kits are one of the best ways to get professional fantasy advice and information. A good draft kit will give you all the tools you need to have a successful fantasy season including player rankings, customized fantasy football cheat sheets, ADP rankings, mock drafts, sleepers, draft strategy articles and complete analysis of everything fantasy football.

One of the most valuable tools of a fantasy draft kit is the player rankings and ADP rankings. When combined, these can be a great way to gauge players for the upcoming season and give you a clear cut vision on which players will be the ones you want on your team and in what order you should draft them. During your draft, as players are chosen, you will eliminate those players from the list and it will automatically notify you of which available players are the next highest ranked.

A mock draft is also a very useful tool that will allow you to see what type of team various experts have chosen. They do these mock drafts as they were the real deal. The only thing to remember is that many of these mock drafts take place well ahead of the actual draft day and can change so check on them frequently and especially right before draft day.

Fantasy football sleepers are an aspect of the draft that often gets left without much thought. The fact is if you choose your sleepers wisely you could end up with a few late round draft picks that gets as many points for you each week as your early round picks.

The success of “sleeper” players is much harder to determine than the high ranked players. It takes a keen fantasy sense to know which of these low ranked players will be the best choices in the late rounds. Choose wisely and it could change your team dramatically for the better.

Fantasy football draft kits are a wise investment for fantasy experts and rookies. This information could be the key to success for your entire fantasy season. Use the kit and your own expertise and research to put together a winning team that will carry you to the championship game.

What better way to kick off the 2009 NFL fantasy football season than with a chance to win $250,000 dollars at RapidDraft. RapidDraft is a hot new game that gives everyone a chance to play against the pro’s for a chance at a huge cash prize, all for under $10 dollars. If it’s your first time playing or if you’re a seasoned veteran, RapidDraft will guide you through the process of drafting and managing your own team and get you on the path to the title game. Never has a fantasy football draft been so easy and had such a large reward. Sign up today as the football season will be here before you know it.

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Microsoft's Black Friday 2017 deals include savings on two Android flagship phones

Microsoft's Black Friday 2017 deals include savings on two Android flagship phones

If you want to know what Microsoft is planning for Black
Friday 2017
, you’ve come to the right place. While most of the company’s Black
Friday deals don’t have anything to do with phones, there are some upcoming
offers that will certainly be of interest to our readers. In particular, starting
November 23, Microsoft will allow customers to buy Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and
Galaxy S8+ (unlocked) at $150 off.


Right now, Microsoft is selling the unlocked Galaxy S8 for $724.99,
while the unlocked Galaxy S8+ is offered for $824.99. At $150 off, the two
flagship handsets will cost $574.99 and $674.99, respectively.


Other interesting Microsoft Black Friday 2017 deals (available starting November 23):


  • $329 off the Surface Pro tablet (Intel Core i5 / 256GB SSD) with
    black Type Cover
  • $100 off the Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker (with
  • $50 off the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness band
  • Alcatel Idol 4S Windows Phone – $169 instead of $199
  • Happy Plugs Earbud Plus (with 3.5mm jack and built-in
    microphone for calls) – $19.99 instead of $29.99

When buying from Microsoft Store, you’re getting free
shipping on all orders in the US,
and free returns (within 30 days). You can check out all of Microsoft’s Black
Friday 2017 deals by visiting the company’s official website via the source
link below.


source: Microsoft 

Published at Sun, 19 Nov 2017 23:02:00 +0000

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World of Electronics

If we go for a proper definition then ‘Electronics’ can be defined as the part of science and technology that makes utilization of the movement of electrons. Such movements are controlled through the various vacuum and media. The capability of controlling the flow of electrons is usually applied to the control of devices and handling of different information.

From the electrical science and technology Electronics show its various differences that deal with distribution, control, application and generation of the electrical power. In contrast with the electrical power, electronics started to show its distinction in the year 1906 when Lee De Forest made his invention of the triode. Using this triode one can easily make the amplification possible with a device that is absolutely non-mechanical. This field was known by the name ‘radio technology’ until the year 1950 as because the prime function was related to the theory and design of vacuum tubes, receivers and transmitters.

Most of the electronic devices that are used today utilize semiconductor components. Such utilization is meant to control the shifting of the electrons.

A Study on Electronic Devices and Components:

A component that is considered as Electronic is defined as a physical entity which is used for the purpose of affecting the electrons or its associated fields. The components are generally used with the intention of connecting it usually by soldering to a PCB. The PCB is the acronym of Printed Circuit Board and is used for carving an electronic circuit. Each circuit is constructed to carry out various functions, for example radio, oscillator, amplifier etc. Some of the most commonly used electronics components are capacitors, resistors, transistors, diodes etc.

