Salman Khan Dominates Star Screen Awards 2011

THE ANNUAL 17th Star Screen Awards 2011 which took place in Mumbai on Thursday night saw an active participation from prominent industry bigwigs. The event also honoured many Bollywood actors for their contribution towards cinema and their relentless effort in making 2010 an entertaining year.

Newcomer Vikramaditya Motwane’s Udaan was adjudged the best movie in 2010 thus leaving behind several high profile movies with ensemble cast like My Name is Khan, Raajneeti, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. The movie also won several international acclaims in various international film festivals. However, this year’s biggest hit, Dabangg walked away with six awards in which Salman Khan was adjudged best actor and Sonakshi Sinha as the Most Promising Newcomer. Vidya Balan, who is currently riding high on her latest film No One Killed Jessica received the best actress award for Ishqiya. The Most Promising Newcomer award (male) went to debutant Ranveer Singh for his film Band Baaja Baarat.

For his role in the political potboiler Rajneeti, Ajay Devgn was named the best performer while Arshad Warsi was awarded with the Best Actor in Supporting Role for Ishqiya. Shernaz Patel, who marked her debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish was adjudged Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female).

The list of other personalities who were awarded at the 17th Annual Star Screen Awards includes:

Best Actor Male Popular Choice: Shahrukh Khan (My Name Is Khan)

Best Actor Popular Choice (Female): Katrina Kaif (Raajneeti and Tees Maar Khan)

Best Actor in a Comic Role (Male/Female): Sanjay Mishra (Phas Gaye Re Obama)

Best Actor in a Negative Role (Male/Female): Ronit Roy (Udaan)

Best Music: Sajid Wajid (Dabangg), Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (My Name Is Khan)

Best Playback Singer (Male): Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji, Ishqiya)

Best Playback Singer (Female): Shreya Ghoshal (Bahara, I Hate Luv Storys)

Best New Talent In Music: Mamta Sharma (Munni Badnaam, Dabangg)

Best Lyrics: Gulzar (Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji, Ishqiya)

Most Promising Debut Director: Maneesh Sharma (Band Baaja Baaraat)

Best Story: Amit Rai (Road To Sangam)

Best Choreography: Farah Khan (Munni Badnaam, Dabangg)

Most Popular Music: Pritam (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai)

Best Ensemble Cast: Peepli Live

Best Art Direction: Mukund Gupta (Do Dooni Chaar)

Best Action: Master Vijayan (Dabangg)

Best Dialogue: Habib Faisal (Band Baaja Baraat)

Best Screenplay: Anjum Rajabali, Prakash Jha (Raajneeti)

Best Child Artiste: Ayaan Barodia (Udaan)

Best Editing: Namrata Rao (Band Baaja Baraat)

Best Background Score: Wayne Sharp (Raajneeti)

Best Special Effects: Srinivas Mohan (Robot)

Best Sound: Vikram Joglekar (Road Movie)

Best Cinematography: Sudeep Chatterji (Guzaarish)

Ramnath Goenka Memorial Awards: My Name Is Khan

Special Jury Awards For Spectacular Cutting Of Age Technology: Robot

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A New Series For PBS Fans in HD – Wallander

Scandinavia is known for being something of a cold, somewhat gloomy and aloof place, with vast outdoors that stretch beyond the horizon. During the summer solstice, with the looming of the midnight sun, people seem to act a little awry, as this exaggered, high definition summer, gets to their heads. In the new PBS series Wallander, we follow the comings and goings of one Swedish police office, after whom the Masterpiece Mystery HD series is named. Wallander is played by the famous English actor Kenneth Branaugh, whom you can watch in any number of movies playing on satellite TV on any given night (he’s been in quite a few different productions, among them Woody Allen movie, and several takes on Shakespeare’s classics). Wallander sports a look worthy of not a famous Shakespearean actor, but rather of someone down on his luck. He’s got a puffy, swollen visage, and a physique that has nothing to do with a football player you’d find on the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Wallander is actually a three episode affair put on by the popular Mystery series. It’s based on a set of fashionable crime novels by the Swedish author Henning Mankell. Wallander, the character is a bit of a romantic hero, even though he may not seem like it upon first glance. He works alone, obsessively at times. He’s a police officer who’s always on the job, even when he’s not. Other than that, there’s really nothing extraordinary about him. He’s no Sherlock Holmes, nor is he Inspector Clouseau. Wallander isn’t a tragic figure. He drinks. He’s divorced (no tearful widow stories here). He eats, probably too much for his own good, in fact. You can see the sort of regular distress in his red-rimmed eyes, so patently visible in HD.

