December 2017

Nokia 2 is now in stock at Amazon, you can buy one for just $99

Nokia 2 is now in stock at Amazon, you can buy one for just $99

Nokia 2, HMD’s cheapest Android smartphone went on sale in the United States last week, but only two retailers were able to offer it: B&H and Best Buy. Starting today, Amazon has the Nokia 2 available as well, and you can get one for the same price – $99.

For that amount, you’ll be getting a pretty decent smartphone that’s likely to run Android Oreo at some point, even though it ships with Android 7.1.1 Nougat at the moment.

Under the hood, the Nokia 2 packs a 1.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB expandable storage. These are all standard specs for budget-friendly smartphones, so the only benefit is the fact that you’re getting a Nokia-branded device.

Other highlights of the phone include a 5-inch HD (720p), an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, a secondary 5-megapixel selfie camera, and a massive 4,100 mAh battery, which is also the best thing about the Nokia 2 aside from the low price.

The Nokia 2 comes unlocked, but it will only work with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, so keep that in mind before buying one. Also, Amazon says that the phone ships when available in 1-2 days.

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Qualcomm Seeks Import Ban on AT&T and T-Mobile iPhone 8 and iPhone X Models

Qualcomm Seeks Import Ban on AT&T and T-Mobile iPhone 8 and iPhone X Models

Qualcomm today announced that it has filed three new patent infringement claims against Apple, accusing the Cupertino company of violating a total of 16 Qualcomm patents with its most recent iPhones, including the iPhone X.

Most of the patents in question cover technologies like carrier aggregation, memory designs, and power management features that are designed help to reduce battery usage, but in one claim, Qualcomm says Apple is using a depth-based image enhancement technique for Portrait mode that violates a Qualcomm patent.

Qualcomm is also filing a new complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) concerning five of the patents, and it is asking the ITC to ban imports of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X models that use chips from Intel, aka AT&T and T-Mobile devices in the United States.

The complaint with the ITC follows a previous filing in July that saw Qualcomm ask for an import ban on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models equipped with Intel modem chips, along with some iPad models. Qualcomm has not asked for a ban on iPhones that use Qualcomm LTE chips, with the reasoning that a more limited exclusion order is more likely to be granted.

In the lawsuit, Qualcomm once again says its inventions form the “very core” of “modern mobile communication,” and that without Qualcomm technology, Apple products “would lose much of their consumer appeal.”

Qualcomm is seeking damages in an amount to be proven at trial, a permanent injunction against Apple, and attorneys fees.

Qualcomm’s latest filing follows a countersuit from Apple that was filed earlier this week. Apple claims that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips infringe on “at least” eight battery life patents owned by Apple.

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm kicked off in January of this year, and it has escalated rapidly over the course of the last several months. It is not clear if the ITC will agree to investigate the claims Qualcomm has made against Apple, but this will be a legal battle that spans several years, so Apple devices are in no danger of being banned anytime soon.

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Football Training For Girls Is Not Easy

There are numerous youth infants learning using soccer because it’s a famous and also popularized sports activity attracting them. Therefore, it needs a skilled coach to show them this basic expertise of using soccer. So that as a young ones soccer coach, it is just not an easy task for him to coach these infants well. Relationship, they need to choose the different ways for you to coach the girls and boys. Now, lets examine whats right and effective ways coach are going to train this youth young ladies.
During the period of guiding the young ones girls, parents can be similar throughout attitude as far as coaching methods are concerned. At this time, as a new youth soccer coach, you could have not to consider all this suggestions mom and dad give, you need to remember to keep as professional as they can. Let them are aware that you fully grasp their job. If you could have an opinion around the situation, then you definitely should show it as well. Parents must be welcomed for you to express the concerns, request questions, or talk about their opinions on you.

