How to Bet on Sports Win Most of the Time

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Basketball is one of the most popular games in the US, and one of the most popular among bettors in sports books. In fact, it is estimated that there are some 12,000 professional and college basketball games every season that you can bet on, making the sport potentially one of the most lucrative for serious sports bettors. But if you want to make money from betting on basketball, and not just rely on luck like the amateurs, here are some tips on how to successfully bet on sports.

In order to make winning bets, you have to develop your handicapping skills. In fact, handicapping is fundamental to any sports betting strategy. Handicapping is basically the ability to pick the outcome of any game, which means not just picking the winner but also estimating by how many points they will win. This last part is particularly important because of point spread bets, in which you win only if the team you bet on wins or loses by more or less than the spread set by the oddsmaker. So how do you become a successful handicapper? Simple; you have to know everything there is to know about the teams that you’re betting on. Study their statistics and watch them play so you can assess their particular strengths and weaknesses. But also look out for various developments that might suddenly affect their performance, such as a player injury or scandal.

You should also look at the following of a particular team when deciding on your bets. If a particular team is very popular, it might result in a lot of bets being made on them, reducing the line offered by sports books. Hence, you might make more money by making a point spread bet on the opponent. You should also bet only on matches that will be profitable for you; don’t bet on a game just because your favorite team is playing.

Most importantly, you should not let your feelings for a particular team affect your betting decisions. If you’re a Lakers fan, don’t let that stop you from betting on their opponent if that is the better wager.

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