December 2017

Capture “Red Carpet” magic in your Texas Hill Country home!

With all the long lines waiting to see Hollywood’s end-of-the-year movie releases, ‘tis the season to consider running the show with your own theater right in the comfort of your home.

Imagine dazzling your holiday guests with the ultimate cinematic setting located just steps from your living room suite. Home theater technology has evolved to such a level that it not only enhances the value of your property, but also can reduce energy costs while adding a “WOW!” element to home entertainment.

The home theater experience reflects the overall quality of watching TV, movies, sporting events or other types of media such as Playstation. Basically, the concept derives from the idea that you can incorporate the movie theater-type atmosphere into your home in an exciting yet affordable way. Studies show that home theaters cultivate more gatherings of family and friends spending quality time together.

Smart home technology offers an amazing selection of audio visual amenities to transform any ordinary room space into an extraordinary theater. From creative multimedia room designs and luxurious hanging LCD or plasma screens to state-of-the-art home electronics and surround-sound systems, movies and entertainment can be just as exciting at home as they are in the big theaters.

As this technology has become increasingly less expensive, installing a home theater can actually represent a significant savings in family entertainment. In addition, the concept of such a room is something new to many homeowners and often not considered when house hunting or building. Instead, some find themselves installing a theater long after they have moved into their new property.

If you recently purchased a home in Texas Hill Country, you may have noticed that many are now constructed with audio-video wiring and smart home technology details to afford you the option of extensive media room automation. Features such as speakers installed within walls and ceilings, universal remotes, access controls, surround sound, wireless networks and others are now a standard consideration in many home construction plans.

Exciting custom design features like infrared technology, automated screens, HD projectors, lighting controls, media servers, security systems and designer speakers with subwoofers are easily installed, meaning fewer wires and eliminating labor installation costs due to the new home-automation system designs.

Home theater design consists of four major components: room design, construction, acoustic treatment and system setup. First, you have to plan and construct the space. Examine the room and create a game plan on how you want it to look. There are many home theater consultants to choose from in the Austin and Hill Country areas who can assist you with custom lighting and sound and other design aspects.

Next, you will purchase your components. A home theater room should include a television, a theater projection system and the installation of these devices. From there, you can add gaming systems, perhaps a Blu Ray system and any number of other accessories, such as an all-in-one smart remote. You can choose to install the components yourself or hire a company to do it for you.

Now comes the fun part of decorating and accessorizing the room. Once all the electronic devices are installed and ready to go, you can decide on the type of furnishings. Features like rich dark colors, textured walls, lighting with dimmer switches, big plush seating with reclining sofas and thick drapes and red carpets all add dramatic theatrical ambiance to your home theater room. Add movie posters or paintings to spice it up and include other personal touches such as a refreshment bar to give the home theater room your favorite film theme and special movie house flavor.

Popcorn, anyone?

Carolyn Boden is a marketing consultant at Belvedere, Texas hill country land for sale real estate community. They sell beautiful hill country acreage located west of Austin near Hamilton Pool. For more information please visit


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Celebrity Hairstyle and Very Attractive Curly Hairstyles

Celebrity Hollywood beauties … we like their movies, shows and music, and we all secretly desire to look like them. And yes, we love their hairstyles!

The stars shine with good-looking hairstyles that highlight their appeal to stunning proportions.

Read more on Christina Milian Hairstyles and Britney Spears Hairstyles and please read more on Dr. Lee Mikal’s Health Articles

Men and women have often look to celebrities for motivation. A large percent of female respondents admitted to captivating a picture of a celebrity’s hairstyle and request that hairstyle when getting a haircut in a salon.

Here you will find a complete selection of the hottest celebrity looks and dos that will with any luck inspire and help you on your way to receiving that glamorous hairstyle!

Finding styles that works for you starts with the shape of your face. So many women take photos of their favorite celebrity hairstyle to their hair stylist to get a haircut.

Angelina Jolie Updos, Partial Updos The reality is that your favorite personality hairstyle might not work for your hair. Besides your face shape, you must consider other important factors such as hair type and thickness.

Looks like Andrew Garfield won’t be the only alter coming to Spider-Man.

That British actor, and star of The Social Network, will take on the title role in the next payment of this franchise, as it reboots itself and focuses on a younger version of Peter Parker.

Emma Stone has also landed a key role in the movie, taking over the character of Gwen Stacy from Bryce Dallas Howard. And she’ll do so with blonde hair.

2010 Hairstyles for Women

The most recent trends in hairstyles 2010 are the short haircuts and hairstyles. Retro is back in fashion and the hairstyles are inspired by the 1960’s mob bobs.

