Aging Faces of Hollywood Stars in 20 Years

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Someone says using Photoshop is cheating; however, it can not be denied that Photoshop bring what is seen to be the most wonderful. Thanks to the marvelous Photoshop manipulations, everything can be changed according to what we want. Even, some people often “accuses” strange and funny images being created by the hand of Photoshop. It’s not incredible that young can be turned old, ugly can be turned beautiful, thin can be turned to thick, and so on. As to be known that young Hollywood stars always appear with an appealing look; therefore, fans all over the world will not be able imagine the far-future images of those celebrities, but Photoshop can. It can be said that Photoshop is an amazing predicting tool for what will happen in the future.


The star of “Mean Girls”, Lindsay Lohan


The talented man, David Beckham


Victoria Beckham, despite getting aged, she is still attractive


The ever attractive Hollywood talented man, Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie seems to be less seductive under the hand of Photoshop


Aging, Robert Pattinson looks more fierce


Kristen Stewart shows off her gorgeous and mature beauty thanks to Photoshop manipulations


The teen star, Miley Cirus is here, isn’t she? It’s incredible!


Paris Hilton is still a hot blonde of the entertainment world


The image of Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi, the well-known Asian singer cum actress in 20 years



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