Wallander does have a daughter, but he doesn’t spend time with her. His father has Alzheimer’s disease and spends his time painting the very same landscape over and over and over again. He lives in Ystad, a small seaside town near Malmo in the south of Sweden. It’s cold, bleary and often shrouded in fog as much as it is in mystery. The cinematography is noticeable for his high contrasts, the dark darks, the dreary gloom, enhanced by the power of high definition.

The crimes that Wallander investigates are what really what make this series gripping and interesting. Most of the crimes have an air of oddness and they are certainly bloody, grisly things. In the first episode, a girl sets herself afire, after dousing her body with gasoline. Other such brutal crimes follow as it appears there is a serial killer set loose in this quiet town by the sea.

Branagh’s performance alone is well worth watching. The other cast members, Sarah Smart as Wallander’s daughter, Tom Beard as Svedberg, Wallander’s colleague and David Warner as his father also put out some marvelous, if less obvious performances.

You can catch Wallander on PBS. Check your local satellite TV guide for listings.

With a DirectTV satellite subscription you can view the most amazing HD programming. DirectTV satellite TV is your best choice for the best in sports, movies and family programming.

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Detox Diet: Truth and Consequence

Your favorite Hollywood stars have done it; and in just a few days, they have lost several pounds. So, here you are, wanting to shed off those pounds – fast. So you do your research on the matter, and you even consult practitioners who may have knowledge on the topic. You are on the verge of trying this new fad diet. But is it really safe?

Is it worth all the starvation? Is the detox diet really the answer to your weight problems? If you are leaning towards the affirmative, you may want to read this article to know the truth and the consequence of committing yourself into a strict detox diet.

As the name implies, the detox diet detoxifies or cleanses the body by helping it get rid of all the chemicals and toxins that may harm our internal system. This is usually done by drinking a lot of water and liquids and eating lots of vegetables and fruits while staying away from solid foods. The main idea of this diet is to flush out all the bad stuff from the body, thus in the process, leaving the body fresh and clean and free from unwanted toxins. This regimen is just a form of fasting, wherein an individual is restricted to eat certain foods for a couple of days, and these foods should only be moderately reintroduced into the system after a few days.

Proponents of the detox diet maintain that this therapy can bring so much good effects. They say that this diet would allow a person to be more energetic and more fully conscious. They further allege that because toxins are eliminated from the body, an individual may feel healthier and lighter. However, one thing that they the proponents of this diet had failed to show is the scientific proof and basis that may support all their claims.

They were not able to present evidence that the diet really does help in the elimination of toxins from the body, and if it really does, there was no substantiation as to the effects of elimination of these toxins.

The detox diet would really introduce you into a diet wherein you would consume foods that are good for your health; however at the same time, you may also lack some nutrients because you might be restricted to eating just vegetables and fruits. The nutrients that you may get from meat and other animal products will not be compensated. Thus, if you are an active person, you may not be fueled enough to keep up with your liveliness, then the diet becomes risky.

This diet may also involve taking supplements to aid in the weight loss program, and most of the supplements used are laxatives. These elements are intended to make a person visit the comfort room more often. Thus, they may cause dehydration, and the mechanisms of the digestive system may be disrupted, which may cause further problem.