The inverted bob and shaggy pixie is a hot look this season. Bob haircuts have become much more prearranged with shorter bangs.

The braid hairstyles of 2009 will carry on to remain well-liked in 2010 with milkmaid braids. If you’ve really long hair then you are able to pull the milkmaid braids very well.

The year 2010 trendy hairstyles have two distinct braided look, which is the long side braid and also the fish plait. You are able to read a great deal more on braided hair.

Curly Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles we all know how important hair is. It’s our most noticeable feminine feature. If a woman’s hair looks great, she feels great.

Beautiful curly hairstyles will surely make you feel great and may help you find additional joy in your life.

So the perfect curly hairstyles is to not just be more beautiful but more confident and comfortable with who you are.

Most straight-haired girls would love to have a head full of curls. At these times women are changing from their flat-irons and opting for a hair diffuser and making the most of beautiful natural curly hair.

Curly hair styles that look wonderful are the natural result of combining those two essential ingredients – the curly hair cut, and the curly hair care. Long curly hair can be styled into bouncy ringlets for a new look.

Tight curls can be exotic. Short curly hairstyles can be cut carelessly to lend a stylish appearance. There are so many habits to create curls.

Using a diffuser will give the effect of loose, bouncy curls while a curl iron will allow you to choose the size of your ringlets or for a more textured curl, give the new triple barrel curling iron a try.

Read more on Christina Milian Hairstyles and Britney Spears Hairstyles and please read more on Dr. Lee Mikal’s Health Articles

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Lenovo Goes for the VR Headset hat Trick with the Daydream Compatible Mirage Solo

Lenovo Goes for the VR Headset hat Trick with the Daydream Compatible Mirage Solo

HTC may have decided to abandon its plans for a mobile headset with Google but Lenovo still seem to be going strong, with a recent FFC filing showcasing a new headset called the Mirage Solo, which would utilise the Daydream platform.

If the Mirage name sounds slightly familiar then you’d be right, slightly confusingly the Lenovo Mirage is the company’s augmented reality (AR) headset which comes bundled with Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. Discovered by Lets Go Digitalthe same site which found the Vive Focus trademark, the FCC test report doesn’t list a massive amount of amazing information, simply confirming the name: Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream, model number: the Lenovo VR-1541F and that’ll come equipped with a 4.000 mAh Li-Ion battery plus Bluetooth 5.0 support. None of the documents reveal which processor is to be used, so depending on cost possibly either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or maybe the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, just like the Vive Focus.

While the documents certainly help to solidify the fact that Lenovo has another headset in the works, as and when it’s going to appear is another matter. The first time it was mentioned was during the Google I/O conference in conjunction with HTC. With CES 2018 just over a week away Lenovo will probably use the event to officially unveil the Mirage Solo – or a little later during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which has seen VR increase its presence. After which, if a release window isn’t revealed, customers could be waiting until Winter 2018 to get their hands on the device.

This might be fine when it comes to Vive Focus which HTC has officially confirmed for release in China next year – with a western launch still a grey area. Yet there are more standalone headsets on the way. Oculus Go is due for release early 2018 – but doesn’t feature inside-out tracking (Mirage Solo should include Google’s WorldSense) – and then there’s Pico Neo which is compatible with Vive Wave.

Lenovo standalone vr headset

2018 is certainly shaping up to be a wire free year for VR, with VRFocus attending CES 2018 to bring you the first details on the latest announcements as they happen.

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Extreme Sports Styles with Osiis Shoes

Being entirely ‘cool sports’, Skateboarding, Skating, and BMX have really created a niche in the world of sporting, and clothing as well. These sports are highly respected, and coveted for their level of danger, and the fascination they inspire in bystanders. The people involved in actually taking part in the event(s) dress accordingly, literally to match the thrill and the extremes to which they reach. Taking traditional jeans to ‘baggies’, taking accessories to ‘bling’, footwear to ‘kicks’, and jackets to ‘hoodies’; these extreme sport fanatics have quite created a clothing line for themselves.

A few of the leaders in the production of such apparel, Etnies Footwear, Osiris Shoes, and DC Accessories and DC Shoes are discussed in this article.

Etnies Footwear originally started in France in 1986, and only actually started marketing in America in 1989 and beyond. Though for the most part a maker of footwear intended for skateboarding, in more recent years they have also produced shoes and clothing for snowboarders, BMX, motocross riders, and surfers as well. They have now also got in to sponsoring numerous professional action sports athletes such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX and motocross.

Osiris Shoes felt that they saw an empty space for pro designed and certified footwear in the world of extreme sports, and so set up shop in 1996. One of the most famous to come from them was when Osiris called in pro skater Dave Mayhew to design his own skate shoe. The end result, The D3, initially began as a slow seller, but when Osiris began liquidating their surplus, the D3’s status amplified drastically.

DC Shoes and DC Accessories is an American company which began in 1993 from California. They focus on footwear, but are in no way limited to it. They produce clothes that go with the styles of those caught up in extreme sports such as Rally Car Racing, Surfing, Snow Boarding, BMX, and Skateboarding etc. Quicksilver bought over the company in the year 2004 in a whopping Eighty Seven Million Dollar deal.

Such manufacturers are certain to offer pieces to make you look really cool and stylish, and above all contemporary. Each piece of attire is designed to get you beyond doubt fascinated at first glance.

Remix Casuals is always adding to its current list. They work towards supplying the best possible footwear and related products to their customers. Etnies Shoes, Osiris Shoes, and DC Accessories doesn’t cover even a third of what they have on offer.

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Smart Tips to Become a Sports Massage Therapist

It can be a challenging, satisfying, and rewarding career to become a sports massage therapist. If you have a plan to become a sports massage therapist, there are several things that you should do to prepare doing this job. At this time, this article is going to give you several tips that will determine if becoming sports massage therapy is ideal for you and the tips will also guide you on how to become one if it can be a good career fit.

The first thing that you should do is to note that massage therapy is certainly right for you. Generally, a good massage therapist should be a people person. You have to enjoy helping others to feel better and also helping them to reach their potential. Besides, it is also required a good communication skills for being a professional therapist. If you think that you can fulfill these requirements, maybe becoming sports massage therapist will be the career for you.

The second thing is to look for the local requirements in your area to do this job. Also, you need to determine what the local government agencies that regulate massage therapy industry.

The third thing is to obtain the proper training. In this case, you need to find school training program which offers sports massage therapy. You also need to make sure that the school fulfills the educational requirements for the area that you want to work.

Lastly, after your training has been completed, you can start to search for the jobs where there are available many athletes. You can try to look in such places like colleges, health clubs, and also sports medicine clinics. Besides, spas may also in demand for the job of sports massage therapists. So, now you can think whether this job is suitable with you or not. If you decided to choose this job, you have to make sure that this is certainly the job that you are yearning for.

For those who need simpler massage technique, using body massager and neck back massager can be a great choice. These massagers can work well in alleviating pain after the tiring hard work.

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Colourful VR Adventure KIN Appears on Gear VR, Oculus Rift Version Coming Soon

Colourful VR Adventure KIN Appears on Gear VR, Oculus Rift Version Coming Soon

A few months ago VRFocus reported on Dutch production studio House of Secrets plans to release a virtual reality (VR) platformer for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift called KIN. The mobile launch has now taken place, with the PC version due to appear sometime in January 2018. 


KIN is a highly stylized VR puzzle platformer where you’ll traverse the remnants of an ancient civilization on a distant planet. As the story and the alien landscapes unfold, your character, a small mysterious girl with big hair clad in a bright dress must defeat enemies along the way, navigating the hostile terrain and completing the assortment of puzzles.

The abstract aesthetic seen in KIN is very similar to House of Secrets other VR projects, such as APEX and Surge. The former is an animated VR music video which premiered at the Tribeca film festival in April of 2017, and can be found on Steam and the Oculus Store. The latter is a real-time VR music video which showcases a seamless fusion between music and visual effects, transporting the viewer into a world caught in a permanent sunset, inhabited by mysterious abstract creatures.


KIN is available now for Gear VR on Oculus Store for £7.99 GBP. For Oculus Rift, House of Secrets has simply given a launch window of January 2018. When VRFocus receives a more concise date we’ll let you know.

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Using a PLR Articles Pack

PLR articles packs can be found in a training program, for instance, and can be used by an individual who would want to change them as he sees fit to eventually submit the changed version to an article submissions site (one that would accept such a kind). PLR articles pertaining to various topics can be found for an individual who wants to just increase traffic to particular targeted sites. These packs serve as helping a person increase the amount of writing he puts on the Internet.

PLR articles packs are best used if the owners of the sites you want to use them for openly accept changed ones. By keeping in line with the rules on an article submissions site, you maintain trust between yourself and the owners so you can continue to add more articles and utilize the benefits these sites have to offer.

One strategy to consider for Internet Marketing is that if a person favored a particular book, for instance, the person may be curious as to how the author’s OTHER books might be, even if they’re books of completely different genres. If a changed PLR article is pleasing enough for someone to read, the person might want to view OTHER articles the person submitted, and therefore “stumble upon” writings that include websites alongside that the author would want his readers to see. Obviously this means that the author increased traffic to various other articles that the readers did not initially search for, and possibly increased the amount of views for websites he included alongside the articles. The reader can just become convinced enough to make a purchase of a product online that the author promoted; a sale which the author would now make a certain amount of money from.

Get PLR articles from companies online that you have a certain level of trust for, or at least be on the lookout for some positive reviews. This is not to say that you should “shut off” particular ones that appear more rare or mysterious, but just give this considerable thought.

See if you might even get some good ideas from PLR articles for writing your absolute own ones. You might find certain packs to be about particularly interesting topics. Using these packs overall give someone pursuing making a living with Internet Marketing something to look forward to if he hasn’t already used all the provided ones up which he has access to. If you want to try to increase the amount of views your articles, and from that point perhaps even websites have, utilize PLR articles packs significantly, and just await for your hopes.

I’m Paul Vrabel, and scroll the Internet to read about topics that may interest me. Check these out:  and to see some things I did to make progress with Internet Marketing. They’ll likely be edited eventually.

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Plastic Sports Marketing Corporate Image: The Game Behind The Game

2005 summer, Amway Nutrilite health products again in the TV ad launched a new product spokesperson?? Chinese player Yi Jianlian main men’s basketball team. Ad, Yi Jianlian in the hands of basketball has become a green, healthy, and Nutrilite symbol, “health achievements of the future” slogan is resounding, sonorous, powerful.

Before the Yi have been Fu Mingxia, Tian Liang, Olympic champion Wang Junxia and so served as spokesman for Amway’s product image, Amway also is relying on these sports stars, to establish the company’s corporate image in China and brand image. As an example, Amway has proved that the company’s marketing strategy, sports marketing has become a time-tested means business.

Shaping corporate image with sports marketing

1998 injunction in state of the pyramid, Amway is facing great challenges. Nutrilite health products from this moment to stir up the important task of enhancing the image of Amway brand. Nutrilite products from the Chinese market debut in the day, it combines with the sport this new industry came together. It goes without saying that the link between the two is conveyed to consumers, “health” is metaphorical, but Amway is admitted as the popularity of sports in this sunrise industry, widespread enthusiasm for the company a chain reaction.

2001 11 months Nutrilite become an Olympic sponsor. This is Amway open market with sports stepping stone, then also became a sports marketing company in the Chinese market, the main marketing strategy. In that year, people in television and newspaper advertisements for the first time to see the Amway Nutrilite. Olympic diving champion Fu Mingxia became Nutrilite’s first spokesperson. After Tian Liang has served as the image of Nutrilite Products spokesman.

Starred in ads by the sports star is not the only brand of Amway promotional tools. June 2002, Amway began to promote “Nutrilite Health Running” campaign, and invited leading the Olympic marathon champion Wang Junxia, this activity extended to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang and Hangzhou, nearly 20 people participated. After several years has continued without interruption. Amway China Co., Ltd. Marketing Director with Jiang Jian children as saying: “Health is running a carnival in fact, more emphasis is participation rather than watch, this interaction can better interpret the meaning of health.”

Company for Amway, Nutrilite products based on the concept of integrated marketing and more sports to promote product sales, reflect the brand value, that is health and vitality. Early in September this year, Amway and the United States Basketball Association (NBA) held in China together the first “Youth NBA” events to reach agreement, held in 15 cities in the country for three months of basketball. Meanwhile, Amway Nutrilite to NBA official market in China as partners in these cities also held marketing, launched the “Amway Nutrilite Family Basketball Skills Challenge” and “Amway Nutrilite series of nutrition lectures.” The Yi recently as the voice of Amway products, the company can be considered by the “Basketball” Force of going for the natural influence of Amway products can be further expanded.

Sports marketing is a kind of fashion

Recently, long-haired beauty has always been the advertising image of Rejoice shampoo also focus more to the sports celebrities. Known as “the beauty after the frog,” said the swimming champion Luo debut in television advertising. The ad broke a lot of Rejoice shampoo “old rule.” Rejoice shampoo rarely used celebrities to advertise, let alone a star athlete is performing almost did not ask too. This time, Rejoice not only grasped the need for a long soak in the pool maintenance hair and the selling point, more importantly, to seize the Luo’s “confident” and “aggressive.”

This is the sports star power, they differ from the actress, they can only rely on strength and well-known, rather than artificial fake; their success can often move the widest range of audiences; them focus on the most obvious health Young, tenacity, perseverance, courage, courage and confidence features, which are often the easiest point of convincing advertising demand.

The most popular argument is that using sports celebrities to advertise, it is easy to fit the need to promote business values. Liu Xiang alone, the words “My Heart is Flying”, then in an instant for the Baisha Group, whose solid shape out of momentum.

No wonder most of the sports stars of the revenue comes from advertising. David Beckham kicks the ball a year more than 600 million euros of revenue, but he’s advertising revenue is nearly three times the annual salary! It should be noted that the celebrity ad is not a sports marketing is all about. Especially in Beijing after a successful bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, many businesses take this occasion to see the great opportunity to promote business development, sports marketing, as operators often take into consideration.

The current IT industry for example, it was said that the industry “price of brand gradually lost its appeal, the concept of playing cards fragmented,” marriage has become an inevitable way of sports. In recent years, various sports events continuously, and many international sports competitions have gradually entered China. As the sport has the most loyal viewers and supporters, and because sports games are often spread with the combination of a wide range of media, from computer equipment, software equipment to the network media, the IT industry needs to have support. Try to put the industry’s big names, therefore, just to win this game behind the game.

Sinopec, Haier, Lenovo … … these Chinese enterprises in the “we” and now have played the banner of sports marketing. Sinopec to spend 800 million yuan in exchange for 2004 to 2006 F-1 races of the naming rights in China; Lenovo became a global partner of the IOC; Haier official Melbourne Tigers basketball team title, becoming the first foreign sports title the club’s domestic business … … This can also be Chinese companies with international standards of behavior.

“Bait” Chi Liu Xiangfei

in Athens before the Olympic Games, Nike, through an international network of companies, predicted that Asia, Liu Xiang, track and field may become a historic figure, so decided to put Liu’s advertising during the Olympics. This is a bet on it? Not the case. Nike products for advertising agency, prepared before the gold medal in the version, silver, bronze version and unlicensed version of three print ads. Liu Xiang no matter what success, advertising purposes are to highlight his strong desire to win and personality, this is Nike really needs.

Now doing ads for Nike Liu continued. TV lens

I am a professional writer from China Manufacturers, which contains a great deal of information about rummy card game , copag playing cards, welcome to visit!

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Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Worktable

Steel has come a long way from just being used as construction material. With the advancement of technology and the innovations by science, we come up with stainless steel materials that are resistant to corrosion cause by frequent usage, exposure to water and other elements. We see it every day, from the time we wake up; to the time we go to work, eat and sleep. Steel is a part of our daily life. And with the invention of the stainless steel going further, having a stainless steel work table is a must for all household especially ones, with kids on them.

Having a stainless steel worktable for kids is one way of assuring that their welfare is taken care off. Stainless steel table are durable and not prone to break down easily unlike wood tables or counter tops. Wood tables can have small splinters that are invisible to the naked eyes but can be harmful especially to a youngster. When one accidentally breaks wood or glass, shards can be deadly and since some are too small, it might be too late before the realization that it already harms someone penetrate through one’s brain.

In addition, in terms of health, stainless steel work table is the ideal table when you are preparing food as you can just clean it without having to worry that your weight or the way you rub it will cause its breakage. Wooden table can also be use as well as glass tops but there is a tendency that it will break under pressure. You will also prevent the spreading of salmonella or E. coli as you can disinfect the workplace and leave it unlike a wood top. Prolong usage of wood tops might remove the protective film and causes the wood to absorb the fluid from the wet products and affected the cooked ones.

One better thing about having stainless steel work table is that your kids cannot mark or draw on it. It is frustrating to see your work table covered with crayons and having your boss come and see it. It is not preventing the artistic flow of your kid’s creativity but having a clean work table will help you concentrate on the task at hand. Buying a stainless steel art table for your kids will help them to know the difference between drawing on the paper and drawing on mommy’s worktable.

Do not forget to write a checklist when you are going to purchase a stainless steel worktable especially the features that you want and the estimated budget that you are willing to shell out. You can search the internet for the current price in the market and the brands that you want to search further. Some manufacturers offer money back guarantee but you should read the terms and conditions as some conditions may not be applicable for the said return. Usually on hand sales or clearance worktables and Expandable Dining Table are not applicable for returns, ask your seller the current condition of the product and the eligibility of it should you wish to purchase it.

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Extreme Thrilling Sports 360 Video Part 33

Extreme Thrilling Sports 360 Video Part 33

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Thrilling and Extreme Sports 360 Video Part 33 Extreme Sports and Game in 360 Video Main Archive Home Turf: Moab – Slacklining in 360 Home Turf: Iceland – Kayak Over a Waterfall in 360-Degrees Home Turf: Rampage – Extreme Mountain Biking 360 Video In the huddle with Drew Brees On the Verge: Alex Bregman GoPro […]

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