An Introduction to Spy Cameras

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Are you scared that the highly referenced nanny you hired for taking care of your baby might not be doing her job properly or that your parents are being manhandled at the nursing home or maybe that your spouse is having an affair behind your back? If so, spy cameras are just the thing for you.

Since their inception, spy cameras have become a necessity for business and home security. Installed away from normal vision, these products make sure that they record all the activities without being noticed. This means recording a whole burglary without alerting the robber and then using the same tape against him.

Some Common Types of Spy Cameras All spy cameras can be placed under one of the following categories:

Regular Spy Cameras: These are the most basic models and have no internal memory. This means a separate recording device, like a DVR or VCR, will be required all the time if a recording is to be made. The common models are shaped like clocks, mirrors, exit signs or others forms.
Hidden Spy Camera with DVR: These products are an extension of the regular spy cameras. They have built-in DVRs, with dedicated a memory card to record proceedings without the need of wires or adapters. Playback is even simpler and involves placing the SD card into the card reader of any computer.
Body Worm Spy Cameras: These cameras are designed in such a way so as to go undetected when placed on the human body. These are also known as covert cameras and often have an attached microphone. They also have a built-in DVR which can help record both audio and video. Some of the most popular designs are stick cameras, ball point pens and wristwatches.

Advantages of Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden spy cameras are designed to blend in with the environment, thus making them virtually impossible to detect for those who are not aware of its presence. It is very hard to access a person solely on the basis of how s/he performs in public as the true behavior comes out only in seclusion. Spy cameras are great at catching such moments.

The modern covert cameras are wireless. This makes them easier to hide than their wired counterparts. This also means that they can be hidden away anywhere in the house, based on the range and angle required, without the need of hiding attached wires. Their installation is very easy. They can be stationed between the speakers, in the bookshelf and among handbags. These cameras are very small compared to the recording space they provide. This means hours of recording capability and ease of use.

Hidden spy cameras can be used to keep a watch on children’s behavior when their parents are not around, to keep an eye on the pet trainer, checking whether the maid is stealing from you or even to gather proof against a cheating spouse. In the case of office security, these cameras can be used to record what the employees are up to when the managers are not around. This is also an effective way of catching theft and other unruly behavior at the office.

Next Generation of Spy Cameras: Car Camera

Theft of cars and car parts is at a rise on the streets of UK. Some of these robberies have taken place right from the garage of the owner. So what can an average citizen do to protect his property?

Car cameras are the answer to this problem. They are covert cameras which can be placed anywhere inside the car or on the license plate. They are often designed to work in harmony with the car alarmsystem. This means that they start recording once the car has been broken into and immediately alert the owner with a picture of the thief.

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