And because detox diet is similar to fasting, the effect may be that weight would really be lost. However, the pounds shed would mostly consist of water and even muscle; this is contrary to the idea that what you should be shedding of are those unwanted fats. And another thing to consider is that when you fast, your body’s metabolism is affected, this will only make it more difficult for you to keep your weight off or to lose even more weight later on.

Detox diet is really not a bad idea. Drinking lots of water and consuming fruits and vegetables is very much encouraged. However, you should bear in mind that everything should be made in moderation and in proper proportions. You should still get nutrients from other foods, thus, your diet should not be restricted to just fruits and vegetables. Perhaps, if you try to eat everything in right amounts, then it is better than starving yourself just to lose weight.

Your body already has the organs to cleanse itself. With a proper, balanced and healthy diet, your kidney, liver and other organs would perform their functions well, and detox diet is no longer necessary.

Lose Up to 12 Pounds in the Next 10 Days! The Body Detox Secret Diet Is Safe, Gentle and Works Fast!

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The Paradox Of Open Innovation – Internal Or External?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? This paradox has perplexed philosophers for millennia.

In the progressive workplace, the same dilemma confounds executives. Within the pursuit of open innovation, what comes initial: Innovation created internally, or innovation developed beyond the organization?

Individuals talk about open innovation. It’s the mantra of leadership experts and workplace counselors across the business landscape. However internal versus external innovation conjointly presents a dichotomy. Usually conflicting in nature, many proponents of open innovation get tripped up on why external innovation can fail to require root.

Individually, the paradox is easily answered: External innovation is destined to fail if the imperatives of internal innovation have not initial been developed, deployed and adhered to. Workplace pundits extol the virtues of external innovation, but if innovation is not alive and thriving internally, innovation itself can fall on the scrapheap of failed initiatives.

Effective innovation is not concerning the Chief Innovation Officer or maybe the CEO mandating from on high what milestones R&D or Engineering must pursue or achieve. In fact, innovation that is “required” to come back from R&D, Engineering or some other “Department of Innovation” is susceptible to the Not Invented Here syndrome. If it wasn’t created by somebody who’s mandate it is to try and do just that, it’s typically probably to be squashed by precisely those that did not come back up with the idea. “Quit meddling in my sandbox,” is that the complaint.

Those barriers should be removed. Effective innovation begins with breaking down silos that separate departments, divisions or groups – and encouraging, even welcoming participation from across the organization.

Certain, those directly charged with leading innovation would possibly come up with sensible ideas. However can they speak to the heart of the organization and how it interfaces with its customers or constituency?

For instance, since 1967, Hollywood Woodwork in Hollywood, Florida, has specialized in custom woodwork for use in premier hotels, spas, casinos, country clubs, public projects and corporate offices throughout the United States and Caribbean. Then the recession hit, and the company saw a drop off in its traditional business.

Then the company displayed and solicited ideas from all staff – not simply those in Product Development. This led to a easy query: “Can we tend to do church pews?” No deep analysis by skilled research groups or high-paid consultants. Simply a simple query that made company executives wonder: Can we tend to?
They could. And now, Hollywood Woodwork does, making several different products utilizing their assets. Building church benches helped diversify the company – and keep it afloat throughout the recession.

The request additionally created executives there understand one thing else: We must be receptive to potential innovation from all internal sources. Not-invented-here doesn’t exist at Hollywood Woodwork. Innovative suggestions are welcomed from across its workforce of 150.

With the foundations of open innovation secure inside an organization, only then ought to a company obtain innovation from beyond its walls. If you don’t have internal innovation down pat, and you haven’t removed all the emotional barriers that inhibit the free exchange of concepts, you never will embrace what comes from the outside.

Successful open innovation, then, becomes the preamble to effective external innovation – if it’s needed at all. Paradox solved, the whole team can focus on true innovation.

