Verizon raising cost of Total Mobile Protection starting on January 25th

Verizon raising cost of Total Mobile Protection starting on January 25th

The cost of insuring your Verizon handset is going up. Starting January 25th, new Total Mobile Protection subscribers will be paying $13 a month for service. On March 6th, existing members of the plan will see their monthly cost rise $2 a month or 18% to $13 monthly. Total Mobile Protection will now cover nationwide cracked screen repairs. It is nice to know that you have that feature as your expensive new handset is hurtling toward the asphalt in what seems like super slow motion.

With the revisions being made to Total Mobile Protection, the new nationwide cracked screen repair offers these features:

  • A repair technician can come to you in more than 170 U.S. cities.
  • You can take it to one of 300 convenient authorized repair locations in the U.S.
  • You can mail us your phone from anywhere in the U.S. and we’ll repair and return it in a few days.
  • When traveling internationally, get cracked screen repairs performed and be reimbursed. Cracked screen repairs have a low $29 deductible.

This means that even if you are traveling away from home and crack the screen on your handset, you could have it repaired quickly, shelling out no more than the $29 deductible. For lost, stolen or damaged devices, the deductible is $19 for basic phones and $19-$199 for smartphones. Depending on the device, the maximum claim is $400 or $2,000 and is limited to 3 claims over 12 months for Total Mobile Protection Single Device, or 9 claims over 12 months for Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device.

Total Mobile Protection subscribers can also download the Tech Coach app to get one tap access to a technical support expert. For more information about Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection plan, click on the sourcelink below.

source: VerizonTMP

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Death Road to Canada, and other awesome apps of the week

Death Road to Canada, and other awesome apps of the week

A well-timed January update of one of my favorite games of the last year — combining road trip action and zombie invasion — is just of one of the picks for this week’s “Awesome Apps of the Week.”

In addition, we’ve got a great arcade-style space blaster, a superb data-heavy weather app given an iPhone X polish, and an excellent task manager. Check out our picks below.

Death Road to Canada

Yes, I’ve included Death Road to Canada in my “Awesome Apps” roundup before. And I’m going to keep including it until as many people find out about it as possible!

I’m partially kidding, but Death Road (probably my favorite iOS game of 2017) just keeps giving more reasons to include it in similar app roundups. A bonkers mash-up of randomly-generated zombie survival RPG, action game, and text-based interactive fiction game, this week its creators added a nifty New Year’s upgrade.

Among the updates are tweaks to the touch controls, new characters, and weapons including sai, chainsaw hand (seriously, how could you resist?), double barrel shotgun, and far more. If you’re a zombie fan, a road trip fan, or just a fan of fun original games, you shouldn’t miss this excellent title.

Available for: iPhone, iPad
Price: $11.99
Get it from:App Store

Weather Line

One of the best iOS weather apps just got optimized for iPhone X.
Photo: Weather Line

Weather can be particularly unpredictable at this time of year, so it’s important to have a good weather app to fill you in on all the information.

Fortunately, data rich forecasting app Weather Line just got a new iPhone X-oriented optimization upgrade, letting you view it in full screen mode. It also adds additional metrics covering rainfall and cloud cover — and even throws in a price cut from its usual $3.99 price to $2.99.

Available for: iPhone, iPad
Price: $2.99
Get it from:App Store

Taskmator: Task Paper client

taskmator ipad
TBH Taskmator doesn’t look fantastic in split view, but at least it works.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Cult task manager and notes app Taskmator just an update for iPad owners, making the iOS client for TaskPaper formatted lists even better.

The app now works in Slide Over and Split Screen views, as well as supporting plain-text drag-and-drop. That means you can put in in a split screen, or swipe its panel in temporarily via Slide Over, and drag text to it from other apps.

For more information, check out this app review from my colleague Charlie Sorrel.

Available for: iPad
Price: $4.99
Get it from: App Store

Beyond Helios

Some iOS games are deep immersive experiences that reward game times lasting many hours, and which will still be keeping you busy by the time 2018 gives way to 2019. Beyond Helios isn’t one of those games — but that’s no bad thing.

