How to Get Fit Like a Footballer

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Getting fit to play football takes time and determination, but it is not above anyone and can be a very rewarding experience. You will love your new body and will be able to do things athletically that you could never achieve before. Gyms in Manchester are the perfect place to start your new fitness plan because they have everything that you will need to whip yourself into shape in no time. Manchester gyms have the equipment that professional footballers use each and every day — you can put this to good use and get into the best shape of your life. The following exercises are a few that you will need to do to get in shape.

First, you need to run. After you are done, you need to run some more. Most people cannot naturally run much more than a mile before they are gasping for air and their chest is burning. Their lungs feel like they are just not able to get enough air since they are on fire. Footballers run miles every day; they have to be able to run miles within a single game, breathing well and ready to react quickly to the ball. You can run on a treadmill or on a track, just as long as you run every day. You should time yourself and try to both become faster and go for longer distances; do not just be content with one mile. Running is the single most important exercise you will do.

Next, you need to lift weights. As much as football is about running, upper body strength is needed. You have to be able to fight for the ball. You have to be able to keep other players at bay. This will also help to make your whole body take on a better shape and lose those excess pounds, which will make the running easier. Do bench press for your chest, pull-downs for your triceps, dead weights for your shoulders, and dumbbells for your biceps. Do not work the same muscles every day, but rotate.

After that, you need to lift weights for your legs. This will give you more explosive power when you are starting to run or jumping into the air. Just jogging is good for overall fitness and endurance, but it will not give you the ability to explode into the air. Do leg presses and squats; both will help your leg muscles, with your calves and hamstrings in particular seeing a lot of improvement.

Do not forget about your core. This helps with your balance and overall athleticism. Do sit-ups, crunches, and work with weights. This will make it so that your whole body is strong and can react at once. It will help you to run faster and jump higher. It is very important to react with your entire body during a football game so that you can get there before your opponent.

Finally, you need to swim. This may seem like it is completely unrelated, but swimming is the best full-body exercise that there is. It works you arms, legs, chest, shoulders, and core. Even more importantly, it works your cardiovascular system. Even experienced runners will be gasping after a good swim. You may never experience this much water on the field, but swimming can be the key to ultimate football success.


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