Ernie Hicks been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in innovation ,you can also check out his latest website about:
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christmas flower florist gifts

My great-grandfather Albert emigrated from Germany,” Ecke says. Albert Ecke farmed land in Hollywood. He sold produce and cut flowers, including a few poinsettias he had probably found growing wild. These plants had an interesting feature: As December neared, reduced hours of daylight turned their leaves from green to red.

Until then, the plant most associated with Christmas was the cyclamen. But Albert’s son, Paul, realized the red-and-green poinsettia could be a bigger draw. “He took those flowers to florists across the U.S.,” Paul Ecke III tells me. “He said, ‘Here is a plant you can sell at Christmas.'” It was the 1920s, the decade when Hollywood burst onto the American scene, and Ecke benefited from reflected show business glamour. “When Paul Ecke showed up from Southern California, it was a big deal.”

Ecke succeeded in getting countless articles about poinsettias in newspapers and magazines. His son, Paul Jr., who took over the business in the 1960s, even more successfully capitalized on television. “Oh,” Ecke Sr. says when we bump into him at the ranch lunchroom, “we put poinsettias on the Bob Hope Christmas special. And every year on Johnny Carson.” Says Paul Ecke III, “It was subliminal. When it’s December, you need a Christmas tree and you need a poinsettia.”

The Eckes changed the poinsettia as well. The original plant was leggy and spindly-leafed. The Eckes’ poinsettia breeding programs made it voluptuous and technicolored: not just red but, if you wanted, candy-cane-striped or impressionist pink, although the red ‘Freedom’ remains the biggest seller.

These days, blooming poinsettias constitute a relatively small percentage of the Eckes’ business. The ranch mainly sells cuttings, which are shipped to growers who then use them to cultivate finished plants. In this slightly indirect fashion, the Eckes are responsible for some 80 percent of the poinsettias in the United States and Canada. Theirs is an American success story, and yet, as I walk through the greenhouses with Paul Ecke III, I find myself feeling a bit crestfallen. It is a strange thing about Christmas. You expect all its artifacts to possess the permanence of the original story. To discover that the Christmas flower of my youth owes its success to Bob Hope TV specials is disconcerting, like discovering that Handel’s Messiah was in fact written for Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Ecke shows me one last greenhouse: another sea of red. “Should we sell poinsettias the rest of the year?” he asks rhetorically. “In France and Australia, they do. But I haven’t been convinced.” In his mind, the poinsettia is still the Christmas flower.

And, of course, it is in my mind too. I give in and buy a poinsettia, a very large ‘Freedom’, its leaves the red of Santa Claus’s velvet suit. I belt the poinsettia into the car seat next to me. Throughout the drive home, I keep glancing at it, and every time I do, I think, “Well, Christmas is here.” Just as the Eckes knew I would.






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Here Is All About Veneers Through Which You Can Get Perfect Smile

We are usually bombarded with images of the perfect smile yet for most people Hollywood style dental perfection remains out of reach. Everybody has their own individual concerns when it comes to their teeth however, sometimes minor improvements could make a big difference both to your appearance and self esteem. Veneers provide an efficient way of improving your smile based on your specific dental needs.

Veneers are actually merely thin shells of tooth like material that is the same color as the tooth, these cover the front of the tooth and have a natural look to give you a bright smile. Tailored to your requirements, veneers could be utilised to restore a single or multiple teeth. Your dentist may recommend them for a range of different reasons as for discoloured or stained teeth, worn down or fractured teeth, to conceal gaps or to improve the look of teeth which are bent or rotated.
Because of the material utilized, veneers resist stains like coffee and cigarette smoke. Unlike crowns, veneers cover only the front of the tooth therefore needing only a small amount of the tooth to be reshaped and reduced.