Then, you need to show them your right and efficient methods to coaching the children within the soccer routines with putting on Terrell Suggs jersey
. First thing you may possibly consider is always that all routines and action can be achieved by girls like with boys. The main component associated with the creation of calcium could be the strength and also timing. The young ladies are quite as capable with producing great game with football for boys. Its crucial that you understand this right ahead of time – this runs specifically true if youre guiding girls soccer drills for at first chance.

Next, you need to concern this girls will often be competitive seeing that boys are. So it is important that you could have faith inside their ability for you to compete and also perform this tasks you set for them. Many coaches arrive at the sports team of an young girl in a way angry simply because they are so employed to working using boys. But you must avoid this mindset. Women possess proven very effective in the various models of sports. It is important that one does what you possibly can develop your current players throughout football perform. Not this could lead to a negative frame of mind among this members within your team.

Furthermore, there are could possibly be some psychological differences concerning the girls coaching and the boys; guiding, so you need to build a new harmonious and also pleasant ecosystem for girls guiding in soccer training using wearing ravens football jerseys. Many mentors use the various models of motivational processes to get the grip around the ball, but can identical tactic this works for boys don’t work for girls. On top of that, many girls are offended if you cry when giving purchases. Many boys don’t cry with this situation. Although with young ladies, this might be a common practical experience. While you must treat girls and boys as equals, it is essential to make sure how for you to act and also react with one another.

Besides this above methods to coaching young ladies, there are numerous other ways that you could effectively coach girls throughout soccer exercising. It is just not as crucial that you emphasize the belief that youre guiding girls as you are the coach of an football team. Keeping this planned will help to make the task incredibly easier.

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Playing Football Can Help People Enhance Fitness Level

To create a terrific and exciting soccer activity, you have got to make good preparation in the soccer training curriculum. Meanwhile, to obtain the successful soccer work out plans, you have to have a well health and fitness. A essential to success to be a soccer player is football fitness. Providing one’s body with the correct stimulus will indeed consider your game into the next levels. Consistency and hard work are essential for work out plans and preparation in football. Among the many useful methods to enhance your own fitness, the key one should be to stretch your own calf muscle groups.

As that calf muscle groups are the most important muscles to clear up during that stretching treatment, you should take part in stretching exercises in the calf muscle groups for about around 30 minutes wearing that Chris McAlister Black jersey before the start of the session. For any average grownup, you must stand while watching retaining wall membrane. Wall must have the ability to keep that weight of your long stretch of time. You shouldn’t stay for 2-3 meters from the wall membrane. Once youve chose youre correct, you must take that left leg and spot it for a step forward.

You must choose that useful an approach to stretch your own calf muscle groups for football training for example place the hands flat to the sturdy wall you’re facing. All regions of the body, such because the hips in addition to shoulders needs to be oriented so that they too face the wall membrane. However, it is very important ensure that elbows a little bent comfort and ease. This will help to exploit fully needed for this unique calf muscle stretches footballing physical work out plans.

Meanwhile, it is essential that you keep your kept foot flat to the ground. You desire your body leans forward with all the movement regarding his kept leg. Nonetheless, the pumps should keep on being firmly to the ground always. You should begin to feel pressure within my correct leg in the area in the calf muscle. You should focus on not many pressure and over time until there is a greater degree of pressure within this area. And in every these work out plans, you must wear wholesale soccer jerseys. Afterward you need to fill that position. The time for this specific vary, but may be beneficial to contain the position for at the least twenty seconds or over.

With understanding the concepts of the above strategies of stretching your own calf muscle groups, it will grant the not one but two groups regarding muscles in the calf to receive the same exercise for any preparation regarding football training. During that execution of this exercise, you can choose to obtain a lover. This is beneficial in a good number of respects. Very first, a lover can time the time to maintain the position. Also you can tell you in case your form is actually anyway. Also, when you’re stretching with regard to soccer, it is very important make convinced someone is along in circumstance of accidental injury.

