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World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois

The World’s Columbian Exposition was celebrated in Chicago in 1893 to commemorate Columbus’ voyage to the New World four hundred years earlier. Although several American cities vied for the privilege of hosting this World’s Fair, Chicago known for the finest hospitals in Il was selected over New York, Washington DC, and St. Louis for the privilege. Like the American Centennial Exposition of 1876, the Columbian Exposition was a showcase of American power and achievement.

Frederick Law Olmsted, the renowned American landscape architect, was commissioned to develop the site plan. Olmsted chose to develop Jackson Park on the shore of Lake Michigan, and to build a seascape rather than landscape. A series of canals and artificial pools contrasted with raised terraces and islands on which the buildings were to be constructed, and which were connected by footbridges over the lagoons and canals. The most famous American architects of the era were commissioned to design the buildings, which were Neo-Classical in style and arranged around a basin at the Court of Honor. These buildings served as exhibition spaces, showing the latest inventions and gadgets for the farm and home. Many of these appliances were powered by the newly-invented electricity, and the Court of Honor was brightly lit up at night.

Visitors gawked at an electric sidewalk, electric chicken-egg incubators, electric irons, laundry machines and sewing machines, even an electric chair for executions and hospitals in Illinois. There was even an early fax-type machine which sent pictures through telegraph wires, and Thomas Edison’s kinetoscope, which showed the first motion pictures. Many visitors saw the electric light bulb, which Edison had invented fourteen years earlier, for the first time. The seascape design of the Exposition allowed electric boats – which were smaller and quieter than steam powered boats – to ferry visitors around the grounds. There were also a Norwegian Viking ship, Venetian gondolas, a Japanese dragon-boat, and replicas of Columbus vessels: the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. The Court of Honor was also the scene of classical music performances and other highbrow entertainments, which, however, were poorly attended due to the lowbrow attractions of the Midway.

A Midway over a mile long offered entertainment to the masses. The most striking feature on the Midway was George Ferris’ immense wheel ride – the very first Ferris wheel ever. It was a response to Gustave Eiffel’s tower, which had been built for the 1889 fair in Paris. The 250 foot diameter wheel, at whose apex Illinois hospital riders were higher than the crown of the Statue of Liberty, cost 50 cents for two revolutions and attracted a million and a half eager customers. Among the performers on the Midway were ragtime piano player Scott Joplin, escape artist Harry Houdini, and Buffalo Bill Cody with his Wild West Show. Food stands sold new-fangled foods such as hamburgers and fizzy carbonated drinks.

The World’s Columbian Exposition lasted six months, and attracted twenty-seven million visitors to Illinois. If you are looking for the best hospitals in Illinois, then visit Riverside Medical Center today. Riverside Medical Center is a nationally recognized, award-winning Illinois hospital with leading programs in heart care, cancer care, neurosurgery and orthopedics. To see Riverside’s list of Hospitals in Il, check out their web site.

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How Twitter is Changing The Business World

 I’ve been using Twitter for some time now but only recently unlocked the full potential of this incredible communication medium. Notice I don’t say website or tool – that’s because Twitter is completely changing the way that we communicate online and I think will give newspapers and magazines a run for their money – literally!

What gives Twitter such a mass appeal is just how easy it is to use. Unlike a blog it is much easier to follow people’s Tweets and stay on-top of industry news and updates. By simply following a user you are now completely connected to the latest news and information provided by that source.

So how can this help you as a Domain Investor or a business owner? First, you should follow all of the major Domainers in the industry. Most professional Domainers update their Twitter account far more than their blogs so this is the best way to get the latest information. If you are not a Domainer but instead a business analyst – follow other analysts, Medical researcher? Follow other people in the medical field.

Twitter gives you access to a huge audience – and guess what, some of them might be listening to you! Like I said, it is very easy to follow people and thus you’ll find that you can develop followers quite quickly just by following the people that you find interesting.

Chances are if you find someone interesting, they are likely to find you interesting too since you both are most likely discussing related topics.

Here’s an example. You are a big fan of Kayaking so search on Twitter for Tweets about Kayaking. You find a few people and begin to follow them. While you might not talk about Kayaking all the time – maybe you discuss it in one of your Tweets one week. Suddenly you notice that some of those followers start responding to you and discussing Kayaking with you.

While this might not make sense at first – think of what this does. It’s not about having a random conversation about Kayaking, but instead exposing more people to your business and services based on similar interests.