Veneers are made utilizing 2 kinds of material. Porcelain veneers are made in the dental lab with high tech equipment, making them the most aesthetic and durable option. Composite veneers could be created during your dental visit from tooth coloured material much like fillings, however these might require to be adjusted or replaced faster as discolouration is a lot more common with them.
For the most up to date option available, Drs Nicolas & Asp Laboratory has recently introduced Zimo veneers into the UAE, a new technology which is available in all of it’s dental clinics. Zimo (zirconium image make over), is made from small size molecules that permit the light to penetrate with excellent translucency giving us the benefit of having a very natural appearance. Zimo veneers are stronger than porcelain veneers that makes it an excellent choice for severe bruxer patients. Further, it can mask and conceal badly stained teeth with excellent fit and precision.

As the situation with any cosmetic treatment it is vital to have realistic expectations based on your overall dental condition. Once veneers are placed, maintenance and regular dental checkups are vital to make sure you keep the veneers in the best condition. Continue good brushing and flossing habits and avoid biting solid objects which may cause the veneer to crack. For patient who grinds their teeth, its highly recommended to wear a night guard to protect their veneers and natural teeth.

Most often you dentist will evaluate and let you know whether veneers are appropriate for you. Its extremely recommended to have healthy gums and clean teeth before applying veneers.

Dental cavities, broken and infected teeth, will need to be restored. Thus, if you are considering veneers, it is essential to discuss your concerns with your dentist. Dr. Nicolas and Asp centres, a Dental Clinic Dubai with the help of a dedicated dental team which could assist you meet your expectation. To know more visit, http://www.nicolasandasp.com

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Perfect mix between masculine and feminine, Chloe handbags can take your fashion into a new level

Abandon of Gucci bags, which trade as the most activity and luxury handbags among young women’s. However, style has changed, Chloe handbags are a hit in young women’s these days. Chloe handbags are all over the Hollywood scene because of their young, edgy stylish appeal, they are the perfect mix between masculine and feminine.

It is a miracle in fashion world. Even the most luxury handbags – Louit Vuitton handbags rare have the honor to remain so long. Fashion rarely has a season where a Chloe handbag is not stated as one of the ‘must haves’ – whether you choose the Miu Miu Handbags, the Yves Saint Laurent, or the Betty. But the remain charm of Chloe handbags continues to make women of all ages fall head over heels in love with them.

It may be the exquisite stitching, the elegant design or the feeling that you own a little bit of fashion history that makes Chloe handbags so popular – whatever your reasons for owning one, here at koodos we don’t discriminate. Your chosen Chloe handbag could be sent straight too your door within a matter of days, no fuss, no mess – just pure unadulterated Chloe enjoyment.

Chloe was founded in 1956 by Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian-born Parisienne and Jacques Lenoir. This fashion house produces women’s ready to wear clothes, accesories, fragances,etc.”Chloe”-a name they chose for its warm, feminine appeal-was perfectly in synch with the new mood of Paris: youthful and modern in design, and slightly audacious in spirit. The label grow in popularity.

In 1966, Karl Lagerfeld became the house’s head designer, and under his direction Chloe became one of the most iconic fashion brand of the 1970’s. It’s been in Chloe history that this fashion house has given chances to various new fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Martin Sitbon and others.

It is only thirty years Chole handbags become famous in the world, how could it be so success? Handbags like Chloe Paddington, Ascot saddle bag, and Edith satchel bags to name a few have emerged as all-time favorites in reputation and demand. These are the Chloe Handbags and much more that make the life of a woman magical and dream-like. The options are many and whatever you pick will surely match your personality and taste. For every personality there is a Chloe handbag to match it with. Some Chloe Handbags are extra feminine but powerful and daring. A woman with a high self esteem and sophisticated can handle this kind of handbag well. Whatever agrees with your character and taste, you can always find the handbag of your choice at EuroHandbag. There is elegance, chic, sporty, casual and practical handbags available. It is a matter of choice. It could be the alluring fine lines, the delicious colors, it could be extravagantly pricey but it is rapidly becoming the accepted thing.

