Facts About Robert Mitchum

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While the name Robert Mitchum is one that you might have heard often, chances are that you probably don’t know much about him at all. Curious of how much you actually know about him? Try taking a Robert Mitchum quiz to find out exactly what you know. There are dozens of questions that could be included as trivia about this film icon.

A question that could easily be included in Robert Mitchum trivia is when and where he was born. The answer is August 6, 1917, where is Bridgeport Connecticut. An interesting trivia question might be what his full name given name is. The answer to this one would be Robert Charles Duran Mitchum. A little know fact that might be included about him is that he began his career in the film industry in 1943 as an extra.

When taking a quiz about this actor the films he stared in are sure to be included as questions. What year was “Out of the Past” released? The answer would be 1947. Questions about the years his other films came out might also be included in Robert Mitchum trivia. For instance the fact that the 1945 film “The Story of GI Joe” is what leads to his breakthrough with the role of Lt. Walker.

Another question that could come up during a quiz about Mitchum is when he went to be treated at the Betty Ford Center for alcoholism. The answer would be the early 1990’s. Questions about who Mitchum married and when would be answered with Dorothy Spence in 1940. What other little known facts could come up in a Robert Mitchum quiz?

What supporting role in 1943 resulted in this actor receiving a contract with RKO? The answer to this bit of trivia would the “The Human Comedy,” how many of your friends know that? How many know that his only Oscar nomination came two years later for “The Story of G.I. Joe?” Another interesting fact that most people fail to realize about the actor is that he was drafted in 1945 and was in the military for eight months.

When it comes to Robert Mitchum trivia, few people know that during August of 1948 he was arrested for the supposed possession of Marijuana and that the arrest resulted in his spending two months in jail. Do you know what role increased the amount of attention he received and aided in building his reputation for being able to play predatory characters? The answer would be the 1962 Cape Fear in which he played a southern rapist named Max Cady. Take a Robert Mitchum quiz today and find out how much you really know about the actor.

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