TwoEyes Tech Takes Cues From Human Eyes

TwoEyes Tech Takes Cues From Human Eyes

The popularity of 360-degree video continues to grow, remaining one of the biggest ways that people experience virtual reality (VR) content. As such, many companies are searching for ways to improve the experience for 360-degree video viewers. TwoEyes Tech are taking lessons from human vision with its new binocular 360-degree field-of-view VR camera.

TwoEyes Tech are mirroring human eyes sight by producing a camera by taking the standard distance between human eyes into consideration when capturing images, using two pairs of fisheye lenses arranged 65 millimetres apart in order to produce 360-degree video that is more comfortable to watch.

By using this approach, a single filming session can capture 360-degree 3D footage that can be used on VR headsets, smartphones, PC monitors and 3D TVs. The videos captured are in full high-definition, 3D and red-cyan mode and can be converted into 180-degree and 360-degree content, so a single recording can create up to six different types of content.

The company says that the camera is simple to use. When held horizontally, it will automatically capture images in binocular mode, but when help vertically, it will switch to monocular mode. Recordings captured by the device can be viewed using a paired smartphone or uploaded to social media.

Song HunJoo, CEO of TwoEyes Tech said: “We are planning to revamp our product name for a more global audience once we start mass producing and selling the cameras. The challenge we are facing now is to create a quality product that functions well and is easy to use.”

TwoEyrs Tech is planning further expansion from VR cameras into video-related software, with initial plans for a VR video editing program to be added to its product line.

Visitors to CES 2018 will be able to view demonstrations of its products at Booth #51677, Eureka Park, Hall G. VRFocus will be present at the event as well, bringing you the latest news and hands-on report from the show floor.

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The Perfect Sniper Brings Sharpshooting Thrills To PC VR and PSVR Later This Month

The Perfect Sniper Brings Sharpshooting Thrills To PC VR and PSVR Later This Month

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The Perfect Sniper Brings Sharpshooting Thrills To PC VR and PSVR Later This Month

When we first covered The Nest a year and a half ago, it was a novel and unique concept for a game that used roomscale VR setups to the fullest. As a sniper in a tower you’d have to take aim at robots that had overrun a city by peeking up out of a window and dodging their returning fire when possible. Now The Perfect Sniper from Sinn Studio is looking to take that general concept and expand on it further.

According to the CEO of Sinn Studio on the game’s Discord channel, Road to VR indicates that the game is schedule for a Jan. 15th release on Steam VR with Rift, Vive, and Windows VR support. A “few weeks” later a PSVR version is expected with full PS Aim controller support.

Rather than being just another wave shooter, Sinn Studios is positioning the game as one with more of a narrative focus and varied mission structures. You won’t just be perched on a stationary lookout as you’ll actually have to be involved in car chases, escort missions, and plenty of target-elimination objectives. Hopefully it’s longer than just a couple of hours.

What do you think about the game so far? Let us know down in the comments below!

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New VorpX Feature Makes non-VR Games Look and Play Better in VR

New VorpX Feature Makes non-VR Games Look and Play Better in VR

VorpX is a 3D driver which allows users to play their non-VR game library immersively through an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset. Version 17.3.0 brings a new ‘Direct VR Settings Optimizer’ feature which automatically tweaks many titles for optimal VR performance.

While there’s many awesome made-for-VR games now on the market, VR has a tendency to spoil us with its immersion, and make us yearn to be able to step inside of our favorite non-VR games too. While games built from the ground-up for VR are always going to yield the best VR experience, VorpX is a longstanding option that adapts DirectX 9, 10, and 11 games for playing through a VR headset, giving players an immersive taste of their non-VR game library.

VorpX, which first became available back in the days of the Rift development kits—and now supports the Rift CV1 and Vive—has been updated to version 17.3.0 which makes it easier to dial in each game’s settings for ideal immersion and performance in VR.

The ‘Direct VR Settings Optimizer’, as it’s called, offers one-click configuration for a range of game-specific settings, including FOV and resolution. 90+ games are said to support the automatic optimizations, and have seen improved and expanded settings profiles to take advantage of the new feature. The Optimizer can also undo the adjustments with just a click, for when you want to switch back to your non-VR settings.