Style is different all over the world. But women know exactly how some bags can work for them. And Chloe handbags are quite popular in almost all countries. Although each country has its own color preference and style, EuroHandbag has the solution. The online store is utterly an extraordinary fashion store which knows its mission, vision, and objectives. The Chloe handbags at EuroHandbag are outstandingly fabulous and trendy. As an accessory, the Chloe handbag can take your fashion into a new level.

Alice is an author who would like to introduce you something about fashion, like the trend of Mulberry Bags, line of Nike Shoes Sale, poplar kinds of mercurial vapors. Even the odd design vibram five fingers with MBT Chapa GTX the different types of health products that will benefit people’s life.

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Top Film Stars of the 1940’s

Having to once again endure war years, Hollywood, and its top film stars of the 1940’s, continued to provide quality entertainment to their audience. Although the early part of the decade provided financial challenges to the entire nation, Americas desire for entertainment was still in great demand. In an effort to meet the demand, and continue with its Golden Era, Hollywood was once again successful in providing a number of talented new stars and producing many popular films.

One of the most iconic movie stars of this period, or any peried, was Bette Davis. Davis has been regarded by numerous feminist historians as one of the most influential actresses in leading the way for more important and meaningful women’s roles on the silver screen. 

Her film accomplishments are legendary, having won two Best Actress Awards for her roles in Jezebel (1938) and Dangerous (1940). She would also receive five more Oscar nominations for her performances in Dark Victory (1940), The Letter (1941), The Little Foxes (1942), Now Voyager (1943) and Mr. Skeffington (1944). Her talent has firmly established Bette Davis as one of the most honored and respected actresses in Hollywood history.

During the 1940’s, Davis would become one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, and used her notoriety and wealth to contribute greatly to supporting the World War II effort by assisting the Hollywood Canteen’s programs for GI’s who passed through the Los Angeles area. 

Another 1940’s film icon, and one of Hollywood’s most popular stars, was the great Humphrey Bogart. During this decade, Bogart deservedly earned his reputation in Hollywood as one of their most talented and hardest working stars. 

Bogart’s impact on the silver screen was huge. Some of his more notable staring roles included High Sierra (1941), The Maltese Falcon (1941), and the classic war time propaganda film Casablanca (1942). His role in Casablanca would earn him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, launching him into stardom and making him the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Some of Humphrey Bogart’s most popular roles were those in which he teamed up with actress Lauren Bacall. The most notable being To Have and Have Not (1944), The Big Sleep (1946), Dark Passage (1947), and the famous and memorable Key Largo (1948).

The success of their screen pairing carried over to their personal lives as the two stars would eventually be married and come to be recognized as the “star power couple” of Hollywood.

Another movie fan favorite to kick off a very successful film career in the 1940’s was femme fatale Rita Hayworth. Although she began making films during the 1930’s, it was her role in Gilda (1946) that put her on the map as major movie star and sex symbol.

With one little strip of a glove, while dancing in Gilda, she managed to cement her image into American film audiences. This audience would continue their love affair with the beautiful actress in the black satin dress with that sultry, wavy auburn hair for many years to come. 

Take some time to explore these films as the 1940’s was a great decade for film stars and the many enjoyable films they made.

Carl DiNello is a Blog Owner whose passion is Hollywood history and those movies from the 1920s – 1950s that make up this rich history.


Hollywood Movie Memories…Movies to Remember and Discover!


Enjoy reading more Hollywood Movie Memories Reel Talent Articles.

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Diet Like the Stars – Do You Want a Curvaceous Or Hunky Body?

Most of the Hollywood Stars are not born with their “curvaceous” or “hunky” bodies.  I know that’s hard to believe but unless they pay very serious attention to their diets they too will have those “unappealing bulges”.  There is no “secret”…dieting affects them the same way it does you!

There is no one-size-fits-all in dieting.

Many times, how the stars diet depends on what suits their preferences, lifestyle, and body chemistry.  Demi Moore,for instance, eats a lot of protein and cuts back on carbohydrates, while Nia Peeples on the other hand stays away from all forms of protein. These stars diet in a way that works for them. They undoubtedly spent some time jumping from one diet to another until they found the “perfect” diet plan that worked for them.

