The Top Five Clint Eastwood Films of All Time Now Featured on Satellite TV

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Clint Eastwood’s amazing film career is heading into its seventh decade. At this point, it’s hard to say whether he’s better known as a director or as an actor. The following list focuses on Eastwood’s acting, though a few naturally were under his own direction. These are Clint’s top five films, all of which can be caught on satellite TV.

5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. What’s a spaghetti western? It’s an Italian-produced version of the classic American genre and the way Clint Eastwood made his mark. The “Man With No Name” is also one of the toughest characters on film: Eastwood’s bounty hunter can intimidate with a mere glance from his bearded face. At times hilarious in its light approach to Western conventions, Sergio Leone’s most famous film is an event in pop culture history and in heavy rotation on satellite TV.

4. Coogan’s Bluff. Though walking and talking tough, Eastwood’s role in Coogan’s Bluff stands out because he is not taken seriously. As a sheriff from Arizona in New York to bring back a fugitive, Eastwood is ridiculed by big city cops who want most of all to see him go “back to Texas.” “Arizona,” Coogan dryly responds. It’s also noteworthy as the first movie directed by Don Siegel and starring Eastwood. Is it a coincidence Eastwood portrays a lawman who doesn’t play by the book? Check satellite TV program guides and see how this film paved the way for another Siegel-Eastwood collaboration.

3. High Plains Drifter. Eastwood drew on his extensive experience in Westerns when putting together this classic, which he directed and stars in as “The Stranger.” By gunning down three outlaws and roughhousing a flirtatious woman in the opening scene, his character makes an entrance that’s hard to top. Eastwood showed how viable he was on either side of the camera with this film, a favorite on Saturday afternoons on satellite networks like TBS.

2. Unforgiven. Before the Western revival of recent times, Unforgiven was considered by many as the final statement of a legendary genre. Directed and starring Clint, the story revolves around aging gunslingers going out for “one last job.” Along with Gene Hackman and the brilliant Morgan Freeman, Eastwood powers this film which dominated the Academy Awards and made him a sensation in the ’90s — like every other decade. Witness his mastery of the directorial process by watching the candle-lit scenes with high definition capabilities.

1. Dirty Harry. Eastwood’s renegade cop has just one question for a criminal as he jams his huge pistol in the unlucky man’s face: “Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?” No one felt lucky with Harry on his trail, and this Siegel-directed classic remains Eastwood’s signature role, despite his massive output. Wherever you see it on satellite TV, make sure it’s uncut and commercial-free.

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