For games that support it, the Optimizer can achieve “perfect FOV,” according to its creator, and smartly adjusts game resolutions to a square aspect ratio to better fit the displays of each VR headset and reduce unnecessary rendering.

VorpX 17.3.0 also brings a new ‘Immersive Screen Mode’, a preset for the Cinema Mode which displays games on a virtual monitor that’s been dialed in for maximum immersion (size and distance from the screen). The creator says this mode is ideal for third-person games and those which lack variable FOV.

VorpX boasts varying levels of support for more than 200 games, with new profiles just added for major titles like Battlefield 1, Star Wars: Battlefront IIHellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, and more. See this list for compatibility details.

Disclosure: Road to VR has an affiliate agreement with VorpX

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Dominate the Open Oceans in Multiplayer Title Ship Ahoy

Dominate the Open Oceans in Multiplayer Title Ship Ahoy

Even if you’re not too well acquainted with the water, instantly feeling nauseous when stepping onto a boat, there’s no denying that the open oceans hold a mysterious lure for many looking to set out on an adventure. If that seems like too much hard work – or you’ve not got enough time for a real nautical escape – then there’s always virtual reality (VR), with the latest pirate experience Ship Ahoy due to launch soon for HTC Vive.

Ship Ahoy

Developed by Argentinian team OKAM Studio, Ship Ahoy is their first multiplayer VR title, pitting would be sailors against one another in a battle for ocean supremacy. With a colourful, cartoon design the videogame has one main deathmatch mode where friends and strangers can fight it out using their on board cannons.

Aside from multiplayer PvP OKAM Studio has included several other gameplay options to break things up. So there are going to be three mini-games for you to test your skills, Batten down the Towers, Find the Targets and Plunder, so you’ll be taking on land-based fortifications, perfecting your target accuracy and looking for the odd bit of treasure or two. Additionally, there’s also a never ending Survival mode should the mood arise to spend countless hours being a pirate.

Ship Ahoy

Currently, Ship Ahoy is scheduled for launch on HTC Vive via Steam on 10th January 2018. While the listing does note that: “Muppet like animals disguised as other animals shooting animals with their animal cannons tailored for HTC VIVE controllers,” OKAM Studio is working on a PlayStation VR version as well. There’s been no mention of an Oculus Rift version or possible cross-platform support when Ship Ahoy does eventually arrive for PlayStation VR.

As OKAM Studio release further details about support expansion for Ship Ahoy, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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ANTVR to Launch New Kickstarter to Fund a Hybrid AR/VR Headset

ANTVR to Launch New Kickstarter to Fund a Hybrid AR/VR Headset

We were wondering why Beijing-based VR headset manufacturer ANTVR was exhibiting in the AR section of CES this year, but a recent tweet from the company helped clear that up. AntVR is launching a new Kickstarter campaign soon focusing on a hybrid AR/VR headset called AntVR Mix.

The company, which launched their first Kickstarter back in May 2014, raked in over $260,000 to realize their wireless VR headset. While the headset actually ended up shipping to backers, the lack of manufacturing experience and a penchant for overpromising the headset’s capabilities—optimistic ambition notwithstanding—ultimately rendered AntVR’s first headset a complete flop. To soften the blow of the tumultuous launch, the company offered a 20 percent discount off the next iteration.

AntVR’s first VR headset, image courtesy AntVR

AntVR has since gone on to ship a number of devices including a room-scale VR headset called AntVR Cyclops, and a number of portable Cardboard viewers, with one such viewer made in collaboration with Lenovo. Not many of these headsets have hit Western shores however, as the company only sells through the China-based webshop AliExpress.

While not much is known about the new AR/VR headset for now, two photos published by the company show a single camera sensor, two reflective panels/displays, a pair of servomotors mounted on each temple (possibly to change from AR to VR mode), and what appears to be a halo-style strap.