It’s an updated (though still decidedly retro) version of the classic space shooter genre which once dominated arcades. You are tasked with clearing as many randomly generated battlefields as possible before all the ships in your squadron are destroyed.

There’s not much more to it than that, but it’s a whole lot of fun. Now get blasting!

Available for: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99
Get it from: App Store

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Create websites and apps that jump off the screen with this JavaScript essentials training — only $29

Create websites and apps that jump off the screen with this JavaScript essentials training — only $29

22-year-olds are just getting started in life. But a 22-year-old programming language? For most, that’s forced-obsolescence, collecting-social-security, twilight-years territory. Not so for JavaScript. With two decades under its belt, JS is still remarkably vital, continuing to serve as the backbone code for an overwhelming volume of web and app development projects.

With that kind of ongoing reach, JavaScript is an essential programming skill — one you can master efficiently with the courses in the Essential JavaScript Coding bundle. You can start 2018 with this limited time deal, just $29 (over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.

Over 15 courses, you’ll get the full overview of JavaScript and its prominent role in front-end development. As you get familiar with the basics of this easy-to-use and easy-to-understand language, your training will also venture into the versatile frameworks, libraries and other useful tools found in the JS universe.

From working with Angular to assemble apps to using Grunt for streamlining your workflow to integrating resources like Bootstrap and D3 into your work, you’ll find a ton of JS-related options for handling virtually any web build.

An over $1,000 value, this full JavaScript immersion training is available right now for only $29 while this deal lasts.

Get this deal

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This new year, learn to tackle projects the Lean Six Sigma way

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Score 2 terabytes of cloud storage for life [Deals]

Score 2 terabytes of cloud storage for life [Deals]

This deal offers 2 terabytes of secure storage for under 50 bucks.
This deal offers 2 terabytes of secure storage for under 50 bucks.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Cloud storage has gone from being a luxury to a necessity. It’s ideal for a layer of backup, staying organized, or just an easy way to access files without lugging around an external drive. But it can also be quite pricey.

So this deal from Zoolz is a must see for anyone thinking of investing in cloud storage. It’s a full two terabytes of storage, split evenly between two types. The first half, called Instant Vault, is a terabyte of immediately available storage. The second terabyte is for longer term storage, taking about 3 to 5 hours to retrieve data. In both cases, you can browse and access data easily with Smart Selection tools and thumbnail previews. Additionally, there are useful features like bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention and more.

Buy now:Get 2 terabytes of Zoolz cloud storage for $49.99 at Cult of Mac Deals. That’s a whopping 98 percent off the usual price.

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This new year, learn to tackle projects the Lean Six Sigma way

This new year, learn to tackle projects the Lean Six Sigma way

Optimistically, major projects are an opportunity for a company or business to take a huge step forward. Realistically, those same projects carry the potential to send that same organization into a tailspin if they’re mishandled. With so much company capital at stake, be it finances, personnel or even just time, it’s a significant responsibility for the person heading up that initiative.

The know-how to manage those projects effectively requires training, which is available in this Lean Six Sigma Project Manager learning bundle with certifications. Right now, the complete package is on sale for just $79 (an over 90 percent savings) from TNW Deals.

As you work through over 37 hours of learning, you’ll be introduced to how Lean Six Sigma works, a management approach centered around eliminating project waste as a key means to eventual success. This Six Sigma training will show you end-to-end methods for spotting delays, defects, and other potential red flags that could impact your timeline and your results.

After completing the courses packed with quizzes, labs, and other quality learning materials, you’ll have earned full Lean Six Sigma certification, an eye-opening new line to your resume sure to catch the attention of hiring managers and savvy headhunters searching for next-level talent.

The course, including nearly $2,300 worth of instruction, is only $79 right now with this limited time offer.

Get this deal

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Today in Apple history: Woz and Jobs reunite on stage

Today in Apple history: Woz and Jobs reunite on stage

January 7 Today in Apple history January 7, 1997: Steve Wozniak returns to Apple to participate in an advisory role, reuniting with co-founder Steve Jobs on stage at the MacWorld Expo.