A component can be categorized to two types. These are:

1.  Active Components
2.  Passive Components

Types of Circuits:

A circuit can be classified into two types. Such are:

•  Analog Circuit
•  Digital Circuit

Analog Circuits: The circuits or appliances that are composed of combinations of a few types of basic circuits are termed as an analog circuit. In comparison to a digital circuit these circuits use a constant range of voltage. Considering the various non-linear effects within an analog circuit such as the modulator, mixer etc. sometimes the analog circuits are also called a linear circuit. Some of the best examples of an analog circuit include a transistor amplifier, a vacuum tube, an oscillator and an operational amplifier.

Digital Circuit: One of the most physical representations of Boolean algebra, the digital circuits are the electric circuits that are based on the level of the total number of voltage. Most of these circuits use two voltage levels such as:

1.  Low (0)
2.  High (1)

Although theoretically the ‘low’ means ‘0’ but practically it keeps near the value ‘0’. In the same way high does not remains at ‘1’ when used practically.

Some of the good examples of a digital circuit include:

•  Electronics Clocks
•  Programmable Logic Controllers
•  Computers

Thus it can be concluded that if you have the most basic components of electronics like resistor, capacitor, diode, and chips then even you can be an inventor of something that could be really exceptional.

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A World Crusade

You are enjoying the day and found the SAT prep and lsat change on your computer monitor. A thought suddenly came into your mind. “What if the world didn’t make it through? Would I still be here staring at my computer screen?”

The question would sound peculiar for others but it carries a slight pinch on our minds. Yes. What if Mother Nature did gave up?

Life on Earth

There is no universal agreement known to take the stand and define the meaning of life. Experts in the field of science generally accept the truth that the manifestation of life is characterized by organization, metabolism, growth, response to stimuli and reproduction.

The properties that are very common to terrestrial organisms (plants, animals, fungi, protists, archaea and bacteria) are as follows: they are cellular, are carbon+water based with complicated construction, have metabolism, capable of growing, can respond to perceived stimuli and reproduce.

The outer shell of the Earth – which includes land, surface rocks, water, air and the atmosphere wherein life occurs- is called the biosphere. It is where all living things and relationships are integrated, including their interaction with rocks (lithosphere), water (hydrosphere) and air (atmosphere).

Over 9/12 of the Earth’s total biomass (life) consists of plant life, on which organisms largely depend on for existence. As of date, about 2 million species of plant and animal life had been identified, while a booming 50 million species are discovered to be in existence.

Earth and Ecosystem

Earth’s ecosystem is subdivided into two components: abiotic and biotic that function in an interrelated manner.Dynamic modification may be brought about by variations of these factors. Soil, atmosphere, radiation from the sun, water and living organisms are just some of the important components.

Every living organism interacts with every other element in their local environment. Eugene Odum, a founder of ecology stated:

“Any unit that includes all of the organisms (ie: the “community”) in a given area interacting with the physical environment so that a flow of energy leads to clearly defined trophic structure, biotic diversity, and material cycles (i.e.: exchange of materials between living and nonliving parts) within the system is an ecosystem.”

Species within the ecosystem connect and depend upon one another in the food chain, as well as trade of energy and matter among themselves and with their environment.

Meanwhile, microsystem, is a smaller unit. Example, is a stone and the life governing under it.

The Issue of Nature Conservation

Unfortunately, despite the collected efforts put into conservation by concerned individuals, their struggle are easily undermined by those who don’t mind. This occurs, for example, from wide ranged illegal poaching, excessive habitat destruction to manipulation of laws designed to protect nature by ‘powerful’ individuals and big companies.

Globalization is criticized for playing played a major role on ignoring sustainable processes pertaining environmental concerns. For the past years, NGOs, critics and victims of mass environmental destruction blame large companies for being the main culprit.

In the attempt to address the problem, sustainable development alternatives were implemented to ease the environmental dilemma. For example, projects have been passed to promote the protection of apes instead of hunting them down. This encourages the hunters to protect the apes. In return, they could get incentives for what they did.

International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) notes that extinction threatens certain species. In addition:

* 75% of agricultural crops has been devastated
* 75% of the world’s aquatic resources are fully destroyed
* Up to 70% of the world’s species may be at risk if the global temperature rises to or more than 3.5°C
* Extinction threatens around 1/3 of reef-building corals around the world
* A parcel of rainforest as wide as a football field disappears every seconds
* Over 350 million people will succumb to water scarcity

Everyone is taking part in this crusade. Now, why need to wonder why you’ve seen the SAT prep and lsat change that day? Don’t wonder, start to act now! Save nature, save the planet!