Since there is no one diet that will work for everyone eating a well balanced diet has to be part of  their life. If you choose the plan that your favorite star follows and it’s not working for you, then you’re probably not faithfully following the plan.  In addition, one of the most essential parts of dieting like the stars is to match your food intake with enough exercise.  The stars regularly visit the gym.  They rarely miss an opportunity to exercise.  Remember,most diets will work well, if they are safe, effective and combined with a little exercise.

Some stars are vegetarians – some are not

To diet like the stars doesn’t mean you’ll have to swear off all meat and go vegan. This may have worked for someone with Alicia Silverstone’s dedication and character, but let’s admit it – not many of us are meant to be vegetarians. Such a drastic attempt to diet like the stars may actually backfire and make you sick, make sure you’re prepared when you decide to pull out all the stops in your own diet.

Smaller but more frequent, meals may help

Believe it or not, Jennifer Lopez’s style of dieting is easy for you to follow. She controls her diet by breaking her eating down into eight smaller meals, in addition to doing her strenuous dance performances. It has been shown that eating less, but more frequently , boost your bodies metabolism and it’s ability to burn more calories. It has clearly worked for J Lo. Copy her routine and you can begin your slimming down also.

Make a habit of exercising

Eating smaller meals more frequently may help you slim down, but if you don’t faithfully exercise, dieting like the stars may not even help.  As an example, Heather Locklear enjoys an occasional cheeseburger and fries.  You certainly wouldn’t call this dieting.  However, you can always eat what you want as long as you match it with a regular exercise schedule.

Here are some added tips that might help you:

Don’t eat the wrong foods,

Don’t sneak off to McDonalds for a late night meal,

Don’t eat at the wrong time of day,

Don’t eat empty calories,

Do exercise more.

If you want to diet like the stars, there is a safe, inexpensive and much more effective approach that can be found by going to www.No-Mor-Fat.com.

Go Get’em Star!!!

Robert P. Steele is a leading promoter of fat and weight loss products. He develops products for the Fat Loss and Weight Loss Industry that prove very beneficial to the health of his customers. To find out more about this product go to http://www.No-Mor-Fat.com

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Paid Surveys – Tried and Tested Tips in Order to Succeed!

The popularity of paid surveys has already defeated the popularity of some Hollywood stars and everything was due to the income that this industry was able to provide to their employees. Various survey sites exist and each of them has something to offer. In exchange of some of your time and effort in the performance of certain tasks is a rewarding income. Here are some of the tasks that these sites ask their members.

Some sites merely ask for opinions over a certain topic or product while some require the testing of certain physical products that were given for free. Some ask their members to merely open and read emails while some ask the writing of reviews about books as well as movies.

We might have been informed that earning with paid surveys is easy. Well, the industry might give survey takers a difficult time to earn well if they do not follow certain simple techniques or working strategies. Being professional and honest at all times will cause you to earn good income easily.

I would like to share some tips that I was able to learn from my own survey experience as well as the experience of others.

First, avoid making use of multiple and false accounts. There are some people who try to register with one survey site for several times so that they would be able to receive more survey invitations. Surely, you will get caught at the soonest possible time. Once they do discover your act, you will be permanently deleted from their lists.

Second, make use of an email account other than your personal email. Gmail is one of the most preferred email accounts and you might want to use “surveytaker” as your username as most companies appreciate such accounts.

Third, never forget the virtue of honesty. Be honest all the time and we all know why.

Fourth, you should also put some creativity in your answers. Surely, both you and the survey company would find it interesting.

Last but not the least, regularly open your email and quickly reply to emails you receive. This is so because survey companies love quick responses. They would surely have more surveys to offer you if such is the case.

Here is a free Top 7 List of Best Survey Sites paying $15-$275 for each survey taken.

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