Taliasarch is a real
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Timeline For World War 2 – The World Goes to War

Ignoring the well-meaning, peace-keeping actions of the British and French, Hitler continued his attack on Poland, proceeding deeper into the country after the success of his initial attack. The ultimatum delivered by the Allies on September 1st demanded that he withdraw, but when Hitler blatantly ignored the request, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and France declared war on Germany on September 3rd. Within a few days, Canada, South Africa, and Nepal also joined the War on the side of the Allies.

Even with a declaration of war, both the UK and France were still unwilling to do everything they could to stop Hitler’s army, as the memory of World War I was still fresh in their minds. Despite treaty obligations, neither Britain nor France moved quickly enough to aid Poland. Their inaction, combined with the Soviet support for Hitler’s regime, resulted in Poland’s defeat in October 1939. In the timeline for WWII, the period between the autumn of 1939 and the spring of 1940 was known as the “Phoney War”, because little actual fighting occurred between the Axis and the Allies. Aside from seizing German ships and establishing a blockade, Britain and France acted with chiefly defensive strategies. Germany took advantage of that time, regrouping after conquering Poland and fortifying themselves for more powerful future offensives.

After aiding the Germans, the Soviets moved through Eastern Europe on their own agenda, seeking to conquer and acquire Baltic states. Their battles – including a confrontation with Finland – led to the penning of the Moscow Peace Treaty, which was signed on March 12, 1940. This granted the Soviets the ownership of some Finnish land, but also put an end to their attempts to annex Finland.

In April 1940, the Germans and the Allies fought against each other in their first major battle. The Norwegian Campaign, launched independently by both sides, sought to gain control of valuable Swedish resources including iron ore. After two months of battle Germany was victorious in claiming the land, though a significant percentage of their military, naval, and air resources had either been destroyed or needed to remain in Norway in order to maintain German control. Another faction of the German military invaded France and the Low Countries in May, and again quickly secured a victorious position. Managing to divide and conquer the Allied forces, (soldiers in the North were evacuated by the Allied Operation Dynamo), France signed an armistice with Germany on June 22, 1940.

A German puppet government was established to keep control of the area, and Paris – along with two-thirds of France – was conquered and occupied by the Axis. With only the UK left as opposition, Hitler and his generals developed Operation Sealion, a complex plan to gain control of Britain.

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Suburban Retrofits For Post-World War II Subdivisions

Most post-World War II suburbs are in the same boat. Small houses on small lots in a maze of tiny cul-de-sacs. Once it was the American dream, but now it’s just a large collection of outmoded houses. If you’re invested in one of these suburbs, there’s hope.

Closets in the two or three bedrooms are 3 feet wide. There’s no garage, unless added by people who bought two lots. The wall between the living room and kitchen can be demolished, but at the expense of walls for furniture. Often the only dining area is a cramped corner of the kitchen. One bathroom serves all. Sound familiar?

These suburbs exacerbate sprawl, as households now seek much larger homes to contain too much stuff and garages to accommodate multiple vehicles. Retrofitting these smaller houses seems like a nightmare most households can’t undertake on their own, so they buy new houses on the edge of the metropolis.

If post-war suburbs aren’t to become the new slums, thoughtful measures are required. At least one citizen must repeat like a broken record the necessity for strategic planning. With any luck, that citizen’s best friend can research available local and state economic development financing programs to eliminate the “we can’t afford it” argument.

The most important idea may be to hire a municipal architect who can specialize in retrofitting the homes to meet current needs. The fixes will include adding second stories, permitting novel garage arrangements, and allowing two houses to become one through addition of a breezeway room between them.

Another major opportunity is to develop a plan for assuring that the suburb becomes more walkable-and bikeable. The strip development must connect easily to pedestrians living behind it. Essentially this means making gates in fences. And if the streets can’t connect to one another due to cul-de-sacs, at least municipal buy-back of four-foot wide walkways between homes would allow the children to walk to school again.

