The 300 Workout – Are You Up to This Advanced Workout?

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If you’ve seen the movie 300, you know what workout I’m talking about. It’s been quite a fad ever since the movie release. Who wouldn’t want that chissled look all the actors display in that movie? But this routine is an advanced workout so be ready.

This routine was created by Mark Twight. Mark is a former world-class mountain climber. He took the cast of actors and stuntmen to Gym Jones in Salt Lake City and had to whip them into shape within 12 weeks. By the look of his routine he is a strong believer of “no pain, no gain”, just another tactic of an advanced workout.

The Workout:

25 pull ups
50 deadlifts with 135 lbs.
50 push ups
50 box jumps with a 24 inch box
50 Floor wipers at 135 lbs.
50 Kettle Ball clean and press at 35 lbs.
25 pull ups

Now before you hop in the gym and try and do this, you have to realize this isn’t the workout they did 5 days a week for 12 weeks. This “300″ routine was built as a graduation workout to test the cast at the end of their training regimen. Twight says, there were months of training involved. He had to transform the actors and stuntmen physically and mentally for this advanced workout.

This routine will be grueling and exhausting but if you want to give it a try one day, go for it and let me know how you did. Each exercise doesn’t need to be completed in 1 set, you can use as many sets as needed, but your wanting to complete the entire workout in as little time as possible. Andrew Pleavin, who played Daxos, completed the routine in 18 minutes and 11 seconds.

Training to be able to handle this involves many forms of exercise. The participants did an assortment of high intensity interval training, heavy load/small volume training, and sometimes a series of smaller workouts that when put together made an interesting amount of load and volume. Twight even says, “some days were used to break the guys pyschologically.” They liked to call thse punishment days.

The training required 90 minutes to 2 hours a day at 5 days a week. They were also required to undergo fight training. They were only given enough food to recover from their workouts. This helped burn any extra fat on their bodies. Nutrition is always a must for an advanced workout.

William Kraemer, PhD, is a professor of kinesiology at the University of Conneticut in Storrs. Here is what he had to say about the program to WebMD: “This program was done for a stylistic effect, to look like a Spartan. The out of shape person who starts this 300 test is going to be dead the first day. No one could do this without prior training. You have to progress.”

Dr. Kraemer says the amount of breakdown to muscle fibers taking place in this program may be severe enough to be toxic for the kidneys. He says, “If you have heart problems, you could have a variety of problems with this workout” He mentions anything from serious tissue break down to a heart attack. “It’s too extreme for the average person.”

If you are looking to prepare for this advanced workout, then you need to prepare your body. Try out this 4 day weight lifting workout to help get your body ready. You can find more fitness and nutrition articles from my blog, Go Healthy Fitness

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