Could milk be a good addition to sports supplements?

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Many people use sports supplements as a way of helping them fulfil their potential when it comes to training.

Such products can help in a number of ways, providing more energy and helping to repair muscles.

According to one expert, drinking milk could also have positive effects for those engaged in physical activity, the Associated Press reports.

Glenys Jones, a nutritionist at Britain’s Medical Research Council, suggested that the drink is a good thing to have immediately after exercise.

She remarked: “Milk provides the building blocks for what you need to build new muscle.”

In this way, consuming the substance in addition to other supplements may have a positive effect on people.

One of those who subscribes to this idea is 25-year-old gym trainer Matt Whitmore.

The fitness fanatic has a pint of milk straight after each exercise session and said he adheres to the ritual “pretty religiously”.

He started drinking the product, potentially in addition to sports supplements, around ten years ago.

Mr Whitmore commented: “Milk helps me recover faster and I feel great afterwards. And now, I hate to train without it.”

Meanwhile, Emma Cockburn, a lecturer in sports coaching at Northumbria University in northeast England, noted that the best time for people to consume milk if they wish to add this to their routine of supplements is immediately after working out.

She said: “If athletes drink milk right after training, then by the time it is digested, the milk’s nutrients are ready to be absorbed by the muscles that have been hurt.”

The expert pointed out that the damage to the muscles caused by exercise does not occur until 24 to 48 hours after people have stopped the activity.

Which products sportspeople choose in order to get the most from their training sessions is very much a matter of personal preference and often, it comes down to trial and error when finding the best routines.

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