Failing regional malls should be redeveloped promptly into mixed-use developments where street-level retail is topped by townhomes around the periphery of the now-vacant parking lot. Then by graduating density from lowest to highest as you move from the periphery toward the center of the old mall complex, the new offices, condos, retail, and perhaps a few apartments can be attached to the bones of the shopping center.

Strip centers similarly can be refreshed by adding a line of buildings adjacent to the street, leaving a driving aisle between the old and new buildings. Additional parking to replace lost spaces could be accommodated at the rear or sides of the old building, or in garages if use is intense enough. Perhaps the old strip mall can be converted to workforce rental housing or to back-office operations.

If you don’t have a downtown, make one. Where it’s completely impractical to assemble the land, at least form a hierarchy of the strip centers, and make that easily legible for visitors through an attractive wayfinding system. Then assure that the system of centers is pedestrian-friendly every step of the way.

In general, empty parking lots are boring. You want to see green or the color of your natural landscape. You like color, movement, and a bit of whimsy. So our advice is: Clean up your eyesores; then add visual punch.

Post-war suburbs also should prepare for demographic changes. If the population is rapidly approaching the frail elderly stage, plan for the influx of singles and couples with babies. You’ll need child care centers, carryout foods, and companies offering flex schedules. Start recruiting those entrepreneurs. You might even find them at the community college.

What’s needed most in the typical post-war suburb is political will and smart public policy. If your suburb has been a blue-collar mecca, it may be difficult to find the educated and creative public servants that are needed. Don’t be above importing some, both as employees and as recruited homeowners. The physical design challenges pale in comparison to the bracing task of convincing people that large-scale change is necessary.

To implement the strategic plan, ask for university interns and assistance, and adapt new ideas from anywhere you can find them. Offer a small prize to hook the architectural community into the Small House Challenge.

Form a community improvement association and don’t let go. This is the single most important piece of advice for any community in America. But if you’re in a post-World War II suburb, use your association to find new leaders who are intrigued about a suburban do-over.

Copyright Nancy Thompson, 2009.

Nancy Thompson is both a professional urban planner and an avid amateur in community work. Her distilled life experience may be seen at the resource she is creating at You’re invited to share your stories there to collaborate in the important work of helping new public officials, board members, community organization leaders, and activists. Or if your neighborhood association simply wants to show off, that’s fine too.

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Surprising Tricks For Decking Out Your Apartment For A Hollywood Atmosphere

The terms glamour and glamorous cannot be uttered without thinking of Hollywood. This is probably due to the fact that no single place around the globe exists where so many fascinating people reside. These days, another “Hollywood” that excites and oozes glamour is Hollywood Regency, an interior design style that has the market abuzz and agog. Developed by actor-turned-interior-designer Billy Haines in the 1930s, this style had for its early adherents Joan Crawford, Gloria Swanson, Carole Lombard, Marion Davies, George Cukor, and the future Nancy Reagan who were smitten by Haines’ good taste and boldness in trying out the unthinkable, for instance, mixing period styles, a no-no then. Consider the following tips should you want to glam up your drab apartment in the Hollywood Regency style.

Step 1 Raid your grandma’s attic, especially if your grandma happens to live in the Hollywood area.
Keep your eyes peeled for anything that is interesting, such as a candelabra in the ornate rococo style or a ceramic lamp shade with an ornate base. Don’t look over smaller furnishings simply because of their size. Perhaps you will not find a 118 B.C. Wu-Ch’u coin with the square hole, but anything exotic like a Chinese medallion might find use as a cabinet door pull, for instance. Don’t pass up Grandma’s sheer fabrics. They’re as valuable as any period piece and could be of use.

Step 2. If an item appears as if you have traversed halfway around the world to purchase it, then it is perfect.
Keep in mind that your goal is to keep from overdoing while maintaining a high level of glamour. Always. Bali, for instance, has incredible wood carvings that ooze elegance anywhere. The same is true with rough African bench carved from solid wood, or an Egyptian wooden headrest that looks like it came from King Tut’s tomb.