Nancy D. Smith enjoys writing educational materials like SAT prep and lsat change and other related fields.

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Mobile Media World

Mobile media is one of those words that we often use that is pervasive in our day-to-day life and yet so vague conceptually that we cannot define it. We know that it is our cell phones when we are not using it to make calls or texts, our ipods, our table pc’s and all the other gadgets. But we do not grasp the idea to the extent that we know print media as the newspapers and magazines, television as what we watch and radio as what we listen to. But with mobile phones, tablet PC’s, laptops and ipods and other mp3 players that can make us view news, watch videos and listen to or in other words, access all 3 kinds of media, we cannot technically say that mobile media is new content. At best, it is just a new channel or way to communicate or deliver already existing content. Keep in mind that media or medium is just the means to an end which is data. The improvement is that this medium can now be brought wherever the person will go. Since this is the case, the question becomes which gadget gives us the best access?

People can do everything in their computers, given that they install the proper programs and upgrades. Its portable counterpart the laptop is nearly as powerful. One can read the news via the daily broadsheets’ website or even through the search engine’s offerings. Downloaded media such as games, video and music can also be played. The downside is laptops are not as portable as you would wish. It usually needs its own bag instead of fitting snugly on your pocket.

Enter mobile phones especially the best of them, the smart phones. They are just the right size to squeeze into a purse and powerful enough to perform a variety of tricks. Common specifications would include a radio and mp3 player, camera to take photos and videos and of course internet access. Internet access is essential because the world wide web is where the content is.

Soon enough, we will have everything at the palm of our hands. But the price of mobility is quality. While you can still bob your head to the music and follow the plot of your favorite tv series, the impact would certainly not be the same as when playing them with speakers in place of earphones or on high definition television. Some may argue that plugging speakers into a laptop would be almost similar to watching regular but that means that the mobility of the media has been decreased if not completely compromised. Mobile media will likely be improved soon to be even better as an entertainment system but it is unlikely that they will drive the entertainment media of tv and radio out of business as those are defined according to a “wow” factor meaning size, definition and noise. On the other hand, it might send the current medium of print media such as newspapers, books and magazines straight to the museum.

Are you looking for more information regarding mobile media? Visit today!

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Reality TV A Gateway to Hollywood

Reality TV has now become a mainstay in our day to day lives. It has also ensued itself as a gateway for budding actors to make their debut in Hollywood.

The contestants in many reality Television shows are simply actors who are trying to establish themselves and are trying to get some air time. Not all of these participants or upcoming actors become celebrities through these Reality TV shows. But it is a fact that all of them do receive some recognition, at least.

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is such a participant who has attained a celebrity status and stardom through one of these Reality TV shows, ‘American Idol.’ The best way to set you apart from the rest is to focus on one aspect of your talent. And this applies to all contestants who participate in Reality TV shows. To start as an actor includes much more than just being good looking on camera.

Are you serious enough to get started on a TV Reality show? The very first thing you need to do is getting yourself prepared for the auditions.

The next thing you need to do is to choose the shows you would like to participate in. There are many big names like NBC, Fox, CBS and ABC. Identify what you have in you to be a major participant or contestant. If you are afraid of waters, skip ‘Survivor’ and if you cannot sing, it’s better not to try ‘American Idol.’ If you do, your efforts will be in vain, it may not worth it.

Upcoming actors or new faces always get information directly from casting agents and websites like, or Casting agents post their reality TV show casting at websites like these, first. Therefore, it is always recommended for wannabe participants to visit to these websites to know all details on how and where to apply regarding TV Reality shows.

You have to have in handy a profile of yours which should contain your pictures and videos, as many of these Reality shows will ask you to fill out a detailed application before you are even considered. Impress them with a good profile along with the application. Reality TV shows like ‘Survivor’ may even ask you to undergo various physical and mental tests during the audition. Do prepare yourself for that.

Once you make it to the TV Reality show after getting through the application and audition processes, make yourself accustomed to a world of showbiz.
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By: Francis David

Francis helps people learn about Direct tv vs Dish network, and how they can save money every month with popular Dish Network offers. Francis and his team also help people determine if Satellite Internet is right for them.