Maybe one of the people you are following likes Kayaking, but also is having trouble getting their website to rank well in search engines. Reading your Tweet they check-out your Twitter page and find-out that you offer services they are looking for.

This is the power of Twitter and never before has it been so easy to do what Twitter does.

If you are not using replies – start doing so right- away. It’s all about interaction and by doing so you just might see your business grow almost overnight! So whether you are a Domainer or a flower-shop owner it is time to embrace the next big thing and it’s not Facebook (although Facebook is cool) – it’s Twitter.

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World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

In World of Warcraft, jewel crafting is a new trade skill. In this you have to place gems in sockets in various parts of kit. Each of these sockets has a particular colour code and when the same colored gem is placed in the socket, you will get a socket bonus. If you don’t like the bonus, then you can put whatever gem you want into the slots available.

There are “super” gems called meta gems that give larger bonuses than normal ones, but require some color combinations to activate them such as two blue and one red, or one red and two yellow. Until required color combinations of meta gems are met they are totally useless and when the color combinations are met they give special bonuses to you.

There are four types of gems: green, epic, blue and purple gems. Getting epic gems is a very tough job. You can get it if blizzards give you the ability to buy raw gems from vendor having definite badges. The purple gems can be achieved from mining nodes, but the mining nodes rarely drop.

Blue gems are again a bit rare, but gives a big bonus when compared to green gems. The raw blue gems come from mining nodes. The chance of a blue gem dropping is less when compared to green gems. But the chances of dropping of blue gems are there. Getting blue gems from auction house is another way of getting them. This saves time also, and sometimes you can get the blue gems for a good price in auction house

Green (common) gems are highly affordable gems. They can be taken by characters that are leveling up, trying out new ideas or getting new equipment.

Another way of getting gems is collecting ore. When a bundle of five ore is milled, one or two gems are generated from them. So in this way you will be able to gather lots of gems and use them when needed; or you can even sell them to get a good amount of money. For more profit, you can cut and sell these gems.

Blind on Pickup (BOP) Gems

The advantage of being a jewel crafter is blind on pickup gems which only a jewel crafter can create. It is a high quality gem and can only be used by you.

If you want to achieve 450 jewels crafting you need to follow this guide fully. If you know a better way out still going with this leveling guide will help you get 450 skill points in no time as the above guide has tried and tested methods.

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World of Warcraft – Death Knight Leveling Guide

You will always find a variety of knights, but none of them is as exceptional as the death knight. It basically has three levels, with the first one starting at level 55, which allows you to add on your points. What’s amazing is that if you manage to leave level 58, it will help you in working without necessarily having to visit the previous content of the old game.

Death knights come in two categories; the DPS and the can tank. DPS basically has two options to choose from in the talent section: Unholy and Blood. Blood offers a good option since its DPS is high, providing you with the advantage of getting your damage in health. This further lowers the down-time of the fight classes, thus making it difficult for healers to heal you frequently.

As much as the unholy knights rarely heal, they do manage to kill with help. However, when perfect talent specialization is done, the unholy death knight will have a follower that will always be present until the time it is killed. They might even take as long as two minutes if less specialization is done.

You should not forget that tanking knights are well trained and have a great difference when compared to the other tanks, particularly the warriors and paladins, which appear to be less specialized. What’s surprising is that they don’t apply the use of shields just like the druids. They also insure that they use their defence in a special way, plus have great stamina which comes in handy. The fact that they have one-hand weapons and a dual wield gives them an added advantage.

Just as the name suggests tanking death knights possess great tanking abilities, which helps them to tackle multiple monsters without troubles. They don’t have rage or mana but the runes plus runic power sets them apart.

Runes at some point appear a bit difficult to understand. The logic is that you need six runes with two of base type. The three major runes, frost, unholy and blood runes, can be sampled out in a special way. With frost and unholy, you can be in a position to successfully bring out the death runes, which count as, frost unholy and death runes. This basically offers you a unique opportunity when playing death knight.

One simple tip for you is to always remain cautious as you play death knight. Remember that they are exclusively unique and might not appear in any other way to be same as any of the classes that you have played before.

Be attentive to the levelling guide plus the quests as well, especially if you are a beginner. This will, in a much simpler way, teach you the basics of the game, and will further explain how to fully utilize the efficiency and pleasure that you achieve from playing death knight.

Discover how you can level from 1-80 in under a week by reading Seth’s Zygors Leveling Guide Review. For more information about WoW, including how to dominate every WoW profession, visit Penns WoW Professions Guide.