We’ll have feet on the ground at CES where we hope to learn more about the hybrid AR/VR headset. Check back for more news next week as the show starts Jan. 9th.

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The Best HTC Vive Games Coming in 2018

The Best HTC Vive Games Coming in 2018

Over the last few weeks VRFocus has looked at some of the Best HTC Vive Games that have arrived over the past year as well as the Best Games You’ve Never Played. Now it’s time to look at what’s to come over the next 12 months, a brief rundown featuring some of the most interesting and exciting looking videogames developers have in the works for HTC Vive.

With the headset due to celebrate its second anniversary in a few months studios are now settling into the hardware, coming up with evermore inventive, and engrossing virtual reality (VR) experiences, and below VRFocus has picked some of the best.

HTC Vive mixed image

Sprint Vector – Survios

First revealed during the Game Developers Conference 2017, LA-based virtual reality (VR) developer Survios took a different approach to its next title after the success of first-person shooter (FPS) Raw Data. Sprint Vector is an obstacle course style videogame where you have to race to the end by using a system which the studio calls Fluid Locomotion, essentially swinging your arms back and forth just like you would when running.

Those interested in getting an early look at Sprint Vector ahead of launch can signup for the free beta at the Sprint Vector website. The beta is slated to start in January 2018 with an official release still to be confirmed.

The American Dream – Samurai Punk

Samurai Punk, the studio behind the popular multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) Screencheat revealed its next project, The American Dream, at PAX West 2016. Described by the studio as a: “Look down the barrel of a future where all your everyday needs are solved with guns,” The American Dream is a satirical trip through a 1950’s world’s fair.

No exact date has yet been confirmed, just that The American Dream will launch in 2018.

Vacation Simulator – Owlchemy Labs

Announced during the recent Game Awards ceremonyVacation Simulator is the next project from Job Simulator developer Owlchemy Labs. Few details were revealed about the videogame other than a teasing trailer showcasing more fun and frolics, just this time you’re on holiday.

Vacation Simulator has been slated for release at some point in 2018.

Anamorphine – Artifact 5

Anamorphine focuses on pure environmental storytelling, with no dialogue, text, UI or action buttons to speak of. Instead, you move through the story purely through movement and sight, learning about Tyler who struggles with guilt and post-traumatic denial after his wife Elena falls victim to an accident leaving her unable to play the cello.

Having previously been confirmed for a Winter 2017 release, Artifact 5 delayed the launch until 16th January 2018.

Apex Construct – Fast Travel Games

Fast Travel Games’ first VR title in the form of Apex Constructa first-person shooter (FPS) set in a futuristic sci-fi world of robots. With synthetic creatures on the prowl its up to you to save the human race using your trusty bow and arrow.

The studio will be bringing Apex Construct to PlayStation VR first, followed by PC releases including HTC Vive, although dates have yet to be confirmed.


Bebylon: Battle Royale – Kite & Lightning

Kite & Lightning’s Bebylon: Battle Royale has appeared numerous times on VRFocus although the last time was way back in 2016. The videogame’s core gameplay revolves around a multiplayer combat arena where you control babies who fight it out for supremacy. There’s more to the experience than just fighting however, with the studio an entire virtual world.

It’s been a long time coming but Bebylon: Battle Royale should be appearing early 2018.

In Death – Sólfar Studios

EVEREST VR developer Sólfar Studios revealed just last month that its next VR experience would be somewhat different to the educational, mountaineering videogame. In Death is a first person shooter (FPS) with roguelike elements and a distinctly medieval flavour, with a game world that’s procedurally generated.

Currently In Death only has a release window of 2018.

Alice’s Lullaby: Albino Lullaby Episode 2 – Ape Law

Last September Ape Law announced a slight re-brand of its horror videogame Albino Lullaby, calling it Alice’s Lullaby  instead. Whilst keeping the same weird and wonderful design as before, the second episode will see improvements such as player driven pacing  – so no cut scenes, more objects to interact with, five new characters, and ‘Buck’s Clicker’ which bends time and space.

Ape Law has confirmed that Alice’s Lullaby will launch on 22nd March 2018.