Woz’s Cupertino homecoming is revealed at the end of MacWorld. As a result of Steve Jobs’ recent return to Apple, thanks to the NeXT buyout, it is the first time that both Jobs and Woz have been at Apple together since 1983. It’s a great way to mark Apple’s twentieth anniversary. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.

Bringing the band back together

As I’ve written before in “Today in Apple history,” Woz’s interest in Apple was predominantly around the Apple II and the days before Apple became a giant company. Whereas Jobs pushed for more power after Apple went public in December 1980, Wozniak took the $116 million he made in the IPO and pursued new avenues.

This included everything from pursuing the computer science degree he’d never got, raising kids, promoting a couple of giant music festivals, and more.

By 1997, Woz’s beloved Apple II product line had been out of action for around four years, and the Macintosh had long since taken over. Apple was struggling, but reuniting its two co-founders gave faithful Apple fans something to be optimistic about.

At the time, Jobs had just recently re-joined Apple himself as part of the NeXT acquisition, intended to give Apple a new operating system. Like Woz, Jobs was supposed to be nothing more than an unofficial advisor to CEO Gil Amelio, although he wound up parlaying this into replacing Amelio as CEO.

When Woz and Jobs appeared on-stage at MacWorld, it was just the jolt of life the event needed. Gil Amelio, never a smooth talker, spoke for hours in a rambling, unexciting manner, before finally bringing the co-founders on stage. Jobs, however, spoiled the moment slightly by refusing to fully join in the triumphant scene. “He ruthlessly ruined the closing moment I had planned,” Amelio later complained.

A short-lived return

As that moment suggested, Woz’s return to Apple wasn’t long-lived. Although he was full of ideas for resurrecting Apple (such as seeking to expand its focus on the education market and produce easy-to-use machines), Jobs clearly viewed his own return as a one-man show, rather than as half of a double act.

Once Amelio lost his job in July, Jobs made CFO Fred Anderson call Wozniak and say that he was no longer needed in the advisory role.

While it sounds brutal, it may have been for the best. Not only was Jobs more than capable of turning around Apple with his own ideas, but Woz wasn’t in total agreement with Steve Jobs’ approach. As Woz wrote in his biography about the iMac G3, the computer which helped set Apple back on the path to success:

“To be honest, I was never all that crazy for the iMacs. I had my doubts about its one-piece design. I didn’t care about its colors and I didn’t think its looks were all that good. It turned out I just wasn’t the right customer for it.”

Still, although Wozniak’s return didn’t pan out as many hoped, for those who were watching the MacWorld Expo, it was a moment to be savored!

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Video is flipped upside down on the Skype for Windows Mobile 10 Universal app

Video is flipped upside down on the Skype for Windows Mobile 10 Universal app

Some users of the Skype Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10 Mobile are noticing that a bug is flipping the image for video calls upside down. One complaint, posted on a community forum, came from a man who used the app on his Lumia 950 XL to call his Wife’s Lumia 950. The couple used the front-facing camera on each of their Windows 10 Mobile powered handsets, and both received the video stream upside down.

Ironically, even though the app is made for the Universal Windows Platform, the PC version of it is not experiencing the same issue. According to some Windows 10 Mobile users, the bug that flips the video upside down affects all handsets running the platform. While Microsoft has tried to exterminate the bugs by updating the app, up to now it has been to no avail. There is one suggested workaround. The bug disappears in landscape mode.

The sad thing here is that Microsoft owns Skype, so you would think that it would be able to offer an app for Windows Mobile 10 without issues. On the other hand, the company does make more money licensing its Android apps than it ever made selling Windows Phones, so perhaps this never was a priority.

