World of Warcraft – Leveling vs Gold Farming

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I find it interesting that I get so many questions from low-level players that are trying to farm gold. Let me be perfectly clear for all of you players that don’t have a ton that is maxed out: LEVEL, don’t farm!

Now I know, when mounts finally become available to you, you want to get one right away. Some of you either stop leveling until you can afford your mount, or you start ‘farming’ a few levels before you are eligible. And who can blame you? Running is a PAIN!

But making gold at low levels isn’t that hard. There are really only 3 things you need to do:

1. LEVEL, and do it quickly! Leveling should be your number one focus. The higher level you are, the higher mobs you will fight. The higher level mobs, the more valuable the drops. Also, the more valuable the quest rewards will be. NOTE: pick up the “Sellfish” mod from, which will tell you how much each reward item is worth…that way if you can’t use any of the reward items, at least you will be picking the one with the highest vendor price.

2. DO NOT SPEND any money at the AH. You don’t need to. So what if you can upgrade your weapon or armor a little. In two levels you will have an upgrade through a quest anyway, most likely. Watch your copper, and the silver will take care of itself! You shouldn’t ever need to go to the AH to BUY anything!!

3. Take TWO GATHERING professions right away…Herbalism/Mining, Herbalism/Skinning, or Mining/Skinning. Level them as you go. Collect all the stuff you can and dump it on the AH (using Auctioneer to help you find the right sale price).

You will find that obeying those three simple rules will put you in the money!! You should have enough by the time you are eligible to buy a mount without having to ‘farm’.

For a great way to level quickly and easily, go download the in-game leveling guide by Zygor. It has both a Horde and Alliance as an in-game mod. It will make your leveling SO MUCH easier…it tells you exactly which quests to accept, how to complete them, where to go to complete them, etc., all within the game interface (no Alt-Tabbing, which drives me crazy). Find the in-game leveling guide at

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