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La Liga 2010-2011 season, ushered in a focus of the 14th round battle. Navarra stadium in the King, the defending champion Barcelona away against Osasuna. Although Barcelona without firing a shot to win the score 3-0, but before it happened before they caused a huge controversy four and a half hours riding the train Soccer Jersey and bus, a 450 km long-range raid was rushed to the Osasuna team home of Pamplona; they will be just under 2 minutes late because of the negative sentence 0:3, but it was finally reversed the score won seven in a row this season away.
According to the original itinerary, Barcelona will be flying at 9 am local time, went to Pamplona. However, due to air traffic controllers strike in Spain, Barcelona in the Nou Camp can only wait. A Aina airlines to Barcelona guarantee, certainly allow them to take to the skies in the morning. A Aina airlines have been guaranteed, Barcelona refused to take the train to high Osasuna Pamplona sub-bus to the possibility, after all, this will give players a huge reserve of the negative physical effects.

However, around 1 in the afternoon, A Aina Barcelona airlines suddenly notice until 19 o’clock on Saturday, before there will be no flights to Pamplona, which completely disrupted the deployment of Barcelona. Barcelona Spanish Football Shirt Football Federation at this time take the initiative to propose to send the game to be postponed until Sunday 17:00. Barcelona then finalize the new itinerary, the team went to train at 17 o’clock, Zaragoza, sub-bus to Pamplona. After overnight in Pamplona, Barcelona will play on Sunday. But the Spanish Football Federation to seek the views of the Osasuna after, but in 15 points to the Barcelona senior call. Osasuna side does not agree to push the day after the game, Football Federation Barcelona command must arrive before 20:30 the king of Navarra stadium, otherwise liable to lose 0-3. Spanish Football Federation have gone back on a move for Barcelona in addition to that outrage, the rest can do is just pack off quickly. 16 points, Barca team boarded a train bound for Zaragoza. About 18 points, six-time winner from the soldiers boarded the bus to Pamplona Zaragoza bound.

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