Priority or not, Microsoft is still planning on fixing Windows 10 Mobile bugs so there could be another attempt to send out an update that corrects the upside down images. Until then, if you are using a Windows 10 Mobile phone, you might want to make Skype video calls in landscape.

source: MSPoweruser

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Create Amazing Artwork With The New Artstudio Pro App For The iPhone & iPad

Create Amazing Artwork With The New Artstudio Pro App For The iPhone & iPad

If you have an iPad and a Apple Pencil, and looking for a new drawing app to use them with, then you might like the new Artstudio Pro app. It’s basically a painting/drawing app for aspiring artist that would like to perfect their skills in drawing or painting, or just looking for something to do for fun.

Whether you want to switch around a few brush sizes, change around colors or add in fonts or patterns to finish off your work, you’re able to achieve all of those things and more with this app. The Artstudio Pro gives an endless amount of flexible layer systems, canvases and effects that range from things like color balance, exposure, auto adjustments and 27 blending modes that will help you achieve different looks to your pictures.

This app also includes handy retouching tools for you to use as well, alongside cropping tools and hundreds of built-in brush effects, that will display as a paint brush, a marker, a pencil and more. This way, if you feel like doing a watercolored, paint look to your photo you can easily be able to. Or, if you decide to do a more hand-drawn pencil and paper type of look, you can as well.

The new Artstudio Pro app is available at the App store, where you can learn more about it or download it for $6.99 for any iPad or any iPhone, that supports an iOS 10.0 or later.

Source: App Store, PhoneArena

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Apple Kicks Off Its 2018 Back To University By Giving Away A Free Pair Of Beats

Apple Kicks Off Its 2018 Back To University By Giving Away A Free Pair Of Beats

Want to snag a free pair of Beats? If so, you’re in luck. Apple has kicked off its annual Back to University promotion in Australia and New Zealand which will allow qualifying students, teachers, and educational staff members to get a free pair of Beats Solo3, BeatsX or Powerbeats3 headphones when they purchase an eligible Mac.

For a limited time only, educators and students can get a free pair of Beats with the purchase of a qualifying Mac. If you’re wondering which Mac models qualify, any MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, or Mac Pro is included. As always, the Mac mini and refurbished Macs are excluded from this promo.

If you’re on the hunt for a new iPad, this promotion is still worth checking out since Apple is giving away a free pair of BeatsX wireless headphone with the purchase of a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro. If you want, you can get the Powerbeats 3 wireless for only AU$59/NZ$70 or the Solo3 Wireless headphones for only AU$200/NZ$230 with the purchase of a 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It should be noted that the iPad mini and 9.7-inch iPad Pro models do not qualify.

Apple’s Back to University is now active and will end March 15, 2018 in both Australia and New Zealand. For more information, be sure to head to your local Apple Store or to the company’s website.

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Weekly poll: which 2018 features are you most excited about?

Weekly poll: which 2018 features are you most excited about?

As we say goodbye to 2017, we’re already curious to see what 2018 will bring. It’s too early to tell what the big trends in smartphones will be this year but we might have an inkling.

For example, most flagships – and even many mid-rangers – have dual cameras now. To stand out, new phones will need more – rumors suggest the Huawei P20 will have a triple camera.

Or perhaps instead of basic cameras, makers will focus more on 3D scanners like Apple’s TrueDepth camera. Huawei announced competing tech, the new Exynos 9810 has built-in support for 3D face scanning.

Weekly poll: which 2018 features are you most excited about?

It’s been a few months and it’s still not 100% clear if FaceID is a great replacement for fingerprint scanners. Maybe it would be better if the scanner remains on board, perhaps hidden out of sight – say, below the screen. Manufacturers couldn’t pull it off last year but perhaps the tech has matured now.

We bet we’ll be hearing a lot about digital assistants and AI this year. The $30 smart speakers certainly sold well, but consumers didn’t care about assistants – some actively hated theirs. But manufacturers aren’t giving up, maybe 2018 is when they actually get things right.

We also believe that this year we will see a major shift from LCD to OLED. It has already started, even Apple made the jump. We expect to see more OLED phones from Cupertino, but from LG, Huawei and HTC as well.

Which of these upcoming trends are you most excited about? (you can vote for multiple options)

What 2018 features are you most excited about?

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