From First World to Third World – What Happens When the Power Goes Out

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It is a nice summer night, the air is warm, the sun is setting in the west and all seems well, dinner is cooking on the grill, the smell of meat searing with spices makes the mouth water with pleasant anticipation. Everything seems right with the world. Around 9:30 PM there is a sudden brightening of the lights within the house, computers and televisions shut down, street lights go out, and the hum of electricity around you dies. “A summer black out?” you think to yourself. You get your flashlights out, gather candles and dust off some old board games you haven’t played since you started playing video games some fifteen years earlier. “No worries, it’ll be back up in no time.” you think to yourself again you finish cooking and then eat then after an hour of scrabble and yatzi you decide to go to bed. Never noticing that above you in the sky there is an aerial light show going on as ribbons of iridescent colors waft above near the stars.

It’s the next day and the sun is rising and it’s almost noon, the thermometer outside reads 92 degrees and the air conditioner has not worked all day, the fridge is now starting to get warm and meats and milk are going to go bad. You decide to get ice from the store and you jump in your car to head out. You notice you don’t have gas so you head to the nearest station. The first thing you notice are police officers directing traffic at intersections, “Damned this must be a bad outage.” You say aloud to yourself. Soon you reach the service station and there pm the corner is a hand written sign, (ATM and Credit machines are down, cash only!) You curse yourself as you realize you only have a couple dollars on you and you decide you’ll get gas later when the power is back on, after all you just need some ice to keep the food good. So you drive to the corner store. There like before is a sign “No Cash, No Service!” it reads. But you do have your two dollars and ice is only a dollar a bag. So you go in, the freezer inside is out and the couple of remaining ice inside is nothing but slush. You sigh as you get back in your car and head back home defeated. “What a waste of food.” you think and then as you park your car you realize that you didn’t hear any radio stations playing as you were driving. You think it kind of strange but pay it no mind at the time.

It’s now been two weeks and nothing is back up and running, riots have begun around town and now people are beginning to run out of food, the water from the municipal water sources has dried up and cars are running out of gas, grocery stores have been looted and it is beginning to seem like society is falling apart. People have been raiding other people’s homes and things are becoming dire. The police are declaring martial law and are protecting areas of the government. The local armory, fire departments and C.E.R.T. groups have set up mobile water filtration stations and have rationed out a gallon per person per family. You still have some canned foods though in your cabinets and some things like peanut butter, and noodles but you are low on food and you haven’t showered in over a week.

Two days later and you’ve run out of food, you have no water, your car has no gas… Things are not looking good. You hear the sound of a generator off in the distance, the smell of cooking meat wafting from a backyard down the road. It’s only been a couple days since you’ve eaten anything but you feel like you are famished. Your family must eat and you think, well it wouldn’t hurt to ask for just a little something maybe you can bring something to trade for a piece of meat or an ear of corn. You take off your gold wedding band, gather more stuff that you think may be valuable and begrudgingly head down the street with your loot in hand. As you approach the house two men are sitting on the porch holding shotguns. You show them the gold and they look at one another and shake their heads, “Get out of here or else!” they yell. Then it hits you in stunned disbelief, (you aren’t going to make it.)

We’ve been conditioned by our society to live at ease in our daily lives, always thinking that if anything happens help will be on the way, it’s always a question of when (THEY) will be here to help, “Don’t worry because they are going to be here soon and it’ll all be ok then.” I have to ask who (THEY) are? F.E.M.A., the military, the government? The truth is (THEY) are us! We are the ones that have to protect ourselves and when our survival is on the line human nature can change dramatically, we can go from civilized to savage overnight and the world we live in can be gone in a matter of days. So the question stands as to what would happen if all our technology and our civilized society was to be turned upside down?

The truth of the matter is that humanity isn’t so advanced as far as our common man and common good are concerned. I know we’d all love to believe that we’d all pull together and work along side one another, try to bring out the best in one another and make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity, an equal share… but history teaches us that when push comes to shove people are as ruthless as any animal that feels it’s life is at stake. Those that are starving will kill for what you have. Being prepared with food storage, medications, supplies, equipment, and even shelter will only get you so far. After a while when the chips are down people will seek out what you have and no matter how prepared you think you are, with guns and ammunition, and how far out into the wild you think you’ll be safe it will only be a matter of time before those starving and sick masses come to find you and take all that you have worked so hard for.

People that are concerned with the survival of their own will have to relearn what has been lost to us over time. We can learn so much from the pioneers, so much from even those that lived in what we consider now primitive societies, but history can attest that for thousands of years their way of life has survived much longer than our type of civilization has been around. Those old world ways are gone in today’s world where we have what we want when we want it. It is very good to be prepared and have a plan, it is better to have the knowledge to make that plan work and to be really ready to start over and once you’ve established that way of life to be ready to keep it that way if need be forever. On my survival hub at my screen name is cow flipper and I give plans to help survive such a disaster, a plan to help all who read this to make a plan for survival, there you can watch videos on why I think something is going to happen, and about things like homesteading and there are even lists of supplies and plans for actions to take. Remember there is no need to do it all yourself, people in groups are much better that just a few running to survive. The page to look up would be under End Times Survival Network if you are interested in seeing it.

I know that people will say that I am a Dr. Doom, a nut on the fringe… and the truth is that may be true, but like most of you out there I am just an average guy that has been scared awake. I’m a thirty three year old dad of two with one on the way, a school custodian by trade and like all of us I’m just trying to scratch a living paycheck to paycheck. But I know we can all feel it, the foundation of our great civilization , our wonderful nation here in the United States is cracking, it is weaker by the day. The economy, war, the environment… these are all just warnings from a much greater threat on the horizon. We have no one to blame but ourselves and our soft way of life. Technology has made us addicts, it is a total hypocritical thing for me to say that with me sitting her writing this on a computer in my air conditioned apartment while I sip on a Diet Pepsi but again I’m just an average Joe. There is no degree sitting here on my wall, I’m no professor of a college, but like most of the guys I talk to I feel the wind of change blowing and the wind seems foul. So take what I say or leave it, it is up to you. But for those of you that are out there still reading this article I pray and I hope for us all to still have our luxuries in life. I absolutely love my computer, I love my car, I love my frozen food, and my fast food, I love my Old Navy pants and my Marvel T shirts but those are just things, they won’t matter if things hit the fan. As long as my family and I are alive and together that is all that counts and I hope that is what counts to you as well.

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