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Medium celebrity hairstyles

Hairstyle is a way to create your own statement. Owning a great hairstyle is very important because it helps to define one’s characteristics and emphasize one’s features. A suitable hairstyle can even absolutely change a person from simple classical boring into sexy and mysterious. Shaw University Barber, Will Carroll once said: “Your hair is an expression of who you really are, especially in the African American culture because in America you are your hair because of the stereotypes”. That may also be the leading reason that Hollywood stars frequently pay much attention to their hairstyle whenever they appear in public. Let’s zoom into  medium celebrity hairstyles.


Lea Michele

The American actress and singer Lea Michele accented her medium-length hair with reddish effect. The 24-year-old star has her fashionable hair cut around the back and added bounce shape and movement for a stop to a simple hairstyle.


The bangs are jagged cut with face-framing layers and sexy fringe completes the over-all look beautifully


Naomi Watts

The English-Australian actress has an absolutely new and fresh look with razor-sharp and stick-straight style with side-swept bangs.


The blunt cut with a long swept bang helps to balance her round face.


Katie Holmes


“The WB” star looks great with the black and natural curly hair. The simple and beautiful hair gives Katie Holmes a unique shoulder-grazing hairstyle volume and texture.



The famous music icon entertains the worldwide public with both her music and hairstyle. Madonna has a wide range of hairstyle including short, long, blonde, and punk. Among them, classic, center-parted wavy hairstyle seems to be the most favored of Material Girl’s singer.


The soft wave curls and long layers of the stunning medium length create a sexy look for the singer.


Miley Cyrus


The Hannah Montana star makes her trademark luscious locks and a fresh new color with her hair. The waves successfully create a softy and subtle shape which is best suit for her face.


Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys’s natural curls and texture make a great look for a long face shapes.


Zoe Saldana


The polished and stunning finish completely highlights her long face shapes.


Katy Perry

The colorful hairstyle definitely perfects for those who are seeking for a hairdo with flair. With the multi-colored highlights, Katy Perry launches the hot fall trend for flamboyant hairstyle.


Katy Perry absolutely launches the hot fall trend for flamboyant hairstyle.



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Louis Brown lives in California, where he enjoys writing articles on a variety of subjects, especially lifestyle. By trade, he is a user interface designer.

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Smartest Stars of Hollywood

It was commonly thought that Hollywood’s stars were often famous at the early life and their timetables were often filled with a mountain of works. That’s why they were not able to arrange their time to study. However, some stars not only study hard but possess high IQ as well. Who are they?




Shakira possesses not only a beautiful voice and sexy body but intelligence as well. Her IQ is quite high 140.



Kate Beckinsale


The 2009 sexiest woman, Kate Beckinsale is influent in 3 languages including Russian, French, and German. She won well-known W.H. Smith award for young writers in catalogue of short story and poem.


Emma Watson


Despite filming Harry Porter, Emma still spent 5 hours studying everyday. In 2008 A level exams, she got mark A in Art, Geography and English literature. Moreover, she has received many invitations from famous universities such as Trinity, Cambridge, Columbia, Brown, Yale, etc.


Quentin Tarantino


In spite of dropping out at the age of 17, Quentin has a deep knowledge in various fields. Also he is a member of MENSA, a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other “approved” intelligence test.


Alicia Keys


Alicia graduated from high school with the highest mark and received a scholarship from prestigious Columbia University. However, Alicia refused the scholarship to chase the music way.



Jodie Foster


The talented actress cum director Jodie Foster is best-known for her intelligence. She graduated from Lycee Francais de Los Angeles with highest mark and from Yale University with excellent degree.


Claire Danes


Claire Danes studied in well-known schools including Dalton and Lycee Francais de Los Angeles. Later, she became student of Department of Psychology in Yale University. However, after 2-year studying, she decided to focus on filming.


Matt Damon


Despite receiving invitation form Havard University, one of highest paid actors in Hollywood, Matt Damon made decision to follow motion picture. He has become an excellent actor.


Natalie Portman



“Star War” star Natalie Portman is seen as a symbol of intellectual beauty. Portman graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Portman took graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the spring of 2004. In March 2006, she appeared as a guest lecturer at a Columbia University course in terrorism and counterterrorism.


Steve Martin



Steve Martin learned philosophy in a famous university in California. However, later, Steve found that philosophy was not his career and became actor. Furthermore, he is also member of MENSA with his IQ 142.



I am an internet marketer and freelance photographer. I maintain various sites and blogs with a large audience. My hobby is collecting photographs of celebrities and writing comments on outstanding events in the field of entertainment.

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