Space Junkies – Ubisoft

Continuing Ubisoft’s support of VR, the Star Trek: Bridge Crew studio announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 a low-gravity multiplayer VR shooter called Space Junkies. Described as a fast-paced arena shooter that lets players put on jet packs to fly around destructible environments so the arena can change and react to player actions.

The multi-platform shooter is currently running a beta in preparation for launch in Spring 2018.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – Mars – Konami Digital Entertainment

Lastly there’s Konami’s Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – Mars, a remastered version of the original title released for PlayStation 2 in 2002 where VR players will be able to enter JEHUTY’s cockpit for some first-person combat action.

The videogame is due to launch in Spring 2018 worldwide.

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Pimax’s 8K VR Headset Delayed, CES Plans Revealed

Pimax’s 8K VR Headset Delayed, CES Plans Revealed

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Pimax’s 8K VR Headset Delayed, CES Plans Revealed

Pimax’s anticipated 8K VR headset will not be shipping to Kickstarter backers this month or next.

The device, which raised over $4 million in crowd-funding last year, was originally estimated by the company to start shipping in December, with a basic package consisting of just the headset arriving for backers in January and the full packages including two controllers and two base stations landing in February. With no news on delivery in December, however, backers were worried they wouldn’t get their units in this initial window.

That appears to be the case; in a thread on the Pimax forums detailing the company’s plans for CES next week a member of the team confirmed that the ‘current ETA’ for the headset was Q2 2018. “We prefer to make it right, so won’t rush,” the company said. The estimated May 2018 delivery of the 8K X unit, which is designed for next-generation GPUs, will also be updated in the future.

Q2 appears to be the estimation for only the first batch of units right now. Pimax also plans to “ship a very small batch to the leaders in Pimax community and volunteers before shipping larger volume.”

It’s far from uncommon for Kickstarter projects to miss their estimated delivery goals by a few months, so this doesn’t necessarily mean backers should be worried, frustraiting as it may be. At CES, Pimax plans to showcase the latest prototype for the 8K VR headset with its tracking sensors now hidden, better IPD adjustment and better heat dissipation among other improvements. Tellingly, the team states it’s still looking into reaching a 85/90Hz refresh rate for the headset, which won’t be finalized until March at the earliest.

Pimax’s headset is promising a lot right now; the headset achieves 8K resolution using two 4K displays and the company claims it will ship with full support for SteamVR. Will it live up to people’s expectations?

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Be Quick on the Draw When Cold Iron Arrives This Month

Be Quick on the Draw When Cold Iron Arrives This Month

It’s time to settle into the new year and start enjoying a new raft of virtual reality (VR) videogames. While all eyes will be on CES 2018 next week looking for the next big VR reveal, for something consumers can purchase a little sooner then how about first-person shooter (FPS) Cold Iron by indie developer Catch & Release, which is due for release at the end of the month.

Cold Iron

With VR headsets inundated with FPS titles and wave shooters Catch & Release has gone for a slightly different route with Cold Iron, reimagining a staple part of any wild west film, the duel. Described as a ‘VR puzzle shooter’ by the studio, the videogame is all about speed, accuracy, and cunning to defeat your opponent and walk away.

Why are you dueling you may ask? Well some outlaws have ridden into town and killed your father. It just so happens that your dad owned a demonic pistol so with it you can take revenge on the criminals and possibly learn at little more about this mysterious weapon.

“We’ve been avid VR gamers since the Oculus DK1. After Star Billions, we knew that we wanted our next game to be a VR exclusive. We pitched and prototyped dozens of ideas until we landed on the seed that became Cold Iron: “Imagine Clint Eastwood staring down a tank on a dusty western street. What kind of deal with the devil would it take to even those odds?” the studio said in a statement. “Right away, we knew that we had found the story we wanted to tell. Following nearly a dozen complete story rewrites, three re-imaginings of the core gameplay, and some fantastic advice from industry veterans, Cold Iron emerged as the rare VR game that makes players forget the controller and HMD as they step into new worlds.”

