A Simple World of Warcraft Gold Guide

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Having a lot of gold in World of Warcraft is something every player would like to have, and this is for very good reason. The problem is that not all players know of the ways in which gold can be gained even in it’s simplest forms. Gold is such an essential aspect of game play because it gives players the opportunity to experience some of the better aspects that world of Warcraft has to offer players such as better armor, weapons and more. The main obstacle players who are going after more gold seem to face is taking the necessary time to do what is required in order to earn the bucket loads of gold they could other wise be earning for themselves. This wow gold guide is going to cover 1 essential and simple aspect to earn gold that you can begin using right now. This strategy guide is going to go over grinding and the ways in which you can utilize it to increase your gold ratio.


Grinding is as a suggestion, one of the best ways to get gold quick, and in large sums, but can get pretty boring after doing it for long durations. Even though grinding can get extremely boring and tedious task it’s good to keep in mind that there are specific locations and techniques you can implement to easily earn up to 50 gold per hour. This might be, if your willing to put in the time, a method you may want to consider to earn a good amount of gold for your character.

Using this method pays off in two ways. First you are going to get more gold no matter what, and secondly you are going to level up quicker due to the additional experience points that you are going to get so everything sort of balances itself out. If grinding is something you’d plan on doing to increase the rate of gold that you gather then let me inform you of the specific areas that you should be focusing on. Keep in mind that most of the opportunities for large amounts of gold wont hit until you reach about level 50. Profits can also be made by grinding large mobs and then flipping the items they have, but we’ll get into this later.

First place on the list is Winterspring which is a good region to gather gold from all of the mobs that are around here. Winterspring will give you at least fifty gold an hour so make sure to use this area to it’s full extent. The winterfall village is my next recommended region to get some gold. Over at Winterfall Village you are going to discover lots of furbolgs that are very easy to kill and have a very high drop rate. Grinding the Furbolgs will also allow you to receive your Timbermaw as a added bonus.

Another good place to focus on is Everlook forest where you will be able to find a lot of Yeti to grind up. The enemies in this region do fairly little damage so you will be able to own them easily. Once you hit level 80 you will be at or near the Eastern Plaguelands and this will give you a good opportunity to rack up on gold as the mobs are very easy to find. This region will hold the Mossflayer Zombie who will be an easy target for you and allow you to earn over 50 gold per hour.


If you were to just follow these simple instructions and recommendations your character is going to earn a lot of gold faster than if you didn’t utilize these techniques. If you choose not to follow along then getting gold may become a little more difficult and take longer. So I hope this info will be beneficial for you during your quests throughout World of Warcraft.

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