Cufflinks Make Women Love Men More

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Sexy. Masculine. Desirable. Elegant. Hot. That is James Bond.

Who would ever, ever forget James Bond? The man who was so fashionable, so well-groomed, so well-dressed! Wearing fine cloths and pinstripe suits and magnificent cufflinks, he does his sleek moves in the museum while women stare. Oh, it’s so dreamy! Some may say it is ridiculous because they are falling in love with a burglar, but if it is Pierce Brosnan, why not?

Ladies, back to reality! What makes Pierce Brosnan an icon of fashion and jewelry? It is the way he stands out in a room full of fashionably dressed handsome, even younger man. He has the aura of confidence that no man can crumple. He can have any woman he wants with a single stare and smile.

Back to Pierce being an icon. Some may think, “I do not see Pierce Brosnan wearing any jewelry, why is he an icon of jewelry?” That’s simply because he is not flaunting it. As the old adage goes, “When you can, you don’t have to”. He just presents a complete package and he does so in a very subtle way.

People will see his designer sea-master wristwatch when he finally says, “Well, it is time to leave!” This expensive watch was so expensive and it fits him as if it was his second skin. When he says, “Dry martini, shaken, not stirred!” it’s then that people will notice his platinum Diamond Head pattern cufflinks. Wow, those cufflinks work wonder to women’s mind. It makes a woman want a man who wears cufflinks comfortably.

Many women are dreaming of being a Bond woman. They know very well that they should be like Halle Berry, Teri Hatcher or even Denise Richards to be his girl. Of course, some can just settle for the second best – a man who is confident, tall and handsome. A man who is as well-dressed as Bond, probably wearing a dark blue pinstriped double breasted suit with simple designer light blue dress shirt with, oh, amazing simple platinum cufflinks. Maybe they could forget James the thief for awhile and go for the one next in line.

Second best can sometimes be the best – if it is one who meets all the qualities one is looking for. A confident, tall and handsome man who is always well-groomed is as good as Bond, and even more desirable because he is attainable. Simple touches complete a man’s getup such as a watch and a pair of cufflinks. They may even be sometimes more effective than a sparkling diamond ring and a chunky necklace. All women have an eye for detail and these details always score big points. Details tell a woman that a man pays attention to little details, and therefore most probably is a very attentive partner, too. And c’mon, who doesn’t want a man like that?

So now, what do you think? Do you really think cufflinks and a watch can make women really love men who wear them? The answer is a big and resounding “YES”!

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