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The Curious World of David Lynch on Satellite TV

There is no greater compliment than to have your name become an adjective. For a ball player who smashes a towering home run, his drive is said to be “Ruthian.” For daring camera angles and bravura performances, a film can be said to be “Wellesian.” When someone uses the term “Lynchian” these days, well, that’s a little harder to pin down. So is the oeuvre of David Lynch, America’s dark genius. As you can see on the HD movie channels, Lynch’s body of work has everything from low-budget semi-horror (Eraserhead) to G-rated Disney gems (The Straight Story), but it’s everything in between that has made his reputation.

His early film Eraserhead caught the attention of many big directors at the time, including Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas. Through a variety of recommendations, Lynch was given the opportunity to direct The Elephant Man starring Anthony Hopkins. A huge commercial and critical success, the famous story revolved around a deformed man (played by John Hurt) who is brought into society in 19th century England. At times a straightforward film, The Elephant Man also shows its Lynchian touch: in haunted dream sequences, in its industrial age paranoia and in the deformed lead character himself. Grabbing eight Oscar nominations, the film brought Lynch into the spotlight. It is often shown on Turner Classic Movies in high definition black-and-white.

His next major film was Blue Velvet, one of the most stunning American films of the 1980s. Beginning with the discovery of a human ear on a suburban lawn, a young man’s small town illusions are quickly crushed. Over the course of an investigation, the town’s seedy underbelly is exposed. Starring Kyle MacLachlan as the boy and Dennis Hopper as the psychotic criminal, this film presented many of Lynch’s classic tropes: the darkness that exists just below the surface of every society; the extreme capacity for debasement in some individuals; the ability of spectacles to erase all traces of the unpleasant. Blue Velvet is a landmark of independent cinema and can be seen on the Independent Film Channel’s HD feature broadcasts,

Since the early 1990s Lynch has stayed in the public sphere, if always at the edges. His hit show Twin Peaks introduced television audiences to Lynchian soap opera. Wild at Heart, his first collaboration with novelist Barry Gifford, starred Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern but never got the attention it deserved. Lost Highway, another Gifford story, featured Robert Blake in a wonderfully creepy role before he was accused of murdering his wife. Yet many of these films seemed to be warming up for Mulholland Drive.

Originally conceived of as another television series, Mulholland Drive is the ultimate vision of the dark side of Hollywood. Starring Naomi Watts in two roles — one real, one dreamt — Lynch flexes all of his creative muscles in this film, which earned him another nomination for Best Director Oscar. At times hallucinogenic and at times storybook Hollywood tale, the film follows the rise and fall of a desperate actress. Along with Blue Velvet, it is his most sustained work to date. For satellite TV subscribers, it is featured on the independent movie channels like Sundance in HD.

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World of Warcraft – Leveling vs Gold Farming

I find it interesting that I get so many questions from low-level players that are trying to farm gold. Let me be perfectly clear for all of you players that don’t have a ton that is maxed out: LEVEL, don’t farm!

Now I know, when mounts finally become available to you, you want to get one right away. Some of you either stop leveling until you can afford your mount, or you start ‘farming’ a few levels before you are eligible. And who can blame you? Running is a PAIN!

But making gold at low levels isn’t that hard. There are really only 3 things you need to do:

1. LEVEL, and do it quickly! Leveling should be your number one focus. The higher level you are, the higher mobs you will fight. The higher level mobs, the more valuable the drops. Also, the more valuable the quest rewards will be. NOTE: pick up the “Sellfish” mod from, which will tell you how much each reward item is worth…that way if you can’t use any of the reward items, at least you will be picking the one with the highest vendor price.

2. DO NOT SPEND any money at the AH. You don’t need to. So what if you can upgrade your weapon or armor a little. In two levels you will have an upgrade through a quest anyway, most likely. Watch your copper, and the silver will take care of itself! You shouldn’t ever need to go to the AH to BUY anything!!

3. Take TWO GATHERING professions right away…Herbalism/Mining, Herbalism/Skinning, or Mining/Skinning. Level them as you go. Collect all the stuff you can and dump it on the AH (using Auctioneer to help you find the right sale price).

You will find that obeying those three simple rules will put you in the money!! You should have enough by the time you are eligible to buy a mount without having to ‘farm’.