Cold Iron

To ensure gameplay doesn’t become repetitive Cold Iron is set to feature a wide variety of enemies, from your usual wild west outlaws to sorcerers and long-forgotten beasts.

Cold Iron is scheduled for launch on 30th January 2018, supporting PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch. It’s due to retail for $25 USD, and for any further information from Catch & Release, keep reading VRFocus.

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Super Mario Odyssey’s Iconic Castle Rebuilt In VR By A Fan

Super Mario Odyssey’s Iconic Castle Rebuilt In VR By A Fan

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Super Mario Odyssey’s Iconic Castle Rebuilt In VR By A Fan

Having paid tribute to both Sonic and Halo in VR, fan developer NimSony is back with his latest project, tipping his hat to the excellent Super Mario Odyssey.

In the video below, NimSony shows off Peach’s Castle as seen in last year’s platformer (but also strikingly similar to the classic Super Mario 64). The entire thing has been remade by the developer within VR, though it’s early days. As the developer states in the video, the environment has been made to showcase its Walkomotion locomotion system, which moves players within VR by running on the spot.

The developer intends to upgrade the system, though, to incorporate Mario’s entire move set. That means jumps, wall-jumps and more will be on the table, which sounds pretty ambitious.

As for the demo itself, you can expect it to release for free ‘very soon’. It will only be a short piece and not a full game (Nintendo might take issue with that).

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Epson AR Glasses and Sensics Collaborate for Cross-Platform Content Creation

Epson AR Glasses and Sensics Collaborate for Cross-Platform Content Creation

epson ar glasses

Epson AR Glasses and Sensics Collaborate for Cross-Platform Content Creation

Epson®, providers of the Moverio® augmented reality (AR) smart glasses platform, today announced the availability of a device plug-in based on the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) platform to enable cross-platform content creation for Moverio software developers.  The integration was made in collaboration with Sensics, creators of OSVR and a leading provider of special-purpose virtual reality (VR) and AR solutions.

OSVR is a multi-OS middleware layer that seamlessly connects popular applications and game engines to hundreds of VR and AR devices using a common universal interface. By downloading the device plug-in, Moverio developers can:

1-Use Unity and a wide selection of other standard tools to create content for the Moverio platform.

2-Run existing OSVR content on the Moverio.

3-More easily integrate peripherals such as positional tracking sensors or natural human interfaces with Moverio applications.

4-Gain access to image analysis and AR toolkits that are pre-integrated with OSVR

“We are excited to add Epson and their strong line of augmented reality products to the list of devices supported by OSVR,” says Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics. “Our experience shows that enterprise customers seek multi-vendor solutions that can be upgraded over time and OSVR makes this process exceptionally easy.”

“This collaboration between Epson and Sensics enables OSVR developers to easily port existing games and apps to Epson’s Moverio augmented reality smart glasses, and provides existing Moverio developers with powerful new tools and resources for building rich new content,” says Leon Laroue, Technical Product Manager of Augmented Reality Solutions at Epson America.

The Moverio OSVR plug-in is available now and can be downloaded here. Instructions and sample applications can be found here.

About Sensics

Sensics designs, builds and supports VR and AR products for special applications. Since 2003, Sensics has served hundreds of global customers. It delivers high-performance off-the-shelf products as well as customized designs. Sensics’ products enable unique entertainment, consumer electronics, defense, medical and industrial applications. The company leverages its technology, experience, IP, supply chain, partner relationships and innovation. In doing so, Sensics brings its customers’ VR dreams to life.

Learn more at http://www.sensics.com

About Epson

Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to connecting people, things and information with its original efficient, compact and precision technologies. With a lineup that ranges from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, smart glasses, sensing systems and industrial robots, the company is focused on driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations in inkjet, visual communications, wearables and robotics.

Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises more than 80,000 employees in 86 companies around the world, and is proud of its contributions to the communities in which it operates and its ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.  EPSON and Moverio are registered trademarks of Seiko Epson Corporation. All other product and brand names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Epson disclaims any and all rights in these marks.

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