Step 3 Avoid imposing furniture.
Hollywood Regency trains the spotlight on people, not the furniture, so keep the furniture small and low-key. In no way should they begin to compete with guests for attention. Distinctly feminine curved legs, yes; big size, no.

Step 4 Eclectic is in, so you may mix period styles. Feel free to have your dining set in ornate rococo side-by-side with wall tapestries or  tree art side-by-side real or faux bamboo poles. Similarly, feel free to have velvet drapes side-by-side wicker chairs, art-deco alongside Neo-Classical, Tiffany stained glass table lamp beside tree wall art.

Step 5 Use lacquer liberally.
Lacquer that wicker chair. Give a lacquer finish to your Chippendale secretary. Lacquer that Queen Anne dining set.

Step 6 Do at least one decor in an outrageously grand manner.
Look at displaying jumbo wall art or a ceiling-to-floor mural that is accentuated with gold Chinese symbols against a background of mandarin red.

Carol Mcguire writes for Wall Decor & Home Accents store, a site featuring affordable large wall crosses and tree branch wall decor.

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‘Justice League’ IMAX VR Experience to Debut Haptic VR Controller from Tactical Haptics

‘Justice League’ IMAX VR Experience to Debut Haptic VR Controller from Tactical Haptics

The new IMAX VR Centres aim to fuse the best arcade VR games with the best peripherals, for an experience you can’t get from your home VR headset. For the new (and awkwardly named) Justice League: An IMAX VR Exclusive experience the Centre is set to debut the ‘Reactive Grip’ haptic controller from Tactical Haptics.

Tactical Haptics has been on the VR scene since the early days, developing their novel haptic technology which they call Reactive Grip.

The unique haptic tech incorporates sliding bars into the palm-grip of a controller, which can apply shear forces that replicate the feeling of an object moving within your hand (like the grip of a pistol, sword, or tennis racket twisting and pushing back against your palm). It’s a convincing and immersive effect that can’t be achieved with traditional rumble haptics.

Image courtesy Tactical Haptics

Tactical Haptics has continued to develop the tech over the last few years but hasn’t quite found a fit in the evolving VR market landscape. The company took the project to Kickstarter back in 2013 (years before Touch or Vive were announced), but failed to garner enough support from developers in the nascent VR community (hardly an ‘industry’ at that point). Last year the company raised $2.2 million, and has been exploring new opportunities afforded by the growing out-of-home VR entertainment market.

Now the company has announced that the Reactive Grip controller will see its commercial debut in a pilot project that pairs the device with the Justice League: An IMAX VR Exclusive experience in the IMAX VR Centre in Los Angeles to start:

The integrated haptic feedback will allow players to step into the shoes of the iconic DC Super Heroes and experience the inertia and impact of swinging Wonder Woman’s sword, the recoil of Cyborg’s white noise gun and mini-cannons, or the feeling of the drag reducing on Flash’s hands as they accelerate through a subway tunnel to save Metropolis.

The latest version of the controller is said to be “simplified, more robust, and more integrated than […] prior controller designs,” and is made to support both the Vive Tracker and Oculus Touch as tracking options. Tactical Haptics says they’ll be offering more details on their latest Reactive Grip controller design later this year and at the start of 2018 at CES.

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SiriusXM Update Brings Support for Apple CarPlay

SiriusXM Update Brings Support for Apple CarPlay

Just to note, if your car already had SiriusXM built-in, using the CarPlay version will use data from your cell plan instead.

With the CarPlay version of the app, you can listen to specific channels, on-demand content, and create a custom mix.

If you’re already a SiriusXM subscriber, you can add-on Internet streaming for an additional $5 per month. A streaming-only subscription is $15.99 per month.

The SiriusXM app is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

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