For a great way to level quickly and easily, go download the in-game leveling guide by Zygor. It has both a Horde and Alliance as an in-game mod. It will make your leveling SO MUCH easier…it tells you exactly which quests to accept, how to complete them, where to go to complete them, etc., all within the game interface (no Alt-Tabbing, which drives me crazy). Find the in-game leveling guide at

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World of Warcraft Tailoring Leveling Guide

One of the most time-consuming levels of all is tailoring. If done carelessly, or even during power leveling, one can easily give up hope and deprive them of this skill. As you proceed from 1 to 450 you require large amount of clothing and other necessary ingredients in some regions. This quickly causes people to give up as it requires a monstrous amount of gold to be able to reach your ultimate target by proper compensation. But if you carefully follow this guide you will be guided skillfully through 1 to 450 in a well-organized and resourceful manner.

One of the most critical and properly used skills in the game of World of Warcraft is tailoring. By acquiring this skill you get a huge range of benefits. You can construct equipment required for cloth and also spell threads that are attached to pants. From all this you get major statistical benefits. Tailors depend entirely on cloth armor and are not allowed to wear any other kind of armor made from materials like leather, plate or mail since they generally belong to classes like mages and priests.

A tailor can specialize in any one of the cloth types: spellcloth; shadowcloth; and primal mooncloth, each with their own properties and merits.

What are the Things that Should be Avoided?

In spite of carefully following and abiding by the guide, you could still make mistakes. All of us inevitably do make certain unavoidable mistakes no matter how cautious we tend to be. The guide will instruct you as to which patterns you should buy, so try to resist the temptation of buying each and every pattern available in the auction house. Do not bother buying any patterns unless you have totally leveled the tailoring. If you do not get sufficient information about purchasing patterns in the guide, the gaps can be filled up after you have finished off. Players usually have a tendency of collecting patterns they find in the auction house or purchase them from other players in trading channel. Try avoiding this temptation and move on to avoid mistakes.

Will Future Raiding or Instancing be Beneficial for My Characters?

You might want keep with you some definite amount of equipment at the beginning, to move on with instances. With the help of tailoring, you can possess some high quality specimens long before you have even entered a dungeon.

If you rigorously follow this guide you will get to 450 sooner than you imagined. It is proven to be much better than blindly trying to do things on your own. The rewards of having a tailor of your own will soon be apparent, and the tailoring level will prove to be a huge success for you.

Seth Symonds is a veteran WoW player. Discover how you can level from 1-80 in under a week by reading Seth’s Ultimate WoW Guide Review. For more information about WoW, including how to level quickly and get more gold than you can handle, visit

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Top 10 Most Visited Places in the World

Los Angeles
Los Angeles has littered the world with its paraphernalia. LA may be a figment of its own imagination, but if you long to stand in the footsteps of stars and breathe their hallowed air, you’ve come to the right place. Starlit and moonstruck, LA beguiles scores of curious tourists, hopeful starlets and wannabe rock musicians each day.

Chicago is a city that wears its American heart proudly on its sleeve. The city’s diverse ethnic mix has built a city with an unrivalled tradition of jazz and blues, an astonishing architecture, an appetite for hearty food, award-winning newspapers, universities full of Nobel laureates and some of the most die-hard sports fans you’ll ever meet.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. At over 12 million people in the official metropolitan area alone, Tokyo shares borders with Chiba prefecture to the east along the Edogawa River, Yamanashi to the west along a mountain range, Kanagawa in the south along the Tamagawa River, and Saitama in the north.

London is the capital and largest city of both the United Kingdom and of England, and the largest city in Western Europe. Situated on the River Thames in South-East England, Greater London has an official population of roughly 7.5 million people although the figure of over 14 million for the city’s total metropolitan area more accurately reflects London’s size and importance.

Milan, located in the northernmost Lombardy region, has had an eclectic history of rulers (Roman, Spanish, Austrian, etc.) due to its proximity to the rest of Europe and is therefore far more independently spirited and multicultural than the southern Italian peninsula.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong is home to over 7 million people. It is a major trading and banking center and has the most liberal economy on the planet. Hong Kong is also a great tourist destination for there are many things to do and see.

Beijing is the capital of the most populous country in the world, the People’s Republic of China. It was also the seat of the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors until the formation of a republic in 1911.

Frankfurt, Germany enjoys the prestige of being known as a major business and economic hub not only for Germany but for Europe as a whole. Frankfurt houses the second largest commercial airport in Europe and is a major hub for train rails.

Las Vegas
Compared with other cities in the West, Las Vegas is a relatively recent arrival. It was founded in 1905, and for many years it was merely a small settlement in the middle of the desert.

Paris, the cosmopolitan capital of France, is – with 2.2 million people living in zone 1 (Central Paris) and another 9.9 million people in the suburbs (la banlieue) – one of the largest cities in Europe.

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A Simple World of Warcraft Gold Guide

Having a lot of gold in World of Warcraft is something every player would like to have, and this is for very good reason. The problem is that not all players know of the ways in which gold can be gained even in it’s simplest forms. Gold is such an essential aspect of game play because it gives players the opportunity to experience some of the better aspects that world of Warcraft has to offer players such as better armor, weapons and more. The main obstacle players who are going after more gold seem to face is taking the necessary time to do what is required in order to earn the bucket loads of gold they could other wise be earning for themselves. This wow gold guide is going to cover 1 essential and simple aspect to earn gold that you can begin using right now. This strategy guide is going to go over grinding and the ways in which you can utilize it to increase your gold ratio.


Grinding is as a suggestion, one of the best ways to get gold quick, and in large sums, but can get pretty boring after doing it for long durations. Even though grinding can get extremely boring and tedious task it’s good to keep in mind that there are specific locations and techniques you can implement to easily earn up to 50 gold per hour. This might be, if your willing to put in the time, a method you may want to consider to earn a good amount of gold for your character.

Using this method pays off in two ways. First you are going to get more gold no matter what, and secondly you are going to level up quicker due to the additional experience points that you are going to get so everything sort of balances itself out. If grinding is something you’d plan on doing to increase the rate of gold that you gather then let me inform you of the specific areas that you should be focusing on. Keep in mind that most of the opportunities for large amounts of gold wont hit until you reach about level 50. Profits can also be made by grinding large mobs and then flipping the items they have, but we’ll get into this later.

First place on the list is Winterspring which is a good region to gather gold from all of the mobs that are around here. Winterspring will give you at least fifty gold an hour so make sure to use this area to it’s full extent. The winterfall village is my next recommended region to get some gold. Over at Winterfall Village you are going to discover lots of furbolgs that are very easy to kill and have a very high drop rate. Grinding the Furbolgs will also allow you to receive your Timbermaw as a added bonus.

Another good place to focus on is Everlook forest where you will be able to find a lot of Yeti to grind up. The enemies in this region do fairly little damage so you will be able to own them easily. Once you hit level 80 you will be at or near the Eastern Plaguelands and this will give you a good opportunity to rack up on gold as the mobs are very easy to find. This region will hold the Mossflayer Zombie who will be an easy target for you and allow you to earn over 50 gold per hour.


If you were to just follow these simple instructions and recommendations your character is going to earn a lot of gold faster than if you didn’t utilize these techniques. If you choose not to follow along then getting gold may become a little more difficult and take longer. So I hope this info will be beneficial for you during your quests throughout World of Warcraft.

Anthony Levington is a World of Warcraft enthusiast. You can get a further detailed World of Warcraft Gold Guide at his website, which was created to help World of Warcraft gamers find helpful and professional strategy guides to help them become Master WoW players.

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The Harsh World of Writing Articles For Money

Writing articles for money is one of the trades that many attempt, but in which only a few find success. Some people look at writing as a chance to break away from the dog eat dog business world or to take a break from their ‘real career’. However, if these same people intend to take their writing career seriously, they will find themselves cast into a world that is far more harsh and impersonal than any they could have imagined.

When writing articles for money, it is important to be realistic in one’s goals. As hard as it might be to temper one’s dreams of a full time position writing for a major publication or newspaper, the likelihood of this occurring quickly, if at all, is minimal. For most, writing articles for money starts small, either through selling work to online publications, local newspapers, or local businesses, often at a pittance or for nothing but the name recognition and experience.

Once most people have written a few articles for money, they will begin to re-evaluate their decision to spend such a large amount of time for such little reward. If they decide to stick with their article writing, they will certainly look for larger publications that will pay more for their work. The internet is a valuable resource in finding such publications. The problem is — it makes it easier for EVERYONE! Therefore, publishers and editors are inundated with hundreds, and in many cases thousands of submissions each month. This means that the chances of writing articles for any kind of real money plummets.

This often sends many writers back to internet writing sites, where they plod away writing five, ten, sometimes even twenty dollar articles, as they bide their time waiting for their big chance. The good thing about these type of writing sites though, is that they at least offer some form of income, however insubstantial, to keep the motivated writer